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  1. My experiences would tell me that the buffet on disembarkation day is the busiest, most horrible and angriest place on the ship. So much so that I never go anywhere near it on that day. Have things changed? I am not saying I disagree with your thought process, just pointing out to less experienced cruisers that the buffet is (in my opinion) anything but a spacious relaxed experience on the last morning.
  2. For some reason, I googled duct tape murderer. There was one!
  3. Your guess is as good as mine, although I think in this instance it was being recommended to seal up the air conditioning to prevent disease.
  4. Don't forget copious amounts of duct tape!
  5. "The thing is Bee-ess those "catchy named" wines aren't really that good and they are selected purely for their name.......Velvet Devil Merlot is very good" So Billi Billi is a catchy name and Velvet Devil isn't. As long as we all understand.......
  6. Astute readers might understand that the simple fact that another cruise ship had docked is totally irrelevant unless it is of the same design as Ventura.
  7. The day Which do a report on their top ten bad smells (obviously with a best buy recommendation so that they can get some revenue in) will be manna from heaven.
  8. "it happens on every cruise wen the sea is rough" !!!! Cruise ship passenger in sea shocker!!!!!!!Other headlines are available.
  9. Andy, I know a good solicitor, perhaps we could put in a joint claim for going on holiday and it doing everything that we expected.....some passengers were a bit weird but I can forgive that.....
  10. That will be because you have read too many of the posts on here and imagined bumping in to some of the posters whilst trying to relax on holiday......
  11. I understand it to be a new fangled piece of equipment designed to allow people to spread yesterdays removed dirt back on to their face.
  12. I had a look at a YouGov poll on media. The ITV sport website is apparently the second most popular media choice so perhaps aiming at a market of ITV lovers makes commercial sense. Interestingly, more Millennials gave a positive opinion of the daily mail than generation X members so it clearly has a wide and ongoing appeal. Whichever way you look at it a third of the population seems to like the Daily Mail. You won't escape them!
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