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  1. Yes. Have used suite concierge to book dining many times, but not sure that they are any better at getting reservations than concierge in diamond lounge.
  2. Have never been on Carnival, but have been on many RCI ships - and will add this. The Adventure Ocean experience on Oasis class ship is drastically different than what you would get on Vision class ship. Our son will be 10 on our next cruise, but he has been going to AO since he was three, and he loves the club. Although to be fair, I am sure he would equally love the clubs on Disney, NCL, or Carnival too!
  3. We also did Alaska Land Tour & Cruise with RCI last year, and it was fantastic. Here is our review: with regards to entertainment, we saw most of the shows and they were all very good - better than we expected.
  4. With regards to RCI, your experience can change dramatically depending on which class of ship you were on. The entertainment of the Oasis class ships is unbelievable.
  5. I have seen many people report that they bring small fans on board - for the same reason, white noise and breeze. Our son loves his meditation tape, so we downloaded that onto our phone and play that for him each night. Believe it or not, the sea air and the ship’s motion made our son super sleepy when he was younger (3-4), and he slept very well at night.
  6. Check out Alaska Shore Tours. We used them for our helicopter and dog sled tour last year, but if I remember, they offered different private tours too.
  7. Quick question on this. I was just looking at our points, and was wondering how you could apply them to pay down an existing booked cruise - can this be done through the rewards site, or do I need to call RCI?
  8. If you are sailing on Anthem, remember that they have the covered pool at seaplex. They designed that class to be cold weather ships, so while it is still cold outside, there is still lots to do. We sailed over Thanksgiving from Baltimore one year and it was 34 degrees when we sailed with a couple of inches of snow on the deck. They heated the outdoor pool at people were in both hot tubs and pool that first night. Was crazy, but being on a ship beat cooking...lol. Either way, I hope you have a great Christmas cruise! We are sailing on the 10 day Serenade Eastern over Christmas this year! Our first as Diamond...
  9. In Juneau we did the helicopter tour with dog sledding on the glacier. Expensive, but an awesome time, and our son was 8 and loved it. We could not get him off the back of the sled.
  10. I cannot commit on which is better as we have only done one from Juneau, but I will tell you my thought process. The helicopter tour is often cancelled, so we booked Juneau as it was our first stop. We figured if we got cancelled there, we could try to rebook in Skagway. If we had stopped at Skagway first, we probably would have booked our tour there.
  11. Ah, so sorry. It looks like this is not a recurring cruise, so it is doubtful that anyone has posted cruise compasses with the daily activities - however, the next best thing is to look for anyone who has posted a review of a recent cruise on Explorer - or post on the roll call for the cruise a week or two before yours, and ask them to post the cruise compasses. Things may change on your cruise, but you may get an idea about what activities they are currently providing.
  12. Here is a screenshot of the itinerary. For some reason, the View My Itinerary button was not working on my phone, so I pulled this from another site.
  13. Do you mean this one? https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/?dates_maxDate=05%2F31%2F2019&dates_minDate=05%2F01%2F2019&departureCode_BCN=true&icid=hpnvbr_pagehe_fnd_hm_awaren_938&itineraryPanel=EX07BCN-3663070805
  14. Royal does Christmas up. We sailed on Navigator over Christmas 2017, and are going to go on Serenade this year over Christmas. For Navigator, Santa came and the younger kids had parade down to Studio B where Santa handed out gifts. There was caroling, light show, and snow on the royal promenade. They had special dinner for Christmas. It was awesome!
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