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  1. For the rational healthy person, there’s a valid fear of long lasting quarantine in a foreign country, not necessarily fear of death by Coronavirus. People don’t fear norovirus will kill them but if it was running unchecked onboard cruise ships, very few would sail. I can’t imagine the next sailing of the Jade going ahead as planned. If I was booked on the sailing I’d just be a no show and hope ncl canceled. The future of the cruise industry was at risk with Norovirus until the industry figured a way to contain the spread. In comparison, Coronavirus infection rates on the quarantined Diamond Princess are simply staggering. Coronavirus at this point will have a negative affect on the industry, no matter how many post, “nothing to see hear” responses.
  2. I assume you are speaking of your cabin category currently sold out and not the entire sailing. If there’s a higher cabin category for less $ and you are outside final payment the price adjustment/cabin category move is an easy phone call. After final payment you can call and ask for an upgrade. Our upcoming sailing is seeing major price reductions. Airfare has also been slashed making it one of the least expensive spring break options I’ve ever seen. We made our final payment pre Coronavirus. The 30% off “sale” is just a hold over booking gimmick pre Coronavirus.
  3. We really liked the tuk tuk tour in Kotor. We had only 4 people total in our group plus the guide. It sells out. We got lucky with a wait list filling at the last minute. congrats on Scavi tickets. The Vatican has some good reading material suggested prior to this the tour. I found it fascinating even before the tour starts to see all the coming and goings behind gates. re phone- we had a booking perk for 120 minutes of ship to shore phone calls. This wasn’t part of the internet package. We also had internet packages which we upgraded to unlimited. If u don’t have the Phone call perk it was expensive to use a stateroom phone to call the states. I think $5/minute. Ship to shore stateroom calls had good connection whereas ship internet WiFi calling was not too good in the evening when everyone was online.
  4. Ncl seems to have some issues with communication and sometimes you wonder who If anyone is running the PR department but for the record, they seem to have been ahead of things safety wise in the past. A few years ago things didn’t look good for Americans traveling in Turkey. Ncl and dcl were the first two lines to pull out. Ncl got some excellent replacement ports and port times. Some lines ended up floating around in the med with a bunch of sea days. I think Hal and ccl had to change Embarkation and debarkation ports last minute. Pretty big uproar. So it’s not always ncl. So sorry for all the hassles with your cruise cancellation.
  5. Btw we loved Kotor. Make sure you watch sail in. The ship will likely tender so a ship sponsored excursion is a good idea. We loved the tuk tuk tour. Saw a great deal, went to some beautiful hill top and seaside towns. Great guide. IMG_3565.MOV
  6. They’re smaller groups. So instead of a full size bus it’s a smaller bus. We recently did a 12 port sailing on the Jade med with all excursions through Ncl. I really didn’t mind the larger groups (Except the sick people on busses). Here’s a recent review of our excursions that includes Kotor.
  7. By omission it’s refundable. It doesn’t say they keep the daily pre paid tips, port fees, service charges. It just says the fare is 100% nonrefundable. Actually I think it says something about airfare add on too. Anyway it’s a good chunk of a refund in my case if we cancel during the 100% penalty phase. I paid for internet upgrades, prepaid some excursions, prepaid service fees.... I think port fees are only $144 pp but those come back to us too if we canceled. If I cancel at the last minute- as in don’t get on the ship, the fare, my flights and the cost of my insurance policy are my sunk costs. I’ll get back a few hundred pp in Dsc, port fees, prepaid free at sea perk service fees, pre paid internet upgrade pkg and excursions.
