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  1. We were never up crazy early or super late but The Haven bar was always open when we wanted a drink. I don't see that hours for The Haven restaurant are listed in the Freestyle Daily like the other restaurants.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. We moved to a forward Penthouse and are very happy about our decision. That left a Haven Courtyard open if anyone is interested. We loved The Haven on The Breakaway but felt it wouldn't be worth it on The Gem and wanted this fwd. large balcony for the Panama trip! We won't know until we go! We are already getting ready. Many ports to research. Time will fly. I've seen in the posts that breakfast and lunch are served in Moderno and Cagney's.
  3. Do you get to eat in Moderno/Cagney's for breakfast/lunch in the suites or is that just for Haven guests? Thanks
  4. For those who have been Haven guests on The Gem and on larger ships in the Breakaway class, do you feel it is worth staying in The Haven on The Gem? The price is hefty and there's no restaurant (for dinner), no bar (it seems). Both of these things were quite nice in The Haven on The Breakaway. Also, there's a tiny pool area. Part of the perks was having some of these things. I'm reconsidering after learning some of this. May be a dealbreaker? Opinions would be very helpful.
  5. Did the categories change from "S" for suite to "H" for Haven since you created this wonderful resource? Note #3 says that Categories that start with "S" ... and I don't believe there are any. Thanks, this is very helpful!
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