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  1. Glad to hear there was no visible damage.
  2. Just got off the Escape on Sunday and did not see them either.
  3. Great perk to have, wish they would offer it again. It works like a calling card where you put the code in and then dial the number. Before each call it tells you how many minutes you have left. I agree with above poster, sometimes incoming calls showed Miami or New Jersey. Can only be used in your cabin.
  4. We tip the porters in NY a couple of dollars per bag.
  5. Just off the Escape they did not enforce no cigarette smoking in the cigar lounge. There were so many people smoking cigarettes in there that the cigar smokers didn't want to go in. NCL should give cigarette smokers their own indoor smoking lounge.
  6. We were one of the "lucky" ones, we didn't get any water or snacks.
  7. According to officers on the ship it was something NEW for NCL Escape WITH US customs. First time for the Escape working with Customs who over sees this. Exactly what my post said.
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned on cc. Just got off the Escape today and before we disembarked they made an announcement that NCL is trying something new with US Customs. It was so easy and so fast. You didn't need to show any photo id. You just step up to a camera and an agent presses a button. Photo is taken and if you are recognized you get a green light. Red light you have to go to another line. No wait at customs.
  9. This is a stab in the back for our loyalty.
  10. Just off the Escape I saw plenty of door decorations all week.
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