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  1. Strangely enough, my view on what the end of the world constitutes doesn’t involve not docking in Zeebrugge because of a storm.
  2. Carnival, Easyjet and IAG from 01/01/20. There isn't confidence in the share price of airlines either....
  3. I totally agree, and would perhaps add USA and any form of transport other than your own car to the list of current no no's.
  4. Many people were saying similar in 2012 after the Concordia but the recovery from that was fairly v shaped. P and O got through the drop in bookings with a very shabby price promise that turned out to be anything but a price promise. Many on here were angry and vowed to never use the company again. Maybe they did/maybe they didn't return but others either did return or new passengers started to cruise and a relatively swift recovery took place. The initial covid19 events that put the risks of cruising sharply into perspective for some may well be somewhat forgotten should the continued rise in cases and deaths continue to drastically rise throughout the world.
  5. 2019 Revenue $20,825 Ticket $14,104 Onboard $ 6,331 Tour $ 390 Onboard spend was 30.5% of revenue last year. The year on year increase in onboard spend was 35% whilst ticket revenue was flat.
  6. From Bloomberg yesterday(the capitals are because I cut and pasted not sensationalism): Carnival Seeks Up to $7 Billion Amid Global Travel Halt Carnival is discussing issuing a mix of debt and equity, the people said. Options include issuing $3 billion to $7 billion in senior secured first-lien debt, implying a loan-to-value ratio of about 25%, they said. The company is also weighing issuing $1.5 billion in convertible notes and $1 billion to $2 billion in common equity, one of the people said. The situation remains fluid, they said.
  7. you would get bored reading my shopping list lol. Chocolate £1.50 normally £1.00, Broccoli £1.50 last week £0.39. Etc etc
  8. We did our “normal” weekly shop yesterday. Small queue to get in, most items now back in stock. Didn’t stockpile but the cost was some 50% higher than normal. Price hikes and lack of offers make a real difference!
  9. Whilst your jokes are funny Andy, I think I tended to laugh outloud at some of the madder posts that appeared. Long live duct tape (if that was another alias)
  10. There are two more ships being refused entry to Australia (Artania ex Artemis and MSC Magnifica) both ships do not have Australians on board is the reason for refusal and Artania also has ex passengers with Corona and people sick on board. I had somehow wrongly assumed that all major cruise companies had now repatriated everyone. Desperate times for those involved. Credit where credit's due P&O/Cunard have sorted out their world cruise passengers.....almost.
  11. UK and Australian Income Tax Cunard, P&O Cruises (UK) and P&O Cruises (Australia) are divisions of Carnival plc and have elected to enter the UK tonnage tax under a rolling ten-year term and, accordingly, reapply every year. Companies to which the tonnage tax regime applies pay corporation taxes on profits calculated by reference to the net tonnage of qualifying ships. UK corporation tax is not chargeable under the normal UK tax rules on these brands' relevant shipping income. Relevant shipping income includes income from the operation of qualifying ships and from shipping related activities. The above is from Carnival’s accounts presentation. Similar words apply to the U.S.A taxation situation. Overall they paid tax of about 2% of their profits....so, no they don’t really pay tax in the U.K or the U.S.A or in Europe.
  12. It's not quite " just been given a 3bn loan", it's a drawdown of an agreed loan facility put in place long before any of this started. It is also the maximum amount of approved borrowing that they have in place, if (when) they need more the terms will be a lot less generous. 3bn is about six weeks income so they probably have about two weeks of it left....
  13. I guess there is a basic plan with the ability to substitute a few items. Quicker packing and easier bulk ordering must be a good idea based on where we were last week with people panicking if they had mobility issues.
  14. During this 11-month period, the UK will continue to follow all of the EU's rules and its trading relationship will remain the same.
  15. Did we leave and I missed it? We have a departure plan, but are currently still in the building...
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