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  1. I was supposed to be celebrating my 80th birthday on Symphony in March 2020. Not a very nice birthday present. 😢
  2. Requested refund mid March. TA said she has called four times. First time they told her it had been processed on their end, and would be issued in 5-7 business days. Almost two months later with no refund.
  3. I think you are explaining it exactly right. That's why we opted for the 100% refund.
  4. If not for COVID-19, I would be waiting at the airport here in VA today, to board the flight to FL for an overnight in Miami before sailing on Symphony. This cruise was to be a celebration of my 80th birthday, along with my daughter, as guests of my son and son-in-law who live in San Francisco. DD and I have another cruise booked on Oasis sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale on Dec. 6th. We booked it many months ago, at a really good price. It seems to make perfect sense to add the guys to that cruise, to celebrate my 81st birthday. We have a Central Park balcony, and they want an Ocean view. There just happens to be one available, directly across the hall from ours. We had already requested a refund for the 3/21 cancellation, not wanting to risk having trouble using the FCCs, especially after I found out that we can't use FCCs for the new deposits. The new date and change of ship will cost less than if we had sailed tomorrow as scheduled. That helps to lessen the disappointment a little. Keeping my fingers crossed for smooth sailing in December.
  5. Excuse me for quoting myself. The schedule for December sailings on Oasis, has finally appeared. Pardon my lack of knowledge about FCCs. I understand that they can be used on cruise reservation. What about pre-paid gratuities? If our FCCs are more than enough to cover the new cruise, can any leftover be converted into OBC?
  6. Do you know if she will be coming back to Florida in November?
  7. I've never been in a situation where I received FCC. Does it have to be used on a NEW booking? I currently have two cruises booked (Dec. 2020 & Feb. 2021). They are supposed to be on the Oasis out of Ft. Lauderdale. However, there are no dates showing beyond April for Oasis. I thought she might be moving to Miami, since she could still embark on Sunday, and Symphony could still keep her Saturday schedule.
  8. I have heard this before, so I was holding off canceling our March 21st sailing for another four or five days, hoping to get a refund instead of the FCC. I emailed our travel agent to ask if that could happen. She answered that RCCL will only be offering FCCs -- no refunds -- and she went ahead and canceled our two cabins. I'm going to be seriously annoyed if she was wrong about no refunds. Even though we will probably rebook within the allotted time, it would be better to have the money gathering interest in our bank account instead of Royal Caribbean's.
  9. My son and his spouse surprised me last year, offering to treat my younger daughter and me to sailing with them on a seven day Caribbean cruise. DD and I have tickets to fly to FL in 9 days from VA. Son & spouse will fly in from California to meet us at the hotel the night before the cruise. We held a 4-way conference call last Friday, discussed what we considered at that time to be the best pros and cons, and decided to keep planning for the cruise. This cruise is supposed to celebrate my 80th birthday, which occurred this past November. Today, my older daughter and son-in-law, (who were previously okay with me not cancelling) are heavily pushing for cancellation. They say that I am taking an unnecessary risk by not postponing. They certainly have a point to their opinion, since I live with them, and my disabled SIL has a compromised immune system. I don't want to put the worry on their shoulders, and would be willing to self quarantine at my younger daughter's house after returning from the cruise, but I am stressing out about which decision is the "right" one. The main "con" is my age, and the fact that I have type II diabetes (though it is well-controlled). Those factors are also a "pro", because there's no guarantee that I will still be healthy and mobile enough for cruising in the months until we could arrange it again. Another "pro" for cruising now is the fact that we don't have travel insurance to cover the flights that we purchased months ago. I know that no one on this board can decide for me. Maybe I'm just trying to vent about my frustration. To receive FCC, we will have to cancel in a little less than a week. Hopefully we can make up our minds before this weekend is over. P.S. I just read the post above by HalfHand. Good points!
  10. Anyone know where to get a form to fill out and take to doctor? Just in case RCCL issues a similar requirement.
  11. In case you didn't understand about the "sheers", there are two sets of pull drapes/ curtains at the balcony door. One is probably as sheer as what you've suggested, and the other is heavier drapery fabric. Nobody can see through the heavier set when it is closed. And, if you don't have interior lights on at night, nobody can see clearly even if the sheers are open. My daughter and I have sailed about a dozen times in Central Park balconies, and we love them!
  12. So far I have sailed out of Miami only once. The best part for me was the relatively level embarkation onto the ship. I have sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale many times. The steep entrance ramps are difficult, but I really like Ft. Lauderdale, and the airport. Several times we have added a couple days vacation near the beach at the end of the cruise, to take advantage of lower air fares on Tuesday or Wednesday. Recently we have been able to fly direct on JetBlue from Richmond, VA, to FLL with smaller airports at both ends, as opposed to using one of the D.C. airports. And Jet Blue doesn't fly to Miami. If all goes well for the next ten days, we will be sailing from Miami on Symphony on the 21st, but we've chosen to fly JetBlue to and from FLL, and take uber or lyft to Miami. This is our first time trying this, so I will find out how well that will work. (This all depends on nothing catastrophic happening with RCCL or U.S. government regulations.)
  13. We are scheduled to sail from Miami on March 21st. My son and son-in-law live near San Francisco, so they are already practicing safe behavior because of the community spread in their area. My daughter and I will be flying from Virginia to join up with them on the 20th. We had a 4-way conference call an hour ago. After discussing all the pros and cons, we have all agreed to continue with our cruise plans -- unless something catastrophic happens in the next week.
  14. This past November I celebrated my 80th birthday. Prior to that, my son and his husband told me they wanted to celebrate this momentous birthday by taking me and my daughter on a Caribbean cruise. For five months we have been plotting and planning to sail on Symphony on March 21st. The guys are currently living with the reality of the quarantined ship in their area off the coast of California. My daughter and I will be flying from Virginia. Having read about RCCL's refund offers, we've all still decided to meet up in Miami on the 20th. I am probably more concerned about being on the plane than on the ship. I'll go ahead and pack, but won't relax until everything goes well on the Symphony for the two cruises ahead of ours. Then I will board, and proceed to be as safe as possible while enjoying this special cruise with my daughter, son and son-in-law.
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