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  1. The size is very similar. Not worth the cost difference.(IMO) In the Vista Suite, the bed is next to the balcony and the sofa closer to the door. . . Some people prefer one configuration over the other. I have had both and consider it equal. What IS worth the difference is double days toward your Mariner status in the Vista Suite if you are close to a certain star level. (Think 4 star - free laundry) All subject to personal opinion, of course! Have a blessed day! Page
  2. Tamarind only has dinner service. No lunch.
  3. Curious. What company do you use for annual?
  4. I have been burned by Allianz twice. Never again. I know some people think that HAL Platinum is ‘not enough’ but I’ve never been burned by them AND they have refunded my premium paid when they didn’t sail. 1. Cuba 2. Japan 3. Alaska. Will continue to use HAL Platinum. Just my two cents worth. Have a great day! Ready to sail again!
  5. I’m sure that some of the ships will be slightly delayed. . . But so glad they are able to reopen!
  6. We are booked for the crossing as well as Jewels of the Baltic preceding the crossing. (28 days total) Hopefully, she will be ready on time!
  7. We have a booked cruise November of this year to Hawaii. If HAL cruises, we plan to be on board.
  8. Never slept on the Murphy bed so can’t help with that. On Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam breakfast for Neptune & Pinnacle guests is served in Club Orange, not in the Pinnacle Grill.
  9. I should add- we have cancelled a cruise and it was very easy. Also, if you have a PCC they are generally very good about alerting you for cruise protection plans, final payment, etc if you let the know. Ours puts alerts on our cruises and always calls or emails or does both.
  10. Yes. As long as you booked a refundable fare and cancel within the cancellation period (it varies- so be sure to look at the schedule) you will be refunded your deposit and for anything else you purchased in advance. Do not buy a cancellation plan until right before the final payment, if you plan on doing so as it would not be refunded.
  11. Yes! Jewels of the Baltic and then back to Ft Lauderdale- 28 days. Booked in late February when bookings opened and then adjusted booking this week with added perks!
  12. We were cancelled with the last group. We are waiting for the FCC to be applied to our Mariner #s. Then we will apply $ and OBC offered to a new cruise. Our shore excursions and misc items show refunded but have not been returned to our cc yet or have port taxes, hotel or fights. May take a while- HAL has a lot to deal with.
  13. I think they are simply overwhelmed right now with the volume. It may take a while to sort it all out. We need to be patient. I had April 25 cruise from Japan cancelled And it was refunded over a 3 + week period. My Alaska cruise was just cancelled and I’m thinking maybe 60+ days or longer.
  14. Here is my take. . . There is not enough difference in the veranda and Vista to book a Vista UNLESS you need the double Mariner Days to reach status. In that case only would I book a Vista over regular balcony. I have been in both. We love the Signature Suites and Neptune Suites and book them whenever the price point is right for our budget.
  15. I certainly would not pay until due. We have a paid in full since January Alaska cruise that is scheduled to depart Vancouver May 9th. We are waiting for HAL to cancel. Canada is closed. Alaska is closed. I have Platinum Plan insurance so I can get 90% of my $ back at anytime but we will just wait it out.
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