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  1. And you always get the bad press out the way before the good talking stories.
  2. I have a concern that this is left and right hand of government not talking to each other. It was quite clearly stated last week that they were under careful consideration.
  3. I’m expecting an announcement this month and not in the final week of the month as that has Gala2’s name announcement as I understand it. Last I heard, it was still being decided whether to cancel June (I think likely). Also expect 30 day payment rule to be extended through end of Summer 2021. I believe the hold up is working out what of the small ship longer cruises are already not viable.
  4. But this won't be an acceptable Government policy. The Government cannot just say, 'you cant have the vaccine for medical reasons, therefore you are detained in the UK indefinitely'. There will need to be an exemption route which still allows travel. My gut feeling is that pressure will be put onto Saga to adopt the Vaccine Passport option rather than their own rules. This is the risk of announcing your rules so early.
  5. If the Vaccine Passport comes off and has wide acceptance in other countries, then I expect P&O to adopt this. Under 18s would be exempt so wouldn’t require one. Yes, this is mandatory vaccination to sail by another name, but it’s a U.K. government decision not a P&O one. I don’t know how they plan to deal with those who can’t have the vaccine.
  6. Andy is spot on. The IOW ferry crews were given special status due to the need to preserve the link for transport of vaccine, food etc to the island, and patients from the island. If I recall correctly, there is a Scottish Island where they have the same status.
  7. Turns out just unusual! 😉
  8. I believe it’s due to be the one before Christmas.
  9. Confirmations of: 1. February 2. March (bookings to end of March/Easter 2023)
  10. You need to remember that when the biggest naval ships pass through the port entrance, there is not (relatively) much clearance on either side. The pleasure craft don’t get that close when a ship is docked. Also worth noting that there is always a navy police boat active as the port is under the control of the Queens Harbourmaster rather than private control such as Southampton.
  11. A little more information. It is confirmed as berthing trials for 'mutual benefit'. It proves the port can handle the ship but equally gives P&O another option for the future - especially as berth 106 in Southampton is currently closed.
  12. There is no news that I can currently give you. I was expecting a restart announcement in week 2 of January which would have been focused around May . This was based on the Autumn lockdown having done its job and before the new variants had been discovered. Obviously, it was not appropriate to announce such a restart as it was likely that it would have to be scrapped. I think its now getting late to restart in late April and I expect that we will now get a further one month deferment. Obviously, moving the payment deadline to 30 days means that its not necessary to make
  13. I will say that my information about their financials is only what is broadly in the public domain. Carnival are a listed company so they are very careful about what is available.
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