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  1. Wow. I would not expect it to be cold in late August. Good information to know. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. That is good information to know!
  3. Yes. I just found the deposit - I had not submitted the mock booking form ;o) I was looking at the options and suite categories, so never went that final step. I just found the deposit! The WiFi and shore excursion options are automatically picked. We love specialty restaurants, so would prefer to double-down on those rather than drinks package...lol Maybe when I am ready to book, I will just call NCL and do it over the phone.
  4. Hi all. I wanted to ask some questions about NCL Escape. I was searching for Northern Europe cruises for 2020 and saw the Escape 9-night Baltics itinerary, and really liked it. We have only sailed with RCI so far, and were waiting to see their 2020 itineraries (they have had a 14-day itinerary out of Southampton that I would like to price out). But in the meantime, I wanted to understand NCL a bit better. We normally sail in GS on RCI, so would book into Haven - but, honestly, there are so many choices. We are just two adults and our son (9). I liked the layout of the Aft-facing Penthouse, but the Deluxe Spa Suite looks nice too. Which would be best for us. Any advice/recommendations? Also, when I do a mock booking, it asks me to add two perks - unlimited beverage or specialty, but it looks like I can pick both. We don't drink at all, so do I need to pick the unlimited beverage package or just leave it blank? Finally, what is the deposit and is it refundable? I would really like to price out the 14-day itinerary, as 9 may be too short for us, but would like to try to lock in a good price while it is available. I am not sure about NCL, but on RCI, the suites just go up and up the closer you get to the sailing date...lol PS: Has anyone taken the 9-day itinerary? I saw that Getaway is sailing this one now. Thanks.
  5. RSLeesburg

    Day Pass For Hotel Near Miami Airport Post Cruise

    Try this site: www.between9and5 dot com they allow you to book day passes.
  6. We sailed on RCI Radiance this past summer - southbound with three day land tour up front, and it was easily the best cruise we have ever been on. But honestly, not sure you can go wrong with any ship as Alaska is the main attraction. My advice is go with cheapest cruise that gives you best itinerary, and then spend your savings on excursions!
  7. RSLeesburg

    Sled dogs

    We did Dog Gone It tour in Denali - lots of dogs and puppies...
  8. RSLeesburg

    Helicopter and Dog Sled Tour

    We booked our tour for Juneau in the morning - I think 10am, and we had bad weather roll in while we were on glacier, so missed our second landing - but we got the dog sled ride in! Amazing excursion...
  9. RSLeesburg

    Radiance of the Sea - internet

    Yes. They have Voom, but it is not as good as Voom on the newer ships. I posted the speed I was getting on Radiance over the summer in Alaska, but I deleted it from my phone - it may be posted in my review.
  10. Have to pay for that new terminal...lol
  11. I think it was combined on our cruise. I know that Explorers and Voyagers was combined. Here is the Teen Compass from our cruise - I looked but could not find anywhere where they stated that the two groups were combined. Alaska - AO Teens.pdf
  12. RSLeesburg

    Juneau excursion

    We booked the helicopter and dog sledding excursion with Alaska Shore Tours. The helicopter portion was run by coastal, and I cannot remember the operator for the dog sledding - but it was awesome. I included some pics in my review! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. RSLeesburg

    Preschooler on a cruise

    When our son was 3 and 4, we took him on his first two cruises on Grandeur, which was sister ship to Enchantment (before they stretched it). I thought this size ship was perfect for him. He liked the kids club, even though it was small. He loved the WJ and pool. As he grew, we started going on bigger ships with more bells and whistles, but the smaller ships were fine when he was that age. Hope that helps. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. RSLeesburg

    Best cruise ship water park?

    I thought the one on Harmony was pretty cool. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. RSLeesburg

    Navigator from Southampton

    lol. Yes, it was easier to go in to WJ without all the luggage, but we might bring a few cookies or a drink back - not full plates. My wife might bring our son if he was hungry while I watched the bags. We would generally board by 11am or a tad earlier, and rooms would not open to 1pm, with muster at 4 and sailing by 5. So, two hours is a long time to haul around too much luggage - also if you have extra bags with baby stuff. The other thing is that the nursery will have open play - hours when you could go there and play with the baby in their space. Sent from my iPhone using Forums