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  1. Oceania is a premium cruise operator. Some aspects are luxury (smaller ships, filet of beef included with room service, no charges for room service, mini fridge no charge) others are not (cramped bathrooms in the older ships, have to hand your card for alcoholic beverages) I find the food to be good quality by and large, and I like the more “upscale” pax compliment. But you find tipsy pax on there as on any cruise line. I sail on Oceania when they have an itinerary that interests me, as the ships are smaller (R class is only 700 pax). And I don’t find I feel any more motion. entertainment however is Another story. While it is decent, it cannot touch a larger ship. They simply do t have the space to work with.
  2. I have stopped considering The Haven. I can (and have) sailed on Oceania for what NCL charges to sail in The Haven. The Havana cabins seem to be a better value. I will refrain from judgement until I actually sail in one though.
  3. so glad for this change!!! I hope that Carnival keeps the Havana area youngster free, and (now) totally private. I already booked one, and if this goes how I hope, I will book more.
  4. I was just on it and she looked totally fine, I have 35 cruises under my belt with multiple cruiselines including a near-luxury line, and we thought Sunrise was fine. The ship looked great, service was good, and the food was fine as well.
  5. this is valid, but adding 500 guests to these ships will likely offset the additional dry dock costs. That was where I was going. Destiny into Sunshine was likely deemed a success or why do the other 2. Triumph was dry docked into Sunrise and Victory is getting the treatment as well. If CCL was losing money and this was a loss making exercise I wouldn’t think they would be foolhardy enough to undertake this. granted, this is all hypothetical...
  6. this is also why Carnival has been densifying the Destiny class when refurbishing then into the Sunshine class. It helps them recoup the investment and turn a profit on the older, more midsize ships.
  7. I do not eat in the lido at all, so that might be why. I only eat in the MDR except on MSC, where I will eat in the buffet on occasion.
  8. that is amusing to me. I have sailed on the victory, and just disembarked the Sunrise today. I have experience on both these ships. I never had to stand, and haven’t found these ships crowded.
  9. booked on the Grandi for Feb 2020, so this goes to prove my point that we would book a Meraviglia class ship again. We liked the itinerary when we did it Feb 2019, so we wanted to do it again. We do like these ships, but we booked on a Musica class in May 2020 instead of Meraviglia for the same itinerary for a more intimate ship feel. This is one of those personal preference things.
  10. We have thought about it (and are all about more options)
  11. It isn’t just MSC for us, but usually has been for the last few years. Next month we are going on Carnival Sunrise, and this will be our 4th Carnival cruise. We have done 9 or 10 with NCL, 3 with Carnival, a bunch with MSC (think 8 or 9), and 2 each with Royal and Oceania. Degradation of service mixed with cutbacks at Holland America makes us realize as a 3 star there is no reason to stick with one particular cruise line. We haven’t been loyal to HAL since we had dreadful service on the Statendam. However we have been pretty loyal to MSC and so far that is likely to stay. At this point, we can get better service on Carnival than with HAL.
  12. We have since sailed Divina again, as well as Preziosa, Magnifica, Meraviglia, and Seaside twice, and have Poesia, Armonia, and Seaside (for a third go) booked. MSC has been getting most of our bookings recently.
  13. I would not even consider a BA+ ship
  14. I have run into this a couple times on Norwegian Breakaway when it was sailing out of NY. Some people would take over the bars on the waterfront and blast music like they owned the bars. It drove me nuts.
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