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  1. It sounds like I won't be going to Cuba unless things change.
  2. Does anyone know if there is an elevator that goes to the Sky High bar?
  3. I just read on cc they are no longer making towel animals and now reading charging $5 for shrimp cocktail. There was a time you could get shrimp cocktail along with lobster in the MDR. With all the money increases and getting less I am not happy with NCL. Like someone said in a post above it may be time to try another cruise line.
  4. Very disappointed to hear they are stopping the towel animals. As old as I am it is something I enjoy seeing in my cabin. It's part of my cruise vacation.
  5. Planning on going on the Star next year. Enjoyed your review.
  6. We had to empty our water bottles. I don't think they will allow you to bring it on board.
  7. Not new been going on for years. They used to have better prizes.
  8. This is ridiculous. They raise them every year.
  9. You might find a virgin on Virgin but I doubt it... Good one!
  10. I would never pay for a lounge chair but I am sure many would.
  11. She was rude, none of her business why you cancelled.
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