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  1. Our favorites: Butter Chicken from the buffet Filet Mignon in Blu Sacher Torte for desert (MDR, buffet)
  2. I have just had a facetime call from one of the staff on Apex. they are all together since February - basically under quarantene. Even the local workers must stay on the ship, so there should be no issue with infection that requires social distancing. so, there you go!
  3. Alternatively people could be a bit more considerate and realize that they are not the centre of the universe.
  4. The most famous person whom I‘ve met was Jim_lain last year on the Edge 😌
  5. Yes, but that way the virus can be theoretically transported to the UK (almost unrestricted) and infect UK citizens who then travel to the US. That's why excepting the UK does not make any sense. That was my point.
  6. As said, restricting certain passport does not mean restricting travel paths of a virus. And all EU passports still can travel unrestricted to the UK - the only difference is that we have to show our passports when entering the country.
  7. it is a loophole because with a EU passport, you can travel to the UK without any issue and the virus does not stop with a UK passport. and let me add, that most of the EU countries have been fighting and still are the virus for quite some time - when at the same time in the US it has been downplayed or denied.
  8. Check the status regularly. in the past, a decision has been done within a couple of hours (keep in mind that we are on a weekend), could take up to 3 days.
  9. In addition to what has been previously said, it‘s convenient that the ships leave and arrive on the same day of week. Embarkations during the week ( which will happen on a 6day timetable) may not be booked so well because not convenient. Against using the ship on full speed speaks, that for most of the time, one or two engines are out of service for maintenance. You can‘t let ships run on high speed all the time.
  10. Captain Tasos is currently on Equinox and he‘s worth the money alone!
  11. We went on Edge at the beginning of November. We have been reading here a lot and honestly where not too excited and where prepared to see many modern chi chis which are annoying. during the 15 night TA, we learned to love the Edge and became to realize, that she‘s better compared to Solstice class ships in almost every aspect. We even loved the highly controversial IVs. 1 day after disembarkation, we went on Equinox and boy was that a reality check. Solstice Class ships are great, but once you have been on Edge you‘ll see that lot of things have changed in the last decade for the better. We still love Solstice class but having the choice, would pick Edge without hesitation.
  12. Date of Cruise: 1. November 2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 9248 Deck #: 9 Cabin Category: Cabin Location: Mid, short walk to the main elevators Bed Position: Near bath Balcony Type: Infinity Veranda Balcony/Window Size: Full window Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: None Balcony Overhang?: Magic Carpet Issues?: None Noise Issues?: None Wind Issues?: None Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Suite Details: Advantages/Problems/Comments: Dead silent, no vibrations Would You Book It Again?: absolutely Photos or Photo Links:
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