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  1. We were booked on the Sunrise May 25th cruise. Looks like that is gone and we're not surprised. We just booked the same cruise on September 7th and even that isn't a given, but it's something to look forward to. If that one gets canceled then we won't be cruising this year. The first time in many years. 😎
  2. Most likely a website glitch. Been plenty of those lately.
  3. We had a B2B booked. We will utilize the $1200 obc somewhere down the line.
  4. Can you book a cruise on the Mardi Gras before 3/27/21? No. Are the Mardi Gras cruises before 3/27/21 cancelled? No. Not yet. All will depend on how soon they can start working on her again. Stay tuned.
  5. I believe, like the Mardi Gras sailings that were pulled off, they stopped selling until they get a firmer grip on when the Mardi Gras and Radiance really will be ready to sail. For instance, if they can start the refurbishment on the Radiance say June 1st, they can still have some New York and Norfolk sailings starting sometime in August. If it turns out later that it's not feasible, that's less FCC and OBC that they have to process since they have stopped the bookings already. It's the same deal with the Mardi Gras. They will open the bookings again once they know better.
  6. Taking the sample is simple. Probably takes 10 seconds. Label the sample, then put it in the machine. If you read the article it says it can detect a positive result in as little as 5 minutes, but if a person is negative the test can take up to 13 minutes to complete. Record the result, and pass it down the line.. Does the machine need to be cleaned or re- calibrated between tests?. Each test could wind up taking 15 to 20 minutes, or 3 to 4 tests per hour. If you have 20 machines running, that's only 60 to 80 people an hour. 3,000 people divided by 80 people an hour equals 37.5 hours needed to test everyone. Impossible!
  7. Logistically impossible when you are talking about 3 or 4 thousand people.
  8. Logistically impossible. The rate of testing (say 10 seconds to do the swab), will far outpace the machines ability to keep up. The article itself says that it can take up to 13 minutes to complete a test if it's negative. In theory 78 tests can be taken while waiting 13 minutes for the first result.
  9. That is how it should be handled and what we are expecting. Don't know what happened in sports addicts case.😎
  10. Did they say why you couldn't use the Mardi Gras FCC on your new Legend booking after "they" cancelled your Radiance cruise? We will be in a similar situation soon when eventually our Memorial day cruise on the Sunrise is cancelled. We have around $950 in Mardi Gras FCC in that one. We also have $1100 FCC from the Sunrise cruise to Charleston attached to one of our Radiance cruises that appear to be on the chopping block as well. If we lose all that FCC, Carnival will lose us as customers. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 😎
  11. Glad it worked out for you! Stay well. 😎
  12. And no cruises prior to May 14th available either.
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