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  1. Yes! I remember seeing them just didnt realize they had recipes on them. I'll definitely inquire. If the cruise happens, it will be on the Caribbean Princess which has my favorite Crooners location and configuration.
  2. I didn't realize those cards had recipes on them. My next cruise is "supposed" to be early June. If it happens, I'll have to see if I can get some!
  3. Love Chairman of the Board! I'm not sure if I've had the new version though.
  4. I called Princess this morning (I actually got through with NO wait!) to see if my June sailing had gone down. Nope. I booked under one sale (forget the name), did the BSE add-on, and it is still a better deal than "Princess Plus". So maybe it wasn't the best deal for you, but I would not say the BSE is not the BSE. In many cases it actually is!! PS I also looked at my other bookings and none of them are any lower than what I booked under BSE.
  5. As I've responded on the other many threads asking this, I will definitely book another cruise on Princess!
  6. yes, they will change your flights. Late Arrival Protection Rest easy that you'll make your cruise if flights are delayed or canceled and get home if you miss flights because of your cruise or transfer. https://www.princess.com/plan/ezair/
  7. Did you or your roommate book the insurance?
  8. This is one of several reasons why I NEVER eat at the buffet!
  9. I'll admit, I've also been looking for lower fares and have been surprised I haven't seen any reductions.
  10. I'm glad you mentioned this. I have always figured most everyone who ends up sick ate in the buffet (because of everyone touching the utensils). My number 1 rule of cruising is never to eat at the buffet (several reasons) so I thought I was mostly safe from getting it. I guess not! I'll be on the CB in June. She is my favorite ship! Hope you feel better soon!
  11. I used the term figuratively, not literally. That said, most passports (all US passports) now have chips in them that can literally be quickly scanned.
  12. Thank you. They definitely have made it much more difficult. And in that method, one still needs to select the "destination" first which means one must know the destination cruises it may show up in. For example, I tested out Bermuda. When I put in TA, it came up. But when I put in Asia (I know it isn't in Asia, it was for a test), it does not come up. So it still defeats the purpose a bit. But it is a tool. Thank you!
  13. NOTHING is 100% but that is a good method. And my reponse was to the post that stated people could lie about being in Asia, nothing about sitting next to someone on a plane, etc. There are always variables regardless if there is a current outbreak or not.
  14. A quick look at their passport will be apparent if they had been to Asia. Every time I've been, I've gotten a stamp or a visa.
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