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  1. Hi Lynn, in a Penthouse Spa suite and being on the stern of the ship, would you not get a better and more panoramic view which would include a bit of a port view, a bit of a starboard view and the whole beautiful view from behind? If it were me, I would not want to give this up for a solely a port side view.
  2. Falmouth Harbour Antigua is a MUCH better location for SB to dock (likely tender) in Antigua. It is a big yachting harbour with many super yachts etc. It is also right next to English Harbour which (IMO) is a far more interesting place than the capital St John's, which gets very busy if many larger ships are in port at the same time.
  3. Sarahjane, for the video of the Penthouse Spa suite, just go to YouTube and search for “Seabourn penthouse spa suite”. The Sojourn will not come up, but the Odyssey does. The suites should be identical. The video I saw was from a travel agent who does many online video ship tours. I am surprised your TA could not find this information as all it takes is a simple google search. We spend the Holidays in Nevis, and can see the ship when it’s in both Nevis and St Kitts, so we will raise a “cheers” to you all. Enjoy the cruise, Seabourn does a much better job than SS in the Caribbean (who does nothing special like Seabourns caviar in the surf, or the beach party).
  4. Haiti is not safe, on land or by visiting by sea. There is civil unrest with tourists (brave enough to visit) needing to be evacuated. The government is unstable (and corrupt) and the local people suffering terribly. Beautiful it may be, but safe it is not. I would travel to Cuba in a heart beat before ever risking my life in Haiti. Luckily, my country allows me the freedom of that choice, should I choose to make it,
  5. Hi, there are probably more 220 outlets than 110 which is what we were using. There is a 110 at the desk area in the living room, and another by the mirror directly across from the bed. But you had to unplug the clock to use it. I don’t recall what is by the bed but if there are any it would be 220 outlets.
  6. Thanks, I also forgot to mention that smoking was not allowed anywhere on the outside deck of La Terrazza. It was only outside of Panaroma that was entirely a smoking zone.
  7. Les, the airline was Air Canada. Their customer service is terrible. I am still waiting for refund of he fare difference, god only knows how they will calculate it. They offered small additional compensation and basically said not to contact them for anything else as it would not change. Our TA prearranged the visit is it to the Spirit and our name was on a list at the gangway. We just gave up our Wind key cards and they handed us a visitor pass to board the Spirit, so it was easy. I didn’t like leaving my key card because it had my name and passport number printed on it (is this unique to SS??). But it was securely held. Enjoy your cruise
  8. The Wind, taken from on-board the Spirit
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