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  1. So crazy. The refunds have been coming in strange amounts. I can figure out some that added up to taxes/fees, then extra onboard packages (which made no sense but added up), then I have all these other amounts that add up to nothing and we are still short by quite a bit). Our cruise was cancelled in May! Guess I'll keep waiting for the rest with hopes it all adds up!
  2. Thanks for the explanation ChrisB. Good luck with future bookings and be safe!
  3. curious to know what happened, in case it happens to me. if you care to share.
  4. I'm expecting FCC for cruise that was cancelled. Where does the FCC show up? How can you tell if the cancellation went through? I did not get a notification. Thanks all!
  5. Thanks for the heads up. When I was on Anthem last year I was able to make reservations on the Cruise Planner using the Key privileges. Great to know on Symphony I cannot.
  6. Does anyone know if you can book Flowrider, Abyss, Zipline, & water slide reservations on Symphony of the Seas online? Months before the cruise? Is that only for Key guests?
  7. Thanks all for the great suggestions. Looks like Luggage Valet is not available for Symphony of the Seas (Miami), so I will look into DayUse and Daycation. I'm from Calif and right now leaving anything in the car invites breakin's. Especially if the crooks can spot a rent-a-car. Terrible right?
  8. Any suggestions on what to do with luggage after a cruise docking at the Port of Miami? We don't fly out of Fort Lauderdale Airport until late afternoon and we wanted to find something to do inbetween. Suggestions?? Thank you.
  9. For most it was, but my husband and I were the only ones who showed up for the iFly hour and that was great for us. If I hadn’t been to Nassau before I probably would have been disappointed too!
  10. Interesting, we boarded before the handicap people. As we were walking on the ship, I saw them all sitting in a certain area still waiting. Here’s a pic of the schedule for that week.
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