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  1. Many thanks to you all for the helpful replies
  2. Does anyone know if the Seabourn Club "bag of laundry" includes ironing/starching dress shirts for example or is just basic washing and drying?
  3. Thank you Galeforce9 for all the information. Keep it coming!! My wife and I join you on Odyssey in Rome on Saturday and we would be interested to see the "Complementary Wine List" if you have managed to obtain one. It seems to vary by ship and sailing location. We are unlikely to board before 14.30/15.00 so we are also interested if any food will be available then or even room service as sometimes it is not available on embarkation day. I think you ate in the Patio but I guess you boarded much earlier. I notice from another contributor that the MDR is closed on port days?? Has this been the case on your cruise so far? Does it make the Colonade a bit frenetic? Looking forward to Saturday.
  4. Many thanks for the additional replies. I wasn't aware that the wine would be replenished as the brochure reads as though that is limited to two bottles also. This could influence which wine package I choose - I do like wine with my dinner so I will have a package to cover that at least. I wonder if the generosity in providing additional bottles varies by which suite/ butler you have? Has anyone else had such favourable supplies of wine and beer? I prefer one of the "ales" so I will ask the butler to exchange this for the Heineken if possible.
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