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  1. In answer to some of your questions, if you are not too picky, you will be happy with the drinks and wine offered with open bar. Re the Sky, we were on in October 2018, just before dry dock and the public areas and furniture looked warn. I am sure it looks better now. The only thing I found a bit disappointing in our balcony room is that the sliding glass door, instead of being two panels of glass, is one panel of glass and the other panel is solid with just a porthole window. It lessens the amount of natural light coming in, but we didn't spend much time in the room. Re Cuba, you will find a lot of good info in the forum topic on Cuba. Enjoy!
  2. Too bad Celebrity is really pushing "kids sail free." Less kids is one of the reasons I choose Celebrity. They might be ruining this.
  3. There was a seafood place with a take out window. We had lobster rolls. Not sure how extensive the menu is. It was window service only and you could sit outside. It was lunchtime. Not sure about dinner.
  4. We have done 6 Celebrity and three NCL. Half of the Celebrity have been Aqua or Suite. Service is a small bit better on Celebrity even in MDR and lounges. I found food better on NCL. Clientele is older and more sedate on Celebrity, and there are less children. It varies quite a bit depending on the itinerary with NCL, not so much with Celebrity. I found entertainment much better on Celebrity. I feel more nickle and dimed on NCL. If price and itinerary were equal, I would go with Celebrity. Our group is active 60's.
  5. I found no smoke and I am quite sensitive to smoke. It may depend on the casino clientele at the moment we ate fairly early. The food was as good as any fairly good Asian restaurant in the US. I have traveled extensively in Asia, and while it was not the same as what you get there, it was still good.
  6. If you google connecting at CDG you will find lots of help. I believe there is even a youtube video.
  7. We have never gotten turf for our seeing eye dog, just mulch. But, we have never requested it either.
  8. Can you take bottled water (or other beverage in plastic bottle) off the ship and onto Harvest Caye?
  9. Re getting big old dogs into SVU: my lab would not climb a ramp. My husband made this for her when she got older: He got an under-bed plastic storage drawer from Walmart. (It had wheels on it which he removed) it is about 4 feet long, 2 feet wide and maybe 9 inches tall. He put solid, rigid Styrofoam inside the drawer so it would not break or collapse, and would hold the weight of the dog. He covered the top with a thin rug for traction. It might weigh all of 5 pounds so I can keep it in the trunk. We put it at the back door of the suv, and the dog gets on that, then onto the floor of the back seat. That way neither step is more than maybe 12 inches. We also use it when the dog gets out of the car to spare the wear and tear on the shoulders and front legs.
  10. Re the private island, you need to get tender tickets for this. If you sit on the bottom deck, keep your belongings off the floor as sometimes the waves will get the floor wet. There are several beaches, plenty of chairs, food that starts about 10:30 and open bars, just like on the ship. there are a few rocks in the sand but not bad. If you look up GSC on Cruise Critic you can get a lot of info. Last Tender returns to the ship at 1:30.
  11. Are you on the Sky? You may have trouble getting off the ship by 9. We didn't do Hemingway's house as I had watched the movie "Papa" which was filmed in the house. I heard that you cannot enter the house, but can only look in the windows. We did Fursterlandia. It was interesting. We spent about 30 min there. A show would be nice. We did a pub crawl in old Havana and listened to music in several places. The rooftop bar of Hotel Ingleterra was fantastic. Just beautiful after dark. Walking around on your own will be great for the second day. There is a lot to see. If you are on a private tour on day 1, tell them to concentrate on the things that you cannot walk to on day 2. It was a wonderful trip. The visit to GSC was very nice. A typical private island. If you are the only ship there that day it will not feel at all crowded. They had the bars very organized -- separate lines for pre-poured frozen drinks, etc so things moved very quickly.
  12. We have also experienced the wind tunnel on Celebrity Summit and Constellation with our seeing eye dog, as the box is in a similar location, but outside against the bulkhead instead of in the hallway. We have had to get crew or strapping young men passengers to hold the door for us. Once we got to the box, there was no wind because it was against the wall.
  13. Only stopped in Havana. Best daytime: I liked going to Hotel Nationale (where the US Embassy personnel got "hearing problems.") It is a beautiful hotel, with many iconic photos on display, and mostly because it was featured in several books I read and movies I watched before the trip. Best nighttime: Hands down it was having a drink and listening to music after dark on the rooftop of Hotel Ingleterra. It had beautiful views of other buildings that were all lit up. Most memorable thing was talking to our guide about Cuba and how cloistered they are from news of outside. These conversations only occurred after we gained her trust. One thing I wish I had done was go to the Malecon after dark -- in a convertible -- and interact with the locals playing music.
  14. So sorry I can't be helpful about getting off in Havana. We had suite services which gave us priority disembarking. From what I heard, you need to get your tickets for disembarking very early in the morning. I heard some people did not make it off until after 12 noon.
  15. We started in the rooftop bar at the Inglaterra Hotel – great view of Parque Central, Gran Teatro, etc. This is BEAUTIFUL after dark. I highly recommend it for the view!!! The other thing to note is that our guide told us that El Floridita usually closes at 10 PM. Felt safe walking everywhere, even at midnight (two women in their 60's.)
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