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  1. We are on her again in March. Hoping new lunch menu's are out by then. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. This is a good deal. Beats paying full price for the beverage package.
  3. We were supposed to be on this cruise until my friend's husband got real sick. I would have been upset if they changed the itinerary but I would be real mad if it was done right after final payment. NCL knew if they made these changes they would have had a lot of cancellations. Shame on them for doing this after final payment.
  4. Thanks for coming back and keeping us posted. Hope you had a good cruise.
  5. The cruise I have been watching the mock booking with 30% was more expensive than when there was 20% off.
  6. I'm glad they finally changed the lunch menu, hope it goes fleet wide.
  7. When I was on the Escape in September I didn't think the entertainment was that great in the District Brew House. Kind of boring.
  8. That is a big change. Hopefully you will find something else you like.
  9. When I pay for something even if it's a good deal I still expect food and service to be good.
  10. There are so many I like but favorites are Toasted Almond and Miami Vice.
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