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  1. It was mentioned somewhere else that Gary Barlow was seen being given a tour of the Iona ship hall by P&O execs before Christmas.
  2. Don’t hold your breath. An officer on Britannia mentioned that the focus group feedback to this had been disastrous. Apparently the Britannia dry dock had the option to prep the ship but it was decided not to based on the feedback.
  3. Given current associations, more chance of Claire Sweeny being Godmother.
  4. No doubt it will be the Ionafest headliner. I think at this stage people will just take that and get on with their lives. If the rumours re Meghan Sussex being the Godmother were true, I wonder if this weeks news has cast doubt on that.
  5. I’ve actually heard the opposite, that Iona will be the first LNG ship to fulfil her first planned passenger Cruise.
  6. Had a long chat with an officer on our last cruise re changes. Captains cocktail parties should still happen on cruises of more than 7 days and chefs parades on cruises 10 days and over. You may have been unlucky re flower and mints. Re: menus and captains logs, many people kept leaving them behind so they were printing them for the sake of it. If you ask they are still available.
  7. it’s in the booking terms and conditions that each passenger must have full travel insurance including for pre-existing conditions. Booking a holiday means I you’ve agreed to these terms. If the travel insurance did not cover his pre-existing conditions, which is likely as it didn’t pay out, then he had not met yet the conditions of his booking contract, his Booking would be invalid and P&O would be in their legal right to refuse his journey back to the UK.
  8. The doctor updates the captain at least daily. If the doctor feels someone needs to leave ship either in port or via medical evacuation/diversion then he informs captain who makes appropriate decision. Southampton co-ordinate arrangements. I can confirm this from experience as it was a close call as to whether evacuation by helicopter took place. No input from US. It may be different in US waters, my experience was in the Atlantic when we were off the coast of Spain.
  9. I actually declined a starter and the waiter offered the main menu, a copy of which the head waiter had just in case. That evening there must have been 8 dishes brought from the MDR.
  10. what costs? They don’t have a shop or distribution/banking network to fund. P&O are regularly in these countries and also offer exchange facilities for crew on board. We use this facility most cruises and have never found it to be worse than what the high street. Prices update overnight.
  11. Currency rates onboard change daily and are in line with high street rates. No charge or commission and no minimum quantity. The charge is put on your room account therefore charged as a purchase rather than currency charge avoiding credit card charges.
  12. If you don’t like the menu, speak quietly to the waiter, they will fetch something from the main dining room.
  13. It was that cruise. I remember seeing one of the cameras in place at dinner.
  14. We think it was filmed between Lisbon and Southampton on her 23 Sep cruise to the Canaries, pre refit. Epicurean was closed for two days so that may feature.
  15. Radio 2’s core market is 35-45 hence why Cox, Nelson etc were popular on Radio 1 15 to twenty years ago.
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