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  1. Daughter and I have booked and paid for an interior cabin on lvl 6 with twin. At the last min a friend of mine wishes to join. Carnival quoted me a cabin on lvl 2... with an additional charge of 205.00 for the next person to have a trundle. I can't do lvl two as I will be going crazy.. yes paranoid crazy... I asked if they had some thing 6 or above. They said that nothing was available, only one category upgrades were available!!! On deck 8!! Which the ticket price jumped 6 hundred dollars!!! What are the chances the closer it gets to Jan 6th will we get a cabin that will merge with our pricing by at least 2 to 3 hundred dollars? Please someone help... I have only sailed twice before and never needed to know this.. I hope this is better lol as I have just been accused of hijacking someone's thread... oops .. I do apologize. ;)
  2. My husband and I sailed in Sept. When we ordered a drink we also got a bottle of water, that way when we got off ship at the ports we had our own bottled water. I like the matched idea as well.
  3. Thank you muches Keith! We will be porting at Freeport and Nassau. I believe we will have shorter time at Freeport than at Nassau! Thank you ever so much again.. :D
  4. Is there any beaches that you can stay on just for the day that you are at port? any Resorts? that will let you stay at their beaches for just that day? and thank you in advance.. I am new and have read a couple of reviews on other pages.. also.. Is there any metal detecting friendly beaches thank you muches for all your help..:D :confused: :)
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