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  1. When we adopted our son, we faced the same delay in getting our son’s amended BC. We were not cruising there, but for some reason we needed to have the docs, and our adoption attorney told us to bring the original BC and the court order finalizing the adoption as proof that we were parents. Not sure if this is option or not, but is best you can do on short notice.
  2. Thanks. I thought the age limits are lower on RCI, but wasn’t sure. But they have the same policy - they price things out at full price when you pre-book restaurants, and then refund you are on the ship. We normally just buy dining packages for the adults, and then book our son when we are on board.
  3. The main point is how the ship was designed - to have more activities indoors, although if you do not have any kids, some of those areas may not benefit you. Except that if there is stuff for kids to do inside, then they won’t be running around bothering the adults in other areas of the ship. For example, the main pool is covered so they can go swimming, but adults have covered Solarium so they also have their own private pool. I am not sure if Bliss has covered pools. On Anthem they have Seaplex, but I think most of the Bliss activities are outside. Don’t get me wrong, I think Bliss looks like a great ship. Not sure you could go wrong either way. But I do remember sailing on Grandeur over Thanksgiving one year when there was snow on the deck when we boarded. The kids got very restless with so little to do the first sea day. We did not mind as one of those restless kids was ours...lol... but you saw a lot more kids hanging out on stairwells and hanging out in Centrum, and they open Solarium up twice a day for families to use. Well, I can still almost hear the complaints from the adults about the loss of their sanctuary for a few hours for those days...lol
  4. Yes. We cruised on Navigator of the Seas two years ago over Christmas (9 day Southern). It was fantastic. They did Christmas carols and light show in Royal Promenade. Santa and elves arrive and kids follow them in parade through promenade and end up in Studio B where Santa hands out gifts to each child. They offer special menus in restaurants - note: specialty restaurants all have special (higher priced) menus on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. IIRC, we paid $75 pp at Giovani’s. We loved our Christmas cruise so much, we booked two more - one on Serenade this year and Silhouette next year. Hope this helps.
  5. I agree with PP’s, but would add one other consideration. Anthem was built for colder weather - the main pool can be covered and more things to do inside, so it may be better ship for sailing out of Bayonne in Dec. In terms of Christmas cruises, we did one two years ago on RCI Navigator with our son. There were lots of families and kids, but I have seen more kids over Thanksgiving. We have two more Christmas cruises booked - 10 day on Serenade this year, and 14 day on Silhouette in 2020. Absolutely love spending Christmas on a ship. The ships are decorated. They do caroling. Santa visits and gives gifts to kids (RCI swag, but it’s the thought that counts). I would not let the number of kids on board sway you - it is a great time.
  6. I knew someone would translate this into today’s dollars - thanks!
  7. Oh, and if you wanted to read ahead - here is their suggested reading list...
  8. And finally, I found this interesting - first, they limited "membership" so that there would not be overcrowding on this particular cruise, and second, they had set fees for deck chairs, rugs and cushions...lol. I guess nickle and diming is not limited to today's cruise lines...
  9. And what was included and not included in the fare?
  10. What about children? Yes, they had a rate schedule for them too. Again, interesting in how they priced out kids...
  11. And what did this amazing cruise cost? from $2,300 per person... and for those wondering about deposits and cancellations, see the attached pic. If you had to cancel, they would refund your money after they sold your cabin to someone else (minus expenses). Interesting....
  12. I was cleaning out some boxes and ran across this old cruise guide book - the following pics were taken from the Empress of Britain's World Cruise from New York, January 7 1939. This cruise was 127 days via the Mediterranean, India, Hong Kong, Bali, South Africa, South America, and West Indies. I am attaching a pic of the itinerary.
  13. Quick Question about the RCI Visa. I went to the link that was posted earlier in the thread. If I was reading that page correctly, the OBC can be applied to Celebrity cruises too, or can they just be used on RCI? We have two upcoming cruises - one on RCI, and one on X. Could I apply to OBC to the X cruise?
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