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  1. Thank you! I know the other three family members would love eating there, and will be disappointed if I don't join them.
  2. I had a SEVERE reaction about 50 years ago, with my entire body covered in hives, inside and out. The allergist recommended full avoidance, including items cooked in same pan or oil, etc. I had already written off Izumi for that reason. I have successfully avoided even medications with a hint of shellfish, and carry an epipen when eating out. I guess I'll follow the advice to not risk it at Hooked.
  3. On previous cruises I have eaten safely in main dining room after alerting waiter to my shellfish allergy. Can I inform the waiter at Hooked, and be sure there won't be any cross contamination with my order of fried fish and fries? What about food at Wonderland and 150 Central Park? Has anyone had this experience, or gotten accurate information from RCCL?
  4. In addition, the automatically charged gratuities cover crew members who provide housekeeping services, linen laundry, etc. etc. etc.
  5. My daughter and I are frugal cruisers and have never eaten in one of the specialty restaurants. The only thing “extra” that we’ve ever paid for on a cruise has been the Escape Room, and Internet access for one device, (so she can share her adventure on facetime with her sweet hubby). The included meals, entertainment, and housekeeping, are enough of a treat for me. In five weeks we will be sailing on Symphony as guests of my generous son & his husband (to celebrate my 80th birthday). They wanted us to try some of the specialty dinners with them, so I talked them into the three dinner package. I remembered it being offered @ $99 on a previous cruise, and was a little disappointed by the pre-cruise price of $115 for our upcoming cruise — until I realized that the 18% gratuity was included in the $115. If you sign up once you’re on board, $99 plus gratuity makes the onboard special deal $116.82. Either way, the cost of each dinner will be around $38 including gratuity, instead of $50-$65 without a “deal”. Next cruise with my daughter (when we’ll be paying the bill), I’m sure we’ll go back to dining all seven nights in the Main Dining Room, and be quite content. If I want to splurge on a special meal, I’ll do it when we’re back home, and won’t be forfeiting a perfectly good MDR dinner.
  6. My daughter and I were there in November 2019. She was able to push me in my wheelchair along some walkways. I believe they were bricks or paving stones part way. I was able (with My cane and her help) to walk a distance to the beach. In the meantime she used a bike lock to secure my chair near the eating place (which we skipped). We didn’t see any of the beach wheelchairs, so I can’t attest to how good they are. One caution: I had draped my cover-up over my folding wheelchair, and came back to find it covered in seagull droppings. The beach going down to the water was a little more sloped than I liked, and the sand under the water shifted a lot, and I found it hard to keep my balance. We decided that on our next cruise, we will try the fresh water pool. So far, I much prefer the gentle more quiet beaches at Labadee.
  7. For the sake of good hygiene, they ask you to use a glass and then pour water into your bottle. Do not fill your water bottle directly from any dispenser.
  8. I am aware of the no-sharing rules, but wonder if there is a daily limit of orders. Or a minimum time after placing one order before you can get another drink. What about an alcoholic and a soft drink at same time? Or a shot and a coffee? Or fresh squeezed orange juice and a shot? TIA for answers.
  9. Have you tried either, or did you make up your mind in advance? Just wondering. Not looking to start an argument.
  10. Love, love, love the Central Park balconies! Have sailed them on all four Oasis class ships.
  11. What ship, what date? Our March cruise on Symphony has come down a little on Deluxe Beverage pkg, but is still $57.
  12. Thanks Coralc! I intend to enjoy every minute!
  13. I’m guessing that all four of the Oasis class ships are changing to what my daughter and I experienced last month on Allure. There was early traditional dining in all three levels of the main dining room (decks 3, 4 & 5). On decks 4 & 5, second seating of traditional dining commenced at 8 pm. On deck 3, there was no second traditional dining—just MTD from 6:30 on. When we arrived onboard, we tried to get MTD at 5:30, as we had done on previous cruises. We were told that the earliest we could choose MTD was 6:30. This wouldn’t work well for us because we had scheduled all of our entertainment for the early shows (about 7 pm). We were told that the only two-top we could have at 5:30 was on deck 3, so we took it. Little did we know that MTD diners would start being seated before we were finished eating, and that there would be long lines of people waiting to get in when we left. It made for a rather chaotic experience. My son and son-in-law are treating my daughter and me to a March 2020 cruise on Symphony (to celebrate my 80th birthday). Guessing that this new dining arrangement may be happening on Symphony, our travel agent managed to secure traditional second seating at 8 pm (presumably on deck 4 or 5), and we reserved later shows for entertainment. The guys are coming from California, so their bodies will be better attuned to the later dinner and shows. (I’ll just need to sneak in an afternoon nap - LOL).
  14. When cruising on Oasis and Allure, we were able to view the main dining room menus for the entire week on the TV in our cabin. On Harmony, this information wasn’t available. We will be sailing on Symphony in March, and wondering if we will be able to check all week’s menus. That would help us figure out which evenings to eat in specialty restaurants with our 3-dinners package.
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