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  1. Do they sell fresh fruit smoothies /protein smoothies /fresh natural juices on this ship?
  2. This would be out of Charleston which may be more succeptable to rocky seas, but not positive.
  3. Thoughts on 4 night cruise only 1 stop? Too much time at sea?? I like to hit land in case of a rocky boat. Is this a silly worry?
  4. If so, I was wondering if someone could ask if they allow people to use stairs while disembarking? I have heard that if you have luggage they insist you take the elevator. (Chlosterphobic)
  5. Thanks for asking!!! I keep trying to figure out if this boat will be a lot rockier than others.
  6. I am sad that it doesn’t have the Alchemy bar :( But can anyone share some fun or great things about the Elation? Some things to look forward to!?
  7. Is it worth it to go on Ectasy just for the Alchemy bar?
  8. Is there already a post on this on this specific comparison? If not, which one and why? Ectasy from Charleston 4 nights only stopping in Nassau (3 hrs away) Elation from Jax 4 nights stopping in Nassau and Freeport (5 1/2 hours away)
  9. Good to know! My daughter is 2. This would be our first trip away. Excited but a little nervous too!
  10. What is the consensus on sailing to Bahamas early November? (Nov 1) I realize this is in the midst of hurricane season, but is this generally considered outside of the peak time of hurricanes? I know I could look this up, but I’m after personal experience. We are driving, not flying, FYI. Thanks!!
  11. I just can’t get a straight answer from carnival whether there is a big risk of this.
  12. What are the chances that my husband and I get bumped from our room? We are only 2 people in a 3 person room. Cruise is in November.
  13. Is there any reason this extra bed would be in our way? It would just be my husband and I in the room. Room E98 Elation.
  14. No rooms that I want seem to be available. (Mid ship balcony) Do they hold some of these rooms for upgrades or for other reasons? Might I see more rooms come open later? Cruise is in October.
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