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  1. no. That’s a mini suite. You need to book a H category suite.
  2. @steelersfan4ever when I booked the other day the slide down for number of people capped out at 4, but there is a 800 number you can call and they may be able to help you book.
  3. Thanks for all the info (and sorry to OP for hijacking the thread asking about Harrah's). We're diamond with CET and booked a river facing room so it sounds like we will not be disappointed with our choice. It will be our first trip to NOLA and we are looking forward to exploring, just wanted to make sure the hotel wasn't a dive or in too sketchy of a neighborhood (although we're from Detroit so it'd take a lot to be too sketchy). 😉
  4. @Sand and Seas if you don't mind me asking, how are the rooms at Harrah's and about how far is the walk? I'm have comps with CET and planning on staying there before & after our upcoming cruise. Thanks for any info you can provide. Also do you know if they have shuttles to/from the airport?
  5. We went once and our table mates had a toddler. They left the toddler seated next to us in a high chair watching Elmo at a very high volume on a tablet, and He was swinging his legs kicking me the entire meal. We asked the mom to turn down the tablet and possibly slide the child more their way, both requests were ignored with a kids will be kids attitude. We left before dessert. If you're attentive parents it could be fun for you and your kids, if you aren’t it could be a nightmare for your table mates.
  6. Kohunlich & Dzibanche are beautiful, the bus ride is about 1.5 hours each way but the ruins are not crowded and you get time to explore on your own after the guided tour. Tulum is very nice but usually crowded. If you’re lucky you can get some amazing pictures.
  7. When we booked one for my in-laws they emailed us a letter. Maybe in the past two years they stopped, but it was the first year the escape sailed. If you didn’t get a letter good for you, it doesn’t mean I didn’t get one. Sorry I answered with my experience. As you can see from another poster, they DO send letters to some.
  8. They can ask for proof if a disabled person calls and requests a cabin and none are available. If you book one you get a letter saying you can get moved if you can’t show proof and one is needed by a disabled person.
  9. I've never had any issue getting a margarita or mudslide even when on the "basic" CET freebie card.
  10. It can’t hurt to bid. There are sometimes cancellations and spa haven rooms may have bid to move up to other rooms. Depending what opens up you may have a chance. If not, you aren’t charged and don’t lose anything for trying.
  11. It'll definitely fill your Jacuzzi needs as the "pool" is essentially a giant hot tub with different areas providing different kinds of jets. I second looking on youtube for the the videos so you can see it. If you're looking for a pool to swim in, it won't be what you're looking for. The spa was great for a soak after a long day exploring ports or just to escape the crowds on sea days. We didn't find it overly crowded, and sometimes when we went in the evening we were two of maybe 6 people there.
  12. When you walk off and out of the terminal there are shuttles and cabs available. If you’re doing a shuttle be aware they will wait to fill the van. We waited about 30 minutes and it cost &15/pp last January.
  13. We were able to use the touch screens to order our tickets the night before. Not sure if it’s changed since last January. If you’re platinum or Haven you get priority tender tickets.
  14. Both of mine came in the afternoon, but one came 3 days before sailing and one came 9 days.
  15. They used to have disposable slippers, but last January on Epic we didn't get any. But you better pack the other items if you need them. The Haven does not provide those.
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