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  1. Yes, Badlands is about as far as you can get from a cruise