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  1. when we were on the Escape in September we asked in the MDR and they brought us a bottle
  2. 9 out of 10 times the search function never gives me what I am looking for
  3. Thanks for your review. It's a shame they are keeping prices high.
  4. What a great experience to win a free cruise. Following your report and hoping you have some Kelly Clarkson pictures.
  5. I wonder if they really work. Looks like it's a kids toy.
  6. How much does it cost to take a taxi up to Paradise Point? How long of a drive from the cruise port is it? Thank you.
  7. I've been hoping for awhile that they would change the lunch menu. Glad to hear some ships are offering specials.
  8. How far of a walk is that from the ship? Thank you!
  9. Always bring granola bars on and off the ship and never had a problem. Always have to empty my water bottle.
  10. I think each ship may have different rewards. A bartender told me that it's a monthly contest. The person with the most cards in each department gets time off.
  11. I agree it's weird to be having those 3 events together. I've never seen a First Time Cruisers Meet.
  12. Usually a treat. Come back and let us know if we are right.
  13. I agree, it seems that prices are higher. I haven't seen any good "wave" sales yet.
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