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  1. This states between 9:30am to 2:30pm. I was assuming several renactments within that time. But if the performance is the entire time, that is a long renactment. (The dunking of the wench and the drunk in the stocks is at 1230, and is a complete renactment in less than an hour.) With the ferry schedule from the dockyard we can't get there by 930.
  2. Does anyone have any other information about the specifics of this reenactment--days of week/time?
  3. I would appreciate any opinions or reviews regarding the Hampton Inn Times Square Central, including location. We are considering this hotel for a pre-cruise stay. We will be going to a couple of Broadway shows, visiting the Time square area, and touring Central Park. We are still considering the other things we may want to do. Thanks.
  4. I did reserve a wheelchair accessible room with a roll-in shower. And yes such hotel roomsrooms are supposed to be ADA compliant. However you would be surprised at how many times we have entered the reserved room to find out it isn't completely ADA compliant. And this has happened at many top hotel brands. And once we get to the room, if we find out it's not adequate, it's very difficult to locate another ADA room with a roll-in shower at the last minute. We would rather avoid any issues.
  5. I had booked the Embassy Suites late last year for our stay/cruise in mid August. In reviewing comments of otherswho had stayed there I found that this is not a typical embassy suites. Most of the rooms do not have a separate bedroom and sitting area / kitchen. There is a sitting area within the studio rooms but the bed is separated from the space by a partial built-in room divider. Because one of our party uses a wheelchair and we need space on both sides of the bed for both of us to be able to use the bed, I called the hotel to ask for additional information. They claim there is a small amount of space between the bed and the divider, but I'm concerned about whether it will be sufficient space on both sides of the bed to meet our needs. Has anyone stay and one of the studio suites (WC accessible or not) who could tell me about the space between the bed and the divider? I have trying to find out this information from various sources and have been unsuccessful but I'm going to need to make a decision on the room soon. So I would appreciate any information. As a backup I've made a reservation at a Hampton inn times square Central hotel. If anyone has any information about this hotel, including location, I would appreciate it. I may create a separate post in regard to this hotel as I realized that this thread topic header does not list this hotel.
  6. Water709, is the balcony table as big as the tables before the remodel? In the photo, it only appears cocktail table size, but hopefully it is bigger.
  7. Ask your cabin steward for the red medical waste bags-- they will give them every day.
  8. Lou, thank you for your reply and the additional information you have given. We very much would like to take train and now I know how to handle it. We may either cancel our booking on the Coral and book another ship/cruise line or keep the booking but book a "back up cruise" and watch carefully for the potential tendering information so that if Ketchikan becomes a tender port we can cancel the Coral. We really enjoy the Coral--it is our favorite ship on which to go to Alaska. But we aren't going to sacrifice a port just to take her.
  9. While I know that some of the other Princess ships tender, I didn't know the Coral ever tendered in Alaska. We have the Coral booked for next year and the problem we have with tendering is one of our family members is wheelchair bound (manual wheelchair). Princess doesn't allow you to tender unless you can walk onto the tender. So at least a couple of us would be stuck on the ship if the ship tenders (and Princess doesn't give you any compensation for this either, not even a refund of port charges). So we are going to have to think about this booking. One other question. I checked and on our ship sailing date, the website only shows a coach transfer available. How did you book the Princess train? Was this something you or your travel agent specifically called to request? or was it on the website as available?
  10. Was Ketchikan scheduled on the itinerary to be a tender port, or was this a change?
  11. Koolforkatz, how did you receive notification? I faxed the forms in early on Wedneday morning, but haven't heard anything.
  12. Princess does not allow passengers to tender unless the passenger can walk onto the tender. So passengers who are wheelchair bound are not allowed to tender.
  13. Are wheelchair accessible taxis readily available at the airport or do we need to pre-book one? We are going to a hotel downtown.
