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  1. Jimbo is referring to stormin norman Freedman, a Carnival staple, and not General Schwarzkopf who did indeed pass away 8 years ago.
  2. Great that it worked out for him. Is he planning on going back to sea whenever they begin sailing again?
  3. We're glad that we finally got to cruise on her last year. 😥
  4. Only those booked on the Imagination or Inspiration in April 2021 and beyond will be moved to the Radiance. The ship won't be ready until then. Those who are booked before then unfortunately are just canceled. Sorry.
  5. They have to move those that were booked on the Inspiration and Imagination to the Radiance first, then they can open up bookings to everyone else. We were booked on the 10/17/21 Imagination sailing, and we received and email stating that our booking would be automatically moved to the Radiance. The email stated that it would be done by August 23rd, so new bookings wouldn't be open until then.
  6. I'll be happy to have Patti send it to you once I'm gone, but I'm planning on hanging around for a long time! 😁 Back then not everyone got a Sail & Sign card. You only got one if you signed up to pay by credit card. You had to go to a specified lounge at a certain time to be signed up. It wasn't done pre-cruise or at check in. Back then you could pay for everything with cash. 😎
  7. I think just about everybody knows how old I am anyway. 😁 Starting with the Holiday thru the Sensation I sailed on each when they were 6 months old or less. The Fantasy was three months old when I sailed her. Then we took off 4 years to have the boys, coming back to sail the Destiny, Triumph, and Victory when they were brand new. Had great times on all of them so you can understand why I'm a little sad when they leave the fleet, and especially when they get scrapped. Almost like losing an old friend. 😎
  8. Thanks for sharing. Fun to watch, but don't think that was the first commercial for the Fantasy. Her first cruises were 3 and 4 day cruises from Miami which she did for quite a while before repositioning to Port Canaveral. 😎
  9. Patti and I really enjoyed your review. It was a breath of fresh air during these troubled times. Thanks so much for posting! 👍😎
  10. I had both my eyes done in January. I can see clearly now ... For me, I give the edge to the Splendor for having the full size show lounge and comedy club. Like the additional food options on the Sunrise though. 😎
  11. The Radiance and Sunrise will virtually be twins. That being said, there will be some elements of the Victory left on the Radiance just like there are some elements of the Triumph left on the Sunrise. 2020 has been exciting for all the wrong reasons! 🤪
  12. When the Triumph was refurbished into the Sunrise, they kept the aft pool but removed the retractable roof on top of it. It's my understanding that when the Victory is finally refurbished into the Radiance, the same will happen. 😎
  13. From reading the responses on this thread, it seems that more than half weren't thrilled with the cabins they were assigned to. How hard could it be to re-assign to equivalent cabins especially when going to a bigger ship with more cabins. I know that their task is huge, but a little more attention to detail would eliminate the additional phone calls needed to make things right. 🤔
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