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  1. Exactly. My search showed only a couple of strings with suggestions and most were others telling the poster to do a search.
  2. Thank you! Very helpful.
  3. We have booked a Mediterranean cruise next year and are planning to have two nights in Barcelona before we board. I have found one hotel that I like, the Eurostar Grand Marina, but there are so many. I'm wondering where you have stayed that you liked and why. Or where you've stayed that you absolutely wouldn't recommend. Thank you for any information you can share.
  4. We are going to be staying about two nights, possibly three in Venice before a river cruise next year. I'm looking for hotel recommendations. So far, the one I've found on my own that I like the best is the Hotel Metropole. Some won't allow a check out on Saturday morning which is the day we board our river cruise. Where have you stayed that you liked and why?
  5. Thank you to everyone for your very valuable information. With your help, I've figured out how to check on other itineraries to see what excursions are offered. That's been very helpful. So far, there is not a roll call for this sailing but as others have mentioned, it's still pretty far out and while it's a big adventure for me, I'm sure many others have cruised on Oceania before and been to Europe before, so I can be patient. I'll be checking back if there are more comments - which are very welcome.
  6. Great discussion and information. Lots to research and think about. This will be my first trip to Europe. We will be on the Riviera from Venice to Barcelona on April 23, 2021. We're doing a river cruise before and a Princess cruise after. With Princess, we do a combination of private and ship tours but we are careful because of some of the problems that Pinot talked about. The chef tours sound pretty fantastic though. That could be a great choice for a port where we don't have anything else that appeals to us. Thank you all so much for the information. Happy to hear any further comments.
  7. We are taking our first trip on Oceania in 2021 but are veteran cruisers on other lines - Princess mostly. My question is - is there a place to see what excursions are offered for my itinerary and what the cost will be for those excursions? I've cruised around the web site but I've missed that if it's there. Also, any feedback on how people feel about the ship excursions would be appreciated - positive or negative. Are they crowded? Fairly small in size? Well run? Thanks for any information. We're really looking forward to trying this line out but are a little afraid we'll be so spoiled we'll never go back to Princess.
  8. Yes, we have the beverage perk now and that's great that we can upgrade my husband and I can just buy anything I want without the package. Thank you for all of this great information.
  9. Very helpful information, rallydave. Do you know if the drink package upgrade has to be purchased by both people in the cabin or can one purchase it? My husband would get more out of it than I would but if both have to purchase, I would definitely make it worth my while. 😉
  10. Can you remove the flight option and get a credit if you don't agree on flights and charges?
  11. This thread has been very helpful to me. I originally thought that the flights could not be unbundled. There is a carrier out of LA that we would like to take that is a discount carrier and probably not on their approved flight list and I figured I would have to pay for that separately (sort of double paying). If I can get a flight credit, and go first class on the other carrier, that's the best of all situations. One other question that came up from one of the posts - we chose the drink package, but someone mentioned that it's at lunch and dinner only. Is that true? And it's only alcohol - no coffee or tea? Or is espresso and tea included in your fare? How about bottled water? The OBC may be a better choice for us.
  12. Thank you for the information! This is really helpful.
  13. Thank you for the pictures and the information. Really helpful.
  14. But doesn't O Life include air no matter what? It seems like it's all part of one thing. Or are you saying that I should give up the O Life and go cruise only and use the savings to pay for the drink package I took as the amenity?
  15. Thank you for the information. I'll try to look up that information! I did book with a TA because this is a cruise line I've never booked with and I felt that I needed help in navigating the ins and outs. With that said, being a bit of a control freak, I love to do research into the ins and outs myself.
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