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  1. We just sailed on Harmony in essentially the same 2-BR Aquatheater suite as yours (it was cabin 8334 on Harmony instead of 8330 like it is on Allure). You will definitely still have an ocean view, and a much bigger space to enjoy it from. And yes, the Genie experience was amazing.
  2. Ship - Symphony of the Seas Deck - 8 Stateroom # - 8334 Stateroom Category – A1 (two-bedroom Aquatheater Suite with extra-large balcony) Starboard or Port Side - Port Side Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – The cabin was quiet most of the time, except when something was going on in the Aquatheater, which was fine. We were able to close the balcony doors if we wanted to shut out the sounds of the movies or other festivities. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – The balcony surrounds three sides of the cabin, so it is kind of horseshoe shaped. Straight back you have a direct aft view of the wake, to one side a view of the Aquatheater and Boardwalk areas, and on the other side is a private area with a nice sea view. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - This balcony is gigantic. If you know the aft design of Oasis-class ships, these Aquatheater Suites are larger deck by deck as you go lower from deck 14 down to deck 8. This balcony is advertised at almost 800 square feet, and it looked every bit of it. I measured the balcony railing one day, and it is 117 feet from end to end. There is a main balcony door from the living room, plus another one that leads from the master bedroom. There are two full loungers, two chairs with padded footrests, two barstool-type chairs next to a marble bar top, plus a full dining table with six more chairs, and that is all just on the balcony. Was wind a problem? - No, never windy, just a nice breeze. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - We saw some soot blowing around on a few nights, but none that ever settled on the balcony. Any specific problems with this cabin? - No problems at all. I would sail in this cabin every week if I could. Any other comments? - I'll try to attach a few pictures here...
  3. We sailed on Symphony of the Seas a couple of weeks ago in Aquatheater Suite (A1) 8334. The cabin is giant, over 800 sq. ft. not including the balcony, and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. With the design of these oasis-class ships, these Aquatheater cabins get a bit smaller by deck the higher you go. The deck 8 ones are the largest of the Aquatheater Suites. The balcony alone is close to 800 sq. ft. as well. As for the balcony, one day I measured the rail from one end of the balcony to the other, and it is 117 feet from end to end. There are two full loungers, two partial loungers (the kind with footrests), two barstool-type seats, and a table for six that we used for a few meals. Let me know if you have any questions about this cabin. We loved it!
  4. I agree with the others that have replied. Book early, and keep an eye out for price drops periodically. The last cruise I booked the day it went on sale (21 months before sail date). Two days later the price had gone up 60% for my cabin type, and it never fell below that again. Good luck!
  5. OK, thanks. The fares have stayed consistent at least. I spent about two weeks in St. Thomas this summer and took the ferry over to St. John about a half dozen times. Definitely worth it!
  6. That's great info, thanks, I forgot about the difference in ship time. We're not sure how many in our group may be going over, could be as many as nine. That might take a few taxis, or one of those bigger van/taxis, but sounds like we may try to get to Red Hook and follow a similar plan. Thanks for the input!
  7. We were thinking of going to St. John while there next week, but St. Thomas is a shorter day than we're used to. What time did you need to be back on ship, and did you take the ferry from near the cruise port, or taxi to Red Hook first? The Red Hook one is every hour I believe... Thanks!
  8. Thank you for recapping your experience! We will be sailing on Symphony in Star Class a week from today, and it was fun to get a taste of it through this thread. I was happy to see you mention the rolling bar. That was one of the original Star Class perks that I thought they had done away with, along with a few others (I have my original Star Class brochure that was sent to me in March 2017 when we first booked, and it has many more perks than the current one that is now online). Hopefully we'll get those in-cabin cocktails as well, we'll see. Do you know if they offered they full week of Thermal Spa access too, for Star Class? That was another perk that appears to have vanished from the list... Thanks again for sharing your story.
  9. Yes, it has the Royal Loft Suite, the Ultimate Family Suite, the Four Bedroom Villa Suite and the Star Loft Suite. We are already in a Star Class suite (2 bedroom Aquatheater suite), so there was only a few cabins above that. The prices to upgrade are really reasonable too, but we are pretty happy with what we paid for our current cabin (booked it on day 1 when they went on sale back in early 2017), plus we have others travelling with us that have adjacent cabins, so we'll probably stick with what we have. Darn tempting though!
  10. Thank you, I appreciate that so much! We wanted to bring Andreia (I think that's how she spells it) a gift when we sail on December 8th, but I just wasn't sure if she had moved from Harmony to Symphony yet. Loving the live review, by the way. Thanks again!
  11. Nice...looks relaxing. By any chance have you been to the Schooner Bar yet?
  12. Hi... We've stayed in that exact ATS (11330) on Oasis, and had a CLS (1716) on Harmony last year. As others have mentioned, I would choose the CLS, but not if it was facing the sports deck, as we prefer the more private, side-facing ocean view. It looks like 1746 is side-facing as well, so if it was me I would choose that. So nice to be just steps away from the suites lounge and Coastal Kitchen. Just my two cents. Have fun either way!
  13. Have a great cruise, we're following along! We sail the eastern route on Symphony two weeks from today (12/8), although with a slightly different route (we're in St. Kitts on Day 4 instead of St. Maarten). If you make it into the Schooner Bar, please let us know if Andreia (our favorite bartender) is there. We met her on Oasis and Harmony, and heard she may be moving to the Symphony. Thanks, and enjoy!
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