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  1. As a non smoker, I think I am right in saying that vaping/smoking is permitted in designated public areas. For those who haven't cruised there are 2/3 areas where smoking or vaping is permitted, these are public areas. These are outside areas and not internal. P & O rules forbid smoking/vaping in your room or on your balcony. Should you decide to flout those rules, in extreme you could be removed from the ship. The last time I looked, Cunard still had an internal "Cigar bar". The choice of smoking policy is made by the cruise line as a commercial decision, not in adherence to U.K. law. Vaping does not currently come under Government "smoke free" legislation.
  2. Thank you for that. I will keep a look out on eBay lol.
  3. This is complete and uninformed speculation on my part.... There were a couple of incidences recently where Britannia was delayed when arriving in to Southampton. For whatever reason, this seemed to put a lot of pressure on the logistics of embarking new passengers, presumably because the window for loading was reduced or too many people arrived at the same time or whatever. Gridlock and chaos appeared to be the result. Is it possible that the increased numbers for Iona cannot be processed in the current way simply because there isn't enough room to physically accommodate all the cars in the timescale? I am neither supporting or criticising P&O or CPS, just wondering if recent events have forced this change by showing that they can't process the required numbers using the old (current) methods.
  4. Apologies if this has been mentioned before and I have missed it. I would like to watch Oriana sail away on her trip to her new promised land (whatever that maybe). Looking at the Southampton ship schedule, it appears that she arrives on the 9th of august, moves from 106 to 104 birth at lunchtime and then departs at 18.00 on the 15th. Has anyone seen anything anywhere that would confirm that is the actual plan? All seems very secretive.
  5. “🤡🤡🤡🤡The violence was horrific! Several custard tarts smashed in guests' faces and then squirted in the eye by a flower and the IT crowd retaliated going straight for the juggler” found the above on Twitter, made me smile....
  6. Verbally abusing people is not being noisy, to some it can be a distressing and painful experience that is not easily forgotten.
  7. 15 or so years ago, our first cruise on Oriana was slightly marred by an “older” gentlemen getting slowly drunk on his favourite malt and then becoming louder and eventually verbally abusing people around him. The following evening he would be full of apologies at the start and then repeat the whole process, night after night. As has been said on here many times, that cruise was a lot dearer and with a more mature passenger profile than what you now see when cruising. The behaviour of that gentleman was still the worst that I have experienced on a cruise. Keeping some perspective on this event may not go amiss.....
  8. We stayed in E185, by far and away the noisiest rattliest lack of sleepiest cruise that we have ever done. As others have said, possibly better higher up, E deck was an awful experience.
  9. Google the Sea Princess fire (in which someone died). Sea Princess is the same class of ship as Oceana. The balcony door creates a fire prevention zone between the inside of the ship and the exterior balconies. If the door is left open against the instructions clearly provided then you are putting the ship and all of those onboard at risk. Overly dramatic, yes probably. Factually correct, yes definitely.
  10. Or that some people (judged by some of the posters on here, but not the above poster) would feel the need to claim compensation when it turned out the new tv was an inch smaller than claimed e.t.c. e.t.c.😁
  11. Regards maintenance, solas regulations are massively detailed on what should be done on a daily/weekly/monthly etc basis. U.K authorities also inspect and have the power to stop a ship from sailing (and do). ship manufacturers specify maintenance requirements which have to be adhered to. The statement that “a cruise company builds in no maintenance time” is just plainly wrong. What do you think all the people in overalls are doing all day? Britannia is the only P&O ship with dual engine rooms, again a Solas regulation that was brought in to improve safety at sea. What I find most interesting here is that there appears to be inference that a second power outing took place at which time the majority of power was lost. We will never know, but I do wonder if both engine rooms lost power at some stage...
  12. Hi, If you fancy something a bit more special than a travellodge (even if only for one night) you might like this, the suite rooms are the ones that are special. Train links to Greenwich are also very good. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London
  13. 09.14, I have the old site on an ipad pro and on my pc. I was hoping I could get both sites up to check the prices!
  14. Having not tried to book anything on the new site, I am not really in a position to comment. Presumably they will have seen a drop off in bookings as it appears to not work for a lot of people, and they have gone back to the old site again this morning. I wonder if the fluid pricing algorithm has the ability to recognise a company created ***** up, if it sees low booking rates it should adjust prices down accordingly.
  15. Do you have a new (2018) iPad mini 4?. If you have an older version it may sadly not be compatible as Apple do not update the operating system on older iPad mini versions.
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