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  1. We'd be grateful if any long-time cruisers could reveal the (approximate) ages of when they started cruising?? As a couple, we've been cruising with RC since our late teens/early 20's (5 days off Emerald status after our next trip) but are baffled as to why more people our age don't cruise! Yes, we work hard for our holiday/vacation allowance, but when you add up everything you spend on your typical 18-30 resort break, it really isn't far away from the upfront cost of a cruise. We'd love to know when you guys started travelling with RC, & what your opinions of young cruisers are.... :)
  2. As young cruisers (both early 20's) we love the mix of fun & formality with Royal Caribbean; Formal: - Captain's Reception (formal wear & champagne) - MDR & Speciality Dining (the latter is great for date nights!) - Art Gallery (really nice to spend some time here on sea days- just another 'thing to do' & some gorgeous paintings for sale) Fun: -Activities: FlowRider, Escape Room, Slides, Cinema, etc. (RC are great for providing a range of things to do onboard; even smaller ships have some of these things, plus more & more are being added with refurbs. - MINI GOLF!!! (a personal favourite, we love spending a couple of hours with a putt!) - Evening entertainment (there are a range of shows, live music, etc. & we love finishing a night in the dedicated late night venue- on the ships we've been on, it tends to be the Viking Crown Lounge, where you can dance & drink to the early hours. Not to stereotype, but whilst many people our age just want an intense party holiday, we love RC because it offers a mix; we can be dressed up to the 9's sipping champagne one night, & enjoying live music & shots the next :')
  3. Thank you! We've found the onboard staff to be very helpful in the past as well, so sure it will all work out nicely :)
  4. Hi all, Has anyone used one of their dining package meals for lunch in Izumi? We'll be on the Independence in September & as our second day is at sea, we were thinking of booking our lunch at Izumi once onboard & using up one of our package meals. Just wanted to see if anyone else has done this & whether it is allowed in relation to one of the meals having to be reserved for the first or second night (according the the 3 night dining package T&C's). Thanks!
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