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  1. Aaahhh, now were back on track with the subject. Your right, I bought at $13.82, and it looks like about $15.80 this AM. Still a couple of bucks ahead and watching closely. I'm a gambler and I'm riding the waves of the market. My personal opinion is that all the three big lines will survive. I play the game for fun, so there's no life changing money involved which makes it fun.
  2. I got on here to check out opinions on the CCL stock. What's with all the stats on dead people?
  3. Sligo, and the Bliss Beatles were great.
  4. We will always remember our first cruise on the Monarch of the Seas. Had the best time on that old ship. Probably the only thing I did wrong was thinking it was a good idea to get on stage for the Love and Marriage Game Show.
  5. I wish I had seen this before I retired as a Police Officer.
  6. Happy birthday! I thought I was the only one who loved that show.
  7. When we lived in NC, we would fly out of RDU or Charlotte on Allegiant Airlines into Orlando/Sanford airport. Sure there are no frills but for an hour and ten minute flight I could survive without a bag of peanuts. I paid $25 for a one way ticket. But they got me flying back, they upped the price. I paid $29. Check them out.
  8. Agree. So far my only cruise stock which is down is RCL. Bought at 57, now it's 52.Bought CCL at 13 and NCL at 7.9. Those are doing well at this point. Only have one airline stock (ALGT) which I bought at 94 and it's up to 110 as of yesterday. Some days are nervous, but I think in the long term all will do well. Hope I'm right!
  9. I tried to join the Marines but I was turned down. They did a background check on me and found out my parents were married (US Army Paratrooper, 82D Abn Div 74-90.
  10. I was TDY in the 80's to Palmerola (Soto Cano) AFB in Honduras.. Air Force types wanted a pool. Funding said no way. The fire department requested an auxiliary water holding facility and they got it. It was painted blue with a ladder but we never made the mistake of calling it a swimming pool.
  11. Retired now and have a little "play" money so I thought I'd take some chances. Bought NCL at 7.9. It's at 17.07. Bought RCI at 35.72. It's at 53.10. Bought CCL in april and got greedy, so I sold half for a nice profit. Should have held on, so bought more last week at 13.82, it's at 17.10 today. Bought Allegiant Air at $94.95 and it's at 109.56 this morning. I'd been watching it since it was 60.6. Shoulda coulda woulda bought then. Who would have thought travel stocks would be up at this time? Oh well, continuing to watch closely for bargains. I know it's a gamble, but I think the odds are better than all the times I pulled the handle on the casino slot machines.
  12. Woops, kind of got away from this thread with my last post, sorry. My favorite cruise was our first one. My DW was afraid to cruise in the open ocean. Probably relates to the time we got caught in the tail end of a hurricane while sailing on our catamaran. I was about 45 minutes from Port Canaveral and always wanted to cruise. I saw a special on a 3 day sailing to Nassau and return to PC. A great price and I told her about it, but she still refused to go. I put on my man pants and said OK, I'm going and I'm taking our 16 YO GD. DW finally relented and said she would go. The ship was the Monarch of the Seas and it was the last sailing as RCI had sold the ship. We didn't know it till we were on board. We had the best time and DW stated any time someone puts a napkin in her lap, cooks dinner and brings it to her, she is all in. I guess the only mistake? was being picked for the Love and Marriage game. Our 16 YO GD said she would never look at us the same. Jeeze, they kept playing the show on the TV over and over. But, we all say when we talk about our cruises, that this was the best one.
  13. I was in Dresden in Feb. I didn't know it was the British that caused the fires from the air raid. The next day the US bombed them also, but the majority of the damage was from the day before. Seems like the US got all the blame. It's amazing to see the before and after pictures they had on display there. It's a beautiful city now.
  14. Acting was great, but Ned Beatty got the hard part.
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