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  1. Yes, it was stopping there prior to May 1st. As of May 1st, supposedly new sanctions were enacted and I was trying to find out if those sanctions were going to effect my cruise. ssb, thank you, that is very reassuring. I do know other cruise lines were continuing to stop in Cuba, but trying to find out if Royal was.
  2. Has anyone on here been to Cuba since May 1st, or know anyone who has? We are scheduled to sail the Majesty on Saturday, and so far, no itinerary change is showing up, so keeping my fingers crossed, but I would feel better if I knew for sure we were still on.
  3. Has anyone here ever booked a free casino cruise (except taxes and port charges), and canceled? Did you get your taxes and port charges back? I have several booked, and do not plan on canceling, but a friend asked me what would happen if I did, and I have no idea. It just got me wondering.
  4. If you book a Boardwalk balcony cabin, you get two soft drink packages and one Johnny Rockets meal for 4 included. Two cabins, would double that. You also get perks from a Central Park balcony cabin, a bottle of wine, and lunch at a different place than Johnny Rockets, I think. Neither of those cabins are much more than an inside room, and give you more space with the balcony, especially if there are 4 of you in one cabin!
  5. Yeah, that "convience" worked too good for the ship on my last cruise. You never have to leave the machine!
  6. Thank you so much for your review and Cruise Compasses. We are going on this same Itinerary in October and found both very helpful!!
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    Please be sure to leave me some!!
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    CSR, Ting and a dash of bitters. Called a Rusty. Can't wait to have one again, next month!
  9. Thank you, Paul. I know the Island had been through several storms, if that is even what happened. Do you happen to know where he hangs out? I honestly don't know if he would remember me, but I was on the Island for a week and was at his place quite a bit!
  10. Last time I was on Nevis (more than a couple of years ago), there was a bar called Chevy's, on Pinney Beach, near Sunshine's and Lime's. I met Chevy and had a great time at his place. I am going back in March, and would like to stop by and visit him. Can anyone tell me if Chevy's is still around? Thanks, Melanie
  11. I will be on Adventure the beginning of March. Can anyone tell me if they have the prohibition party on this ship/itinerary?
  12. Ok, great. It is going out today!!
  13. My husband and I have a cruise to Cuba booked for late May. I looked at his Passport yesterday, and it expires in August. I searched the requirements for entering Cuba, and a US Government site says that Cuba only requires that the Passport be current for the time you are in Cuba, but that some airlines and cruise lines require that it be valid for at least 6 months after the sailing date. On Royal Caribbean's web site, under "Frequently Asked Questions", there is a question, "Do I need a visa or any special documents to travel to Cuba? It states . . . "All cruises to Cuba require a passport book (NO passport cards or other forms of I.D. will be accepted) valid for at least 6 months after the sailing date, . . . ". I have no problem with renewing his Passport before we go, however, I am worried with the Government shut down, it will slow things down quite a bit. Is this 6 month thing a rule with Royal Caribbean, such that he won't be able to get off the ship in Cuba? Has anyone been successful in getting off the ship in Cuba with a Passport that expires prior to 6 months? TIA
  14. Mikek1977, did you have any problem with your Passport on the Cuba trip? The link in Post #17 above indicates the Passport only has to be valid. Expiration date does not matter.
  15. I just received my upgrade e-mail. I am in an aft JS on Enchantment, leaving Monday. I pushed the button last night, with a bid of $275.00 pp, but then I saw the location of the GS's. I prefer the aft, so I went in this morning, cancelled that bid, and replaced it at $150.00 pp, the lowest bid offered. I may never get this close to getting a real suite ever again, so I figured, what the heck. If I get it, it will be something special, if I don't, I am perfectly happy where I am.
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