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  1. I have a flat bag that can hang around my neck, get tucked under my blouse and carry passport, some cash, a credit card and a few pills. Still leaves my hands free.
  2. We also once missed a muster drill. Probably about 10 years ago. Didn't hear the bells or announcement in our cabin. We were busy unpacking, etc and realized about 15 minutes after muster call that we had missed it. No one looked for us or called the cabin.
  3. You can read the Declaration of Coverage online at any time.
  4. Why do you have yo wait 35-40 minutes? We have done 12 cruises. We leave our cabin 10 minutes before muster, stand for the 15 minute demonstration and leave. We remember when you went on deck, stood under your life boat and had to watch while they demonstrated how the boat would be lowered and made you put on the life jacket, etc. Today's muster is a piece of cake!
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. So you have to stand for 10-15 minutes. If standing is a physical problem, talk to guest services; otherwise, simply endure.
  7. Can anyone tell me the names of the current First Officer, Hotel Manager, Head Chef and Head of Guest Services? I want to send invitations to our Meet and Greet next week. I already have the Captain and Cruise Director. Any thanks.
  8. I have organized four slot pulls. The only thing I do differently is to have each player/couple put the money in individually. I watch to be sure they put in correct amount. I do not give any change and I do not want to handle their money before the game begins. Also, I do first come, first served for order of playing. Happy gaming!
  9. I bring my own shampoo, only because I want special shampoo for grey/silver hair. As to the bottle, do people actually think that the last cruiser was unscrewing the top and pouring in... I don't know what? I am sure part of cleaning process is to check levels in bottles and wipe down the bottle and spout.
  10. We never eat at the buffet the first day, as it tends to be more crowded as people get to know the ship. We only do one of the formal nights, so we eat at the buffet, which is really great on the Royal class ships, on the other formal nights(s), so that we can dress down. Other than those caveats, we eat at the MDR or Alfredos or a specialty restaurant. Since every day on a ship is different (port days, excursions, sea days, various events), we tend to make our dining decisions based on what fits us best on that day.
  11. Faxed ours a few weeks ago for December 1 and it was added within a few hours!
  12. Wow! I have never been pestered. I just smile and move on.
  13. Congrats to your son, but how about a simple "No, thank you".
  14. About two years ago, I was on a flight with two service dogs in training. The dogs wore vests as did the trainers. They were in the first row of business class, which admittedly might not be the case for all traveling service dogs. They remained on the floor for the entire four hour flight, they never barked, whimpered or moved perceptively. One passenger asked if he could pet the dogs and the trainers vey politely explained that the dogs were working and that part of their job was to respond to the trainer only. I would travel with a trained service dog any time. The focus should ALWAYS be on the word 'trained'!
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