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  1. I'll say it again, request a booth for two.😎
  2. Thanks for reading! Much more to come.😎 I guess the libraries are becoming a thing of the past. Patti missed it also 😎
  3. Thanks for coming along for the ride once again! 😎 Glad to have you aboard again!😎 Hey Karry! Welcome home. Hope you had a great time despite the weather. Sorry you missed out on Portland and Boston. See, you should have sailed our week. 😀 The nor'Easter did a lot of damage down the Jersey shore. You are right about the crew. They were simply awesome! Let's go Yankees! 😁😁😁
  4. Always glad to have you following along again. Welcome aboard! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and observations. Please continue to do so! Also, you did a terrific job editing down all those quotes. It is greatly appreciated! We almost always do traditional dining, and I will email the maitre'd prior to the cruise to request a table or booth for two. He will usually stop by to say hello and ask us if we like the table he selected. Other than a short greeting once or twice at the door, we had no interaction with him at all. His assistant Laura on the other hand, stopped by almost every night. We liked Mikey Gibson a lot. We did go to the Welcome Aboard Show on the second cruise. Thanks so much for following along again, and for your kind words. I'm taking today off to watch football, baseball, and have a few cocktails, but I'll be back at it tomorrow.
  5. That's strange. We just spent 13 day's on the Sunrise and we never had to stand up to eat.😎
  6. Glad to have you along for the ride, and thank you for posting. Patti's secret is a lot of walking and trying to eat better. 😎
  7. Thanks for reading Glad to have you aboard! Hey Holly! Always glad to have you aboard. We had a great time with Yoki. He was the "shot guy" in our dining room, and we bought plenty of shots from him. Plenty of pictures later! Wow, how about that! That was a great table, and the wait team of Surya, I Made, and Anupa were awesome.After the first night we would take the mid ship elevators down to Deck 3 and enter the dining room from the back.Which way we exited depended on what our plans were for after dinner.
  8. We email the maitre'd ahead of time. 😎
  9. It’s time for some food porn! Just a note here. When ordering our starters and mains, they also wanted us to order our desserts at the same time. We were both put off by this. Who knows if you’ll even want dessert until after you have finished the main course? Anyway, Patti started off with the roasted tomato soup, while I had the chilled Vietnamese rolls….. We both had an order of shrimp cocktail….. For her main, Patti had the salmon fillet with a baked potato on the side….. I had the braised beef brisket and the sweet and sour shrimp….. For dessert I had a banana split, while Patti had the fruit plate, which she took back to the cabin for a snack later….. Tonight at the Comedy Club in the Limelight Lounge there were two shows, both by comedian Vargus Mason, one PG and one 18+. There was also the Welcome Aboard show featuring our Cruise Director Mikey Gibson in the Liquid Lounge. We decided to skip these. Patti went to check out the Fun Shops then play the first session of bingo. She was excited to tell me that the bingo host was our friend Tyler from the Fun Squad that we had met on our Splendor Hawaii cruise. Didn’t help her win though. I had thought about playing blackjack, but after walking around the tables, I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead, I went next door to the Skybox Sports Bar and watched the Monday Night Football game between the Jets and Browns, while enjoying a few double Bacardi and cokes. We were both back in the cabin around 11 pm. It was great to be out to sea again! Coming up next: Our first sea day.
  10. Patti went to check out the desserts at the Sweet Spot….. Afterwards Patti made her way back to the cabin to begin unpacking, and I soon joined her there. Remember earlier in the review I told you that everything was pushed back two hours because of the ship moving over to Brooklyn? This meant that the muster drill would be held at 5 pm, and that sail away would be at 6 pm. The muster drill was fairly painless even though our muster station was outside. We would miss being on deck for the sail away because we had Early Seating dinner at 6 pm. We didn’t mind since we’ll be on the next cruise and we can document it then. I had emailed our maître d’, Emil, before our cruises and requested a table for two. We got a very nice reply from him, and our request was granted. However, not once during our cruises did he come over to our table to say hello. His assistant Laura came over just about every night to see how we were doing. She was such a sweetie! Here are tonight’s menus….. Here we are at our table (#231)….. To be continued…..
  11. The Red Frog Pub is also located on Deck 5 aft. It is bigger than any other Red Frog Pub that we have been in….. Patti then went back up to the Lido Market Place on Deck 9. This is the Lucky Bowl, something new on Carnival. It replaced Chopsticks that was here on the Triumph….. To be continued…..
  12. Here are some shots of Bonsai Sushi, located on Deck 5 aft….. This is Piano Bar 88, located on Deck 5 aft….. Across the way is the Alchemy Bar….. To be continued…..
  13. Here are some views of the Sunrise Casino, located on Deck 5 (Promenade) mid ship….. If you need some cash….. Here is the Sunrise Casino Bar….. The Check In for YTD is also located on Deck 5 mid ship right by Bonsai Sushi. Why wait in line? Use the Carnival Hub App….. To be continued…..
  14. Patti continues her walking tour on Deck 5 (Promenade). Here is a view looking down at the Lobby Bar….. This is Cherry on Top, located just off the Atrium….. This is the Warehouse Arcade, also located just off the Atrium….. To be continued…..
  15. Heather, I don't think either of our teams will put one in the win column today. Thanks! You know I have a Husband Day Care in every port! Yes we do Jimbo, yes we do.
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