  8. If you don’t get a refund on the fare you’ll still get port fees, pre paid dsc, service fees on any dining or drink packages refunded. I’m also on the Joy - a couple weeks after you. We’re booked in a Haven suite and have a very good insurance plan. We are not covered if we cancel for Coronavirus fears. I’ve also got non refundable airfare. Im booked with a travel agent who assesses a cancel fee on top of the 100% penalty phase so idk if I’d be better just not showing up for embarkation should we decide to stay home. I’m leaving the decision till the very end. No sense in making a knee jerk decision for a fear that could be over reactionary nor digging feet in sand and proclaiming there is no basis for fear of sailing during a potential world health crisis. I’m going to listen to my educated and sane self and see what happens. If things go south and Coronavirus starts up on another ship, I’ll cancel, take my losses and be thankful I’m not stuck in a situation like the diamond princess passengers. Best of luck with your decisions.
  9. You’re in luck. There was No scent at all. I like my laundry with a Tide fresh scent. Ship laundry comes back clean and folded. No ironing was needed.
  10. If this flu got going here in the USA like it is in China, cruise vacations would likely be halted. Who knows what the future holds here in the USA but I’m not panicking about my upcoming sailing. Had I not already made final payment, I’d probably not be booking a cruise right now, but if I were sailing in a couple weeks, I’d be comfortable going and just making sure my family was practicing proper infection control. We sailed on the Jade 2 week Mediterranean late October/early November. I was simply amazed at the poor hygiene and infection control practices some of my cruise mates displayed. I know the flu vaccine isn’t a guarantee but we got our flu shots 2 weeks prior to flying out of Seattle. We didn’t get sick. We didn’t eat buffet, didn’t take elevators, washed hands with soap and water... Didn’t hear much coughing at first on the ship. A couple of sick passengers at the beginning of the sailing turned into a big ship full by the end of the sailing. A fellow passenger on one of my excursions was complaining about her horrible cough, fever, sore throat and headache. I asked her if she had a flu shot. She went on some anti vaccine rant. I asked her why she was on the bus instead of in her cabin. She was out and about because everyone else was sick and not staying in their staterooms so why should she? This is the mentality I saw. People spent good money. They were not going to hole up inside their staterooms. im more concerned right now about my flu shot immunity wearing off. I think they say about 16% decrease/month which can make for a nasty regular flu outbreak in the spring. If nothing else perhaps the, “I can do whatever I feel like when contagious,” mentality will no longer be tolerated on ships.
  11. I recently used RomeCabs. I did carry off. Walked off the ship, through a building where the luggage is and the RomeCabs driver was standing with a sign with our name. His car was parked right there, loaded luggage and off to airport- in your case it would be to Rome. We were in a suite so concierge walked us to the driver but could easily have done on our own. This was on the Jade.
  12. I went ahead and paid in full in advance for upcoming cruise but it’s only 3 ports and coming up pretty quickly. One thing I’ve noticed is Ncl typically raises the prices each season. Payment in full in advance locks in current prices. There’s some debate on honoring old prices onboard if u don’t pay in full beforehand. When I’ve reserved but not paid in advance I’ve had prices honored from date of booking but have read Other accounts varied success.
  13. On our last sailing October, 2019. Jade 14 night, no mugs. Was told they’re no longer giving them. Single use plastic used instead. They do sell the refillable mugs in the gift shop - just no longer part of the package. I saw a few people with the mugs and asked them about how they got them- they purchased at gift shop so it’s not like some sailings when running low and they’re only available at one bar or only on embarking...
  14. Idk about, “pro.” 😂. I was really torn on ship vs independent excursions this trip. Many of ncl’s excursions don’t have reviews. In hindsight I kinda had a hunch by reading the description that the excursions we didn’t like were not our style. Seems more folks are booking ship excursions. With various booking perks and discounts they are not necessarily the crazy prices they used to be.
  15. Also wanted to mention we did this trip with carryon only luggage. No checked bags. It was difficult packing for warm and cold weather but I managed. Had to ditch dress up clothing. It’s pretty freeing to vacation without big luggage. Ncl gave us free laundry for lattitude perk and we took full advantage. Didn’t need the bag special days. I think those were around $20/bag. Our Latitude Free laundry bags came back day after we turned in both times. I can’t say it came back with a tide fresh scent or anything but it is the job and I can’t complain.
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