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  1. Who on earth thinks its OK to "ride" an endangered sea turtle. #1 its illegal. #2 its immoral.
  2. Hi! I'm consider taking this excursion during our upcoming cruise in September (fingers crossed it actually sails). Your review definitely makes me want to take this tour as I've been to St Kitts twice now and would love to visit the sister island of Nevis and this excursion sounds really fun yet also relaxing. Quick question though... Do they make you wear life vests to snorkel? We are advanced open water divers with our own snorkeling gear and I know its a liability issue for the cruise ship/tour company but it drives me insane to be forced to wear one of those stupid things. Thanks for any info you can provide!
  3. I love Cosol Tours. A few years ago we took a private tour with Mr. Cosol himself. We felt like celebrities. I was so sad to hear that he passed away. He was a top notch man. RIP Mr. Cosol.
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