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  1. We cruised to Hawaii on the Carnival Splendor in April 2019.😎
  2. It should disappear once you make the decision to take a refund or a FCC.
  3. Not all Red Frog Pubs offer the Pub Food. The Red Frog Pubs on Spirit Class ships don't offer the Pub Food.😎
  4. Same menu fleet wide. 😎
  5. That's a good plan to use the credit on a more expensive cruise! 👍
  6. Your TA is wrong. You can use your 50th Milestone credit on your 50th cruise. We used ours on our 50th cruise which was to Hawaii.
  7. Why would you say that? I have a 100% FCC from our Sunrise cruise in September 2019 that never made it to Bermuda due to a hurricane ($1250), and a 25% FCC from our Mardi Gras repo cruise from NYC to Port Canaveral being cancelled due to construction delays ($950). Neither of these FCC's cost me a penny out of my pocket.
  8. Agree. They can offer me the RU9 code until the cows come home, I'll never book with it. 😠👎
  9. Talk about being high and dry! She was my first cruise when she was brand new in 1985. Farewell old friend! 😥
  10. I agree with the above. On our Journeys cruises there were two cruise elegant nights and the Captain's Gala dinner on the Throwback sea day. The Gala midnight buffet was also on the Throwback sea day. 😎
  11. All of ours are back as well. 👍
  12. Last night I couldn't even log into the site so I figured that they were working on the problem. This morning I was able to login, but as many have reported, my bookings were no longer listed. I added them all back in (all 9 of them), and now two hours later they are gone again, so the problem still persists. Not worried as I know that they are there, it's just a pita. 🤪
  13. I'm sure you are, just wanted to point out to those that aren't Cheers knowledgeable that bottles can be bought at a reduced price with Cheers
  14. With Cheers you get 25% off any bottle of wine or champagne. 😎
  15. I hit golf balls off the fan tail several times on the Holiday class ships. They would actually remove a section of the rail. You would stand on a platform like you do at a driving range and flail away. Initially they used old cracked range balls, then switched over to the biodegradable balls which were actually fish food. 😀
  16. Wrong. We also had our original Mardi Gras booking canceled due to construction delays late December 2019. In addition to the 25% FCC and $200 OBC for rebooking, we were told that we would be first to be able to book some special cruises that would be offered in the next couple of months. Those turned out to be the Sailabration cruises. We were not notified about them or allowed to have first crack at booking them as promised. Personally, I wouldn't have booked anyway, but I know many people were disappointed.
  17. Absolutely. Don't know if you ever noticed it or not, but the drink prices on the island are slightly higher than on the ship. 😎
  18. I have heard that the computer system at HMC is not connected to the ships system in real time so that the number of drinks can't be tracked. Cheers has a 15 alcoholic drink limit where Royals program has no limit. Of course we all know that the technology exists. 😎
  19. Thanks again Greg! By the time this promo was shot in the 90's I had been on her four times. This promo was post Kathie Lee and after the Holiday had repositioned to the West coast to do the 3 and 4 day runs. My first cruise on the Holiday was a 7 day cruise to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, & Nassau. I remember the Mardi Gras and Carnivale being in Nassau with us and they looked like tugboats compared to the Holiday. 😎
  20. Thanks for posting this Greg. Brings back great memories. Back in 1985 when I cruised for the first time, when my friend and I booked, we had it narrowed down to the Tropicale or the brand new super liner Holiday. We chose the Holiday, and never sailed on Carnival's older ships. 😎
  21. Thanks for posting this update. Makes us feel better that our B2B in October might still happen. 😎
  22. We also got the $200 obc and 25% FCC for the delay canceled Mardi Gras repo cruise. We rebooked on the Sunrise for May 2019, but of course that was canceled due to Covid. We rebooked to the Horizon for April 2021. The FCC and $200 obc transferred over, along with $600 obc from the Covid cancellation. We also got $50 obc from an Early Saver booking promotion, so we have a total of $850 obc on the Horizon cruise. Since this cruise most likely will be canceled, we'll have to see what happens next. 😎
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