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  1. The cases were found in respect of crew, after the ship left its home port. You gave to question how good the crew testing and quarantine have been as part of this ship’s restart. This is the bit that the cruise line have control over. If passengers had brought it onboard, or post excursion then I would have sympathy but at the point indicated it currently suggests that their crew embarkation procedures are not up to scratch.
  2. Never going to avoid... its how its dealt with. If dealt with well, this will be a positive for the cruise industry in showing it has changed. Thoughts with the infected people on board though.
  3. Certain browsers work better than others. Microsoft Edge is awful in showing the loyalty website. Google Chrome is better.
  4. In good times you do snagging on the run line with a new build house. You don’t cancel a cruise. In times like these you want it perfect on handover. Iona has been finished externally for best past of a year. In that time she has broadly been sat in one of two places. Ships are made to move - they don’t like sitting still., it causes extra maintenance.
  5. Most of the fleet will now have a brief dry dock before entering full speed service.
  6. It slipped. Further work was required which is being tested on current sea trials on way to/from Skagen anchorage. She is purposefully at Skagen anchorage and then has to go somewhere else. As the song goes, it could be Rotterdam or anywhere.....
  7. I’ve already had my money back. You should receive within 7 days of cancellation invoice.
  8. So Carnival sell them on a lease arrangement. You lease for ten years at X per year (equal to value of ship/10) and then at year 10 you get to buy ship for £1. If anything happens such as insolvency then ship returns to Carnival. The CMV entity which contracts for the ships leases/purchases did not go into admin. So all contracts remain as was.
  9. Either of these would make sense. Frankly, I could still see more going if there are buyers. It would create a need for new ships in 2025-2030 as capacity grows again
  10. In summary Costa Atlantica - sold to China JV, planned departure Costa Mediterranea - sold to China JV, early departure Pacific Aria - sold to CMV, early departure Pacific Dawn - sold to CMV, early departure Costa Victoria - sold for scrap MV Oceana - sold to SeaJets in Greece MS Maasdam - sold with MS Veendam to SeaJets company MS Veendam - sold with MS Maasdam to SeaJets company MS Amsterdam - sold with MS Rotterdam to Fred Olsen on credit MS Rotterdam - sold with MS Amsterdam to Fred Olsen on credit Carnival Fantasy - sold for recycling in Turkey Carnival Inspiration - sold for recycling in Turkey Costa neoRomantica - sold to Celestyal Cruises Carnival Fascination - sold for recycling in Turkey Carnival Imagination - sold for recycling in Turkey Sun Princess - sold to Peace Boat Sea Princess - leaving fleet tba
  11. Except at certain times Carnival have said the two going to the Chinese JV weren’t included in that number.
  12. I should have said in my first example, they will work through the balcony waitlist first for those who are willing to pay, before trying to flog upgrades, before offering them for free, in order to release spare lower grade cabins. Final hint. If you want a suite but would still go in a balcony and both are waitlisted - get put on both lists. They are processed separately. You could get a balcony room and still stay on the suite waitless. Getting upgraded again in this scenario is not unheard of.
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