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  1. I doubt you will get a follow up.
  2. I was on this cruise and consider myself local and I started getting robo calls on Thursday, September 5th. So who ever wrote that letter didn't even know when calls were going out. I posted it on cc and on our roll call on September 5th.
  3. Thank you Dr. for the information. I still feel the prices are very high, much higher than I would pay in the states.
  4. I was on the Escape 3 weeks ago and couldn't find anything that had NCL on it except for a stuffed ship that said NCL. I usually get a ship ornament and they didn't have those. I thought okay maybe a magnet or a key chain and I will make my own ornament, nope, nothing. I went back a couple of times and asked different crew members and always got the same answer, no.
  5. You did the right thing. NCL should have at least given you OBC for your next cruise for all the time you put in to get them to correct their mistake.
  6. We took a cruise 2 years ago leaving on Memorial Day weekend. Traffic was not bad but I would still give myself at least 4 hours when flying. There is a lot of construction going on at LGA and NY is known for traffic and grid lock. You never know if there is a delay to get off ship and you need at least 90 minutes before check in at airport. I would rather wait at airport than miss my flight. Seeing all the war ships in port was really nice. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. A couple of weeks ago on the Escape I saw people leaving the specialty restaurants with "to go" plastic covered plates with food in them. I had never seen that. Usually they would just let you take dessert or deliver it to your cabin. A couple of years ago my son wasn't feeling well at breakfast and he went to walk out with a yogurt and they told him they would have to deliver it to his cabin.
  8. This is very interesting. Following to find out the outcome. I guess I would be honest with NCL.
  9. Thanks for posting, I wish I lived in Florida to take advantage of these prices. Don't mind those that complain, some of us appreciate these postings.
  10. Hairdryers are regular size and are powerful. I have thick hair and it does the job. They are NOT like the hairdryers in hotels. No need to pack your own.
  11. It was great when those coupons were available, unfortunately they discontinued them.
  12. I have asked my NCL rep on numerous occasions if a specific cabin was available and was able to get it even thou it wasn't showing up on website. I am not positive about TA's but before I had a NCL rep I had gone to a travel agent and was told that there were no two balconies next to each other available on a specific cruise. I came home and called NCL and they had plenty available and I booked directly with NCL.
  13. They also had paper straws on the Escape. Sometimes you had to ask for them and most times if you had a frozen drink you would have to get a second straw.
  14. I agree, I just got home from a cruise and I was saying what a waste it was to receive all those flyers each night. Also all the mailings I get each week.
  15. First thing we do when we board the ship is get a drink and then go to the MDR for lunch. The first night is usually a specialty restaurant. Last tradition is PACK our suitcases.
  16. Theres no place to get them onboard just bring it from home.
  17. Enjoyed your review. We plan on taking the Star next year and didn't realize you couldn't see your account on the TV. I use that all the time to check my spending.
  18. In Bar Harbor we went to Route 66 on Cottage St. We had the full lobster dinner that came with the New England clam chowder and blue berry pie. It was delicious. They had lobster rolls on the menu. It's a short walk from the ship. In St. John we went to Grannan's for lobster rolls, they were good but I'm sure there is better.
  19. I love the Gem but have smelled poo too. I was told it was because someone clogged it up.
  20. Escargot is offered in Le Bistro and lobster tail is offered in Cagney's, never in MDR.
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