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  1. The P.Y.O.B (pour your own beer) dispensers are usually found in the lido buffet. I could be mistaken, but I don't recall seeing more than one. The 16 ounce plastic cups will be next to the dispenser. You insert your Sail & Sign card and pay by the ounce, so be sure to tip that cup to eliminate the foam ! 😎🍺
  2. Take cruisemapper with a grain of salt. For instance, Carnival has announced that the Miracle would replace the Freedom on Alaska cruises beginning on July 27th through September 4th. With the bill in the House, there is a good possibility that these cruises can happen. This was not addressed in the Cruisemapper article. 😎
  3. Carnival had announced that the Miracle would be replacing the Freedom doing Alaska cruises from July 27th through September 4th. If this bill passes the House and is signed by Biden this could happen. 😎
  4. When our two boys became teens, we would get a balcony cabin for ourselves and put the boys in an inside cabin across the hall. Food for thought. 😎
  5. Holiday, July 1985. First cruise. Travel agent pointed us to this brand new ship! 😎
  6. That's a good thing, right? 😎
  7. We have been on both since their last dry docks. Both have the additional Grand Deck, additional balconies, and 2.0 upgrades. Other than the decor the ships are identical. I would sail either one again.
  8. Hotel Maya and Long Beach Hilton come to mind.
  9. On both of our Journeys cruises, (14 day repo on Pride & 14 day Hawaii on Splendor), we received an email prior to the cruise stating that due to the high number of Platinum and Diamond cruisers aboard, ALL rooms wouldn't be ready until 1 :30. You were allowed however, to drop off your carry on luggage. On our Splendor cruise, an announcement was made around noon that all Diamond cabins were ready. YMMV.
  10. We were at the Kennedy Space Center today so we didn't catch them practicing. We're heading over to Crystal River tomorrow to visit with our PVP.
  11. You know I have a Husband Daycare in every city / port we visit! 😁 Thanks! Can't wait to be cruising again!
  12. Hey Stefanie! We're having a great time, but missing our cruises. Hopefully we can sail in October!
  13. We thought about it then decided not too. We did catch the Victory floating around out there.....
  14. I would love to continue my report, but since this thread has been moved from the Carnival board, my Carnival friends won't be able to find it. However, I am updating my cruise and vacation site almost daily, and pictures from our vacation can be found in our April Road Trip album. The link is in my signature.
  15. Make sure that you check out the pier. We are going to the Kennedy Space Center tomorrow. We always stop at Fishlips when we are down here. We ate there after we left the pier yesterday. There are other places there that are good such as Rusty's and Grill's. 😎
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