  14. Essiesmom, I understood that your cabin assignment was a guarantee and I believe you are blameless in staying in this cabin. I'm sorry if it in any way sounded like I was saying that your staying in this cabin was wrongdoing on your part. I realize that Princess and other cruise lines often assign guarantees to wheelchair accessible cabins and for those who receive the assignment, especially after final payment, I usually believe and post that they should keep the cabin because the cruise line will probably just assign it to someone else if they refuse to take it. I realize there are photos of the special wheelchair accessible cabins out there, but I just don't want to make anything easier for people who have the scheme to give themselves an "upgrade" by staying in these cabins when they don't have a need via "onestop shopping" for info and photos on Cruise Critic. (And I believe there are people out there who have such schemes based on posts they have made on Cruise Critic). Plus my understanding is that one has to know the cabin number in order to look up photos on cruisedeckplans.com. (by special wheelchair accessible cabins, I mean those which have some special features that regular wheelchair accessible cabins don't have). I've sent emails of photos of these types of wheelchair accessible cabins to disabled cruisers but I try to be careful about posting them.
  15. All that Princess requires is an attestation statement which can be made by a TA or made online by checking a box. A person who wanted the stateroom could check the box without a second thought or a TA can make the false attestation for the passengers that book through them in order to get them an "upgrade". Princess requires that passengers booked in wheelchair accessible rooms fill out a special needs form with the mobility needs described as well as other needs. However, Princess rarely follows up on this. Two different times we ourselves have been side by side (many wheelchair accessible cabins are bunched together in twos on each side on various decks) with another couple that appeared to have no mobility or other disabilities--in both cases they told us that their travel agent had arranged for the complimentary "upgrade" (and no guarantee was involved in either case). So I don't really believe that Princess ever checks on passengers to determine actual need for these rooms or removes passengers who clearly should not be in those rooms. Indeed, as Essiesmom has shown in her post above, Princess puts people in wheelchair accessible rooms who have no disability to fill guarantees and often does this even before final payment. The room is not noted as being occupied by someone who is not disabled, so if someone comes along who has a disability such that they need the features of a wheelchair accessible stateroom, that stateroom occupied by the able bodied person just shows as occupied and not available--then when you request Princess check to confirm, the answer is always "they wouldn't be in the room if they didn't need it". I know that the latter happens because we have had it to happen to us on more than once. One time, we wanted to book a window suite and there is only one wheelchair accessible window suite (and the only wheelchair accessible suite on the entire ship). We were booking a a little over a year in advance. The w/c window suite was occupied and I asked Princess just to confirm that the passengers who were occupying actually needed the accessible features because we had read on Cruise Critic how some people booked that room (and even promoted booking that room) because it was larger than the other window suites. Princess refused--giving us the line "they wouldn't be in the room if they didn't need it". We waitlisted for that room and booked a balcony (this cruise was to celebrate a special occasion). On the roll call, about two months out just after final payment, someone posted that they took a paid upgrade to that wheelchair accessible window suite (from an obstructed oceanview). I was furious and contacted Princess, where I was told that the reason the suite was available is that the original occupants had taken an upgrade to a Vista Suite. None of the Vista Suites are wheelchair accessible--so clearly the original window suite occupants did NOT need the accessible features of the window suite. In addition, Princess "apologized" for overlooking our waitlist, but would not move the able bodied passengers they allowed to take the suite even by giving them an upgrade to a higher level suite or moving other window suite cabin occupants to a higher level suite (and there were some left) and moving the wheelchair accessible window suite passengers to one of the regular window suites. So no action to back up their words of apology-not even an offer of shipboard credit (for which we did not ask because we wanted the cabin, not money) So Princess talks a good game, but unless you find someone like you found with Princess who is actually willing to take some action, you find it is just talk. We now book Celebrity wheelchair accessible suites or Royal Caribbean wheelchair accessible suites for special occasions. Essiesmom, I know you mean well posting the photos, but my experience on this board shows that photos like you posted are often misused by able bodied who want to give themselves an upgrade and scheme to take these rooms. So this is why we try not to publicly advertise the few special wheelchair accessible rooms which are on some of the ships.
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