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  1. Thanks for the quick replies. We took the safe option, booked a hotel, and are flying out the following morning.
  2. We're due to sail on the Ruby Princess next month. When we booked our flights, we booked a return flight that had a 2 PM departure time. When reviewing our reservation this morning, I noticed that Delta, in its infinite wisdom, moved our departure time to 11:49AM. Our other choice would be a flight that departs a full 12 hours later at midnight, and since we will have our 1 1/2 year old granddaughter with us, our choices pretty much stink. How likely are we to make an 11:49 AM flight time ?
  3. Thank you for the help and information.
  4. We are scheduled to sail on the Ruby in June to Alaska. This is a cruise we booked a year ago. When we booked, we requested, and were confirmed for 5:30 early seating. The "confirmed" still shows on our reservation, but when looking at the next click, it shows we are "wait listed." The wait listed just showed up a couple weeks ago, or about the time Club Class was started. So after a year, unless the wait list clears, we will be denied our desired dining time, after booking a year and a half prior to the cruise. To add insult to injury, we are already paying a premium for sailing in June, and will not pay an additional premium to sail Club Class. Our son and family will be along, and he is a school teacher. He is not able to sail at the beginning or end of Alaska season.
  5. Thanks for the reply. That's about as definitive as it gets.
  6. Will be sailing on The Ruby Princess in a couple weeks. Does Princess offer EZ check for luggage at San Pedro to LAX ? Have searched thru the threads, and found some conflicting info on the subject. Thanks for responses.
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions. Yes, this is baby's first flight. We are planning to take a flight later in the day, so she hopefully sleeps thru some of it. I'll pass along the pediatrician suggestion.
  8. Interesting thread. We will be going to Alaska next June. Travelling with us will be our son, daughter-in-law, and grand daughter, who will be 18 months old when we sail. The only part of the trip that I'm concerned about is the 5 hour plane trip, each way. We'll take things along to keep her as entertained as possible during the flight. It's the take off and landing that concerns me. That does a number on my ears at my age. I've used ear plugs, which help quite a bit. We may need a set for the little one also.
  9. Very happy to read the feedback on the SeaTac hotels and light rail. This is what we have planned for next June. The light rail and SeaTac hotel prices are making it very reasonable to come out to Seattle 3 days ahead of our cruise. We have the Holiday Inn Express booked at a very good price, and the hotel gets good reviews, so we are looking forward to the trip. And thanks for the info on the "Interesting" areas that we will travel thru. I'm sure we'll be safe with the Transit Police watching over things.
  10. Just booked this cruise yesterday with the new Twice as Nice Sale. Good prices, and good on board credit. Now to start planning. It will be DW Cindy and I on this cruise, and hopefully a couple good friends coming along. We're newly retired. Its a good feeling to know that every day is a holiday, and Monday is just another day of the week.:D We've never been to L.A. before, so advice on shuttles, hotels, and the like will be much appreciated. So who else is going ?????
  11. Checked this morning for the cruise that we were watching. Some prices dropped, some did not. Within the balcony cabin category, a forward balcony dropped $100 per person. If I wanted a balcony cabin along the side, but in the "aft" area, it only dropped about $40 per person. If I wanted an aft facing cabin, the price did not drop at all. We had wanted in the aft area, but its not worth an extra $80 to us, so forward it is. And the $150 onboard credit helps ease some of the pain.
  12. Have sailed on both cruise lines. I would go with Princess. We're doing this itinerary in November, and we're really looking forward to it. All mass market cruise lines have cut back to a certain extent. The cutbacks are obvious on RCI to those of us that have sailed that line many times. Areas such as the main dining room, and cabin attendants are noticeably smaller, compared to 5 years ago.
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