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  1. I have been on both ships and for me, there is NO choice- The Breakaway is much nicer, bigger, has more dining options, more entertainment..our last night on her sister ship, the Getaway, we dined outside on the Waterfront having lobster & steak over looking the sea ..there is nothing like that on the Sky..The Waterfront, on deck 8. IMO, is the best public space idea on the 7 seas..we have done 40 cruises on NCL, RCI, Disney, HAL, Celebrity, Princess, & Carnival, ( I am a cruise agent ) and we LOVED the Breakaway & Getaway ships..been on the Sky 2x..small nice ship, but too cramped & not enough options for us...JHMO.. Big Al
  2. While on the Getaway, we enjoyed Spice H2O, BUT remember, there is NO SPICE H2O on the Encore...just a difference between between ships..
  3. Vibe Beach Club is now $209 for the week, or $99 a day, $129 for 2 day, $149 3 day, etc.. PP of course..my thing is that with no Spice H2O on the Encore, the pool area may be busier than normal, BUT now with NO kids, and only 60% capacity, it may be fine at the main pool.. Big Al
  4. We are going on the NCL Encore Nov. 14th ( first cruise after coming back from Alaska..) to the Eastern Caribbean...once again our Dominican Republic port of call ( Puerto Plata) had been cancelled for the 3rd time by a cruise line ( other 2 were Celebrity & Carnival..)..it has been replaced by Nassau, Bahamas..since we have been to Nassau EIGHTEEN times, we are going to just stay on the ship..I have tried in the past to get the Vibe Beach Club passes , but they always sold out, even when we were at the pier at 10 am..with 2 other sea days, and only 60% capacity on this cruise, we figure maybe this is our chance. Any tips on getting the passes? Thanks..T Minus only 37 days and counting!!! Big Al
  5. Thanks..I saw this too..looking for more...
  6. Does anybody know anything more about the new 175,000 ton new Sphere class ships coming in late 2023? Besides they are LNG powered? Length, width, etc.? Anybody know when they might start giving us some more info- maybe early 2022? Thanks.. Big Al
  7. How much is the day at this resort? Pool? Nice beach? Food? Thanks!! Big Al
  8. I just read on the RCI site that Diamond members get 4 drinks a day, not 5..5 is for Diamond Plus, which we will be soon..doesn't say about the 2 private islands, though...
  9. Hi All- I heard that now as a Diamond member you are allowed 5 drinks per day ANYTIME or ANYWHERE on the ship..is this true? Before you had to get the drinks like up to 8 pm and only certain bars honored them..also: do the 5 drinks a day include Coco Cay and Labadee? Is this information found on the RCI website? Thanks! Big Al
  10. Thanks for the update! I am keeping track of cases as much as possible..we are going on the NCL Encore Nov. 14th...enjoy your cruise! Can't wait to go again... Big Al
  11. 2 Questions: Sorry if this has been posted, but is there an Observation Lounge on deck 15 like on the Bliss, Encore, etc? That's my favorite public space on the newer NCL ships...also, I assume the The Waterfront now has a new name & concept? Thanks!! Big Al
  12. I find it very interesting that the NCL Gem went on her first cruise 2 weeks ago and reported NO COVID19 cases...then last week, the CDC changed their status from Green to Orange..does anybody know if there were any COVID cases reported on the crew or the passengers?
  13. Thanks ggTexasGal!!! Really looking forward to this now!! And yes, I saw this map before...
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