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  1. We switched our Celebrity South America Christmas Cruise from Dec 2020 to Dec 2021 a few weeks ago. I had already booked tickets on AA for the family. They (AA) allowed me to cancel them on their web site no questions asked and the gave me full credit for all three tickets (almost $7K). We are in process of relocating from FL to TX, so called and used portion of credit for tickets to Austin and no extra fees to use this. Has been a very pleasant experience, and even though we had travel insurance, never needed to use it. As PP mentioned, hotels were easy to book. We leave on Sat for our second trip to TX, and we had no trouble booking hotels or cars.
  2. Yes. Extremely! I first called Celebrity to move our South America Christmas cruise from this year to 2021 - the same price, same cruise deal. Got the exact same cabin, and that call took less than 15 minutes. I looked at our 9 day Norwegian Cruise on Anthem for next summer. I think our suite was originally over $20K, and it dropped to $10K, almost 50 percent savings. I was so excited I went out and bought three new board games to play while I am stuck in the house. In 9 cruises, I think we have only had one price drop and that was just $500. Suites rarely drop. Our Christmas cruise on X was the identical price in 2021 as it was for this year, so we must have just hit the right ship and cruise at the right moment. It will never happen again.
  3. Huh... I called two days ago to reprice a cruise for next year. It was picked up in 5 minutes. I told the woman what I wanted, she checked my booking and agreed that the price went down, started something, asked if I could hold, and she came back in less than 5 minutes. Our cruise was reprised and is now over $10K less. I was very happy all around with the results!
  4. Yes. Thank you for refreshing memory. I do remember all of this now. I remember remarking to my wife at the time that they found COVID cases after the ship docked in San Diego, and that it appeared that they strongly suspected that they had infected people on board, but kept that a secret, and she said something that I thought was quite profound - she said, "Would you? Look what happened to the Princess ships in Japan and then the HAL ships when they announced they had infected people - the FL Governor and local government officials told them they could not come into Port Everglades. Why tell the truth if it means that you are going to be stranded out at sea where more and more people can become infected." So, you can say - OMG, they lied about this - how evil. Or, you can say, OMG they lied so that they could get into a port and allow people to get off, go home, or get treated in adequate medical facilities so they have a chance of surviving if they have become infected. Everyone could see that passengers on all ships were communicating with people outside, so if the Captain told people that they may have infected people on board, that news would have gotten out and San Diego may have denied them entry. But who knows. So many variables, and so many unknowns. Honestly, if it were my decision, and just knowing what was happening to other ships, I think I would probably tell a lie if it meant I could get those passengers into port and off the ship.
  5. Sorry...I did not mean to be a buzz kill...may explain why I never get invited to parties...lol
  6. I called yesterday to move our South America Christmas cruise from this year to next - same ship, same itinerary, same suite, same price. I was expecting a long wait time on the phone, but the call was answered in 5 minutes, and it took maybe 15 minutes to transfer everything. Very easy and quick. Was very surprised and quite satisfied. In fact, I was so impressed I went and checked out Norway cruise on Anthem for next summer. I saw a huge price drop, so called Royal. Thirty minutes later I had that cruise repriced with savings of $10K. ~woo hoo~ I was so excited I went out and bought three more board games to play while we are stuck inside...
  7. Hmmm... isn’t this the same ship that was denied entry into Chile and every other country in South America, and was forced to sail to San Diego just to allow passengers to disembark. It would seem that the cruise line could claim that these circumstances caused passengers to be exposed far longer than they would have if they had been allowed to disembark when originally scheduled. Awfully hard to allow people off the ship if countries are denying you. Also, it seems too many people want to point blame at decisions made in the past based on information we have today. I am sure when they lay out the cases, this will be a critical piece - who knew what when. This situation unfolded so quickly that everyone was caught off guard. Mistakes were definitely made by lots of people, but does not mean that anyone did so intentionally to do harm.
  8. I have booked Anthem out of Southampton next summer - looking forward to the 9-day Norwegian Cruise 😎, especially after I called this morning and reprised our suite - saved a ton! 🤗
  9. Two other suggestions. 1. After sailing Eastern, Western, and Southern, I would recommend Southern as first option. We found it quieter and more laid back. Also, in fall timeframe, storms are still a threat and Southern islands tend to be less of a target than Eastern or Western routes. Southern islands provide nice beaches! 2. Southern routes require longer cruise, often 9 or more days if sailing from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. These cruises will have fewer families, so should be even less crowded than 7 day cruises. If this is not doable, there are 7 day Southern cruises out of Puerto Rico.
  10. You are most welcome! We are hoping to do the Norwegian fjords next summer.
  11. Snowbirds come down in Nov and stay through March or April. This order is to stop New Yorkers who are trying to flee a hot zone.
  12. This has more to do with proximity to NY. Since NY has started exploding in numbers of cases, people have started to flee NY and are flying to FL - this order is more to try to keep these idiots from spreading the virus from NY to more people down here. And this only applies to people who are traveling down here at this point in time.
  13. We have one cruise booked in December, and will keep it until it gets closer to final payment. But I am not sure I would book this same cruise now under current conditions. Although, funny enough, the price of that cruise has not gone down at all even with everything that’s going on.
  14. We generally sail in Grand Suites on RCI ships with our son, but he is only 10. I think it would get too crowded with two teenagers. An Owners Suite might do in a pinch, but the suggestion for a 2 bedroom Grand Suite (the old Royal Family Suites), or the two bedroom Aqua Theater Suites on Oasis class would work.
  15. Simon Winchester - The River at the Center of the World
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