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  1. Amber List scrapped - start of October PCR tests scrapped for returnees if double jabbed - end of October. Lateral flow test in advance of return scrapped - start of October.
  2. Updated and “simplified” U.K. travel rules to be announced later today.
  3. @Bin man is correct, Iona only uses berth 46. Yes, just a ship rotation. Not unheard of on turnaround days. For whatever reason they need access to both sides of the ship on that day, so arrive do the necessary, turn around, complete necessary on other side, leave with passengers. Based on current timings, unlikely Britannia boarding will commence before 12.30 so likely to be held pre-security. That said, a 12pm arrival is not expected on ship much before 12.45 by the time Covid test, check-in and security is done.
  4. The airlines blame government advice but it was a complete misunderstanding of how the rules work. Under the Schengen Visa Waiver Program, a UK citizen can enter the Schengen area and stay for a maximum of 90 days in the following 180 (rolling basis). Therefore three months is required on a passport, each and every time they enter. To be clear, this has nothing to do with no-longer rolling over additional months but is Brexit related and was a government misunderstanding. Airlines denied boarding on the basis that six months was not left on passports however, without a specific visa, you can't stay that long so not necessary. Where airlines got it really wrong was that boarding was denied where people had return flights booked 7 or 14 days later. Unless there was suspicion that someone would not return, denying board was wrong as you only needed trip length + 3 months for most European countries. Separately, the change regarding roll-over validity came into place. This is because an increasing number of countries were not allowing any roll-over validity to be used and capping the passport validity at the international standard of 10 years. (Some countries could carry over 9 years and 9 months creating a passport of 19 years, 9 months which was seen as a security risk). Europe and the UK wanted to no longer allow visitors to use the extra time so had to change their own issuing rules.
  5. Correct. Its best part of 2 months before Britannia is due to arrive in Barbados for the first time this year. In that time, there is expected to be changes to the Passenger Locator Form and the UK government traffic light system. Likewise there is an expectation that some Caribbean islands will adopt different rules for cruise ships carrying vaccinated/pre-tested guests to the general visitors arriving by plane. It is very likely that P&O know what all of these changes are. As I've explained before, travel companies tend to get advance warning so they can put plans in place, but are not allowed to share the information ahead of the government announcement. Same is likely with Caribbean ports. If the information hasn't been released by 8 October (2 weeks before the transatlantic), then people should be concerned.
  6. As unlikely as it may be, not having 'reasonable provision' for such event is discrimination under UK law and not a fight that P&&O want to be having.
  7. I think there is but can't remember. Not every deck has isolation cabins. I really wouldn't worry about Feb 2023, things are expected to be back to normal by then.
  8. It is a Fred requirement to have this at check-in. The legal requirement is you must have the test number to include on the PLF in advance of clearing UK immigration. Swapping PCR test for LFT here should not make a difference. He would still have proven positive but have known within 30 minutes rather than waiting for the PCR test result. More concerning is that his fit to fly [home] test must have been negative suggesting he caught the virus in the final 3 days of his holiday or on his way home.
  9. Iona affected cabins appear to be cabins 94xx, 104xx, 124xx port side and cabins 126xx starboard. It makes sense that its the same zone on multiple decks. The Deck 126xx makes little sense unless it is to capture some accessible cabins within the isolation zone. Should note that some of these cabins have been in standard use previously - so I do wonder if they have had to change the isolation zones or expand them.
  10. The key words there social distancing, PPE and air ventilation. Please Please Please take personal responsibility for this - don't' rely on the coach companies. If you see a lack of social distancing or PPE with out passengers, please say something. If they were to test positive, these rules won't have been followed and you risk your holiday ending before it begins.
  11. Hi John, I really do get the issue here. I have asked people who have a better understanding of the specifics than me. As soon as I have something I will let you know. I would really hope that P&O aren't doing anything discriminatory - they should know better.
  12. Hi John, Not a piece of information I I have direct access to - the response I got when I asked was what I posted. I’ve asked some additional questions and hope to get you an answer.
  13. No sure it actually is deck D Zone 3 as I can still request cabins there. P&O have a horrible habit of cancelling those who booked last and then moving others. I hope this is not the case for John.
  14. Sorry John. Truly frustrating for you. May only be one side. Direct bookings are 14 days by law. You should check your contract with your TA. Not sure if they have 14 days to refund or if it’s 14 days once they receive. There are no easements in place.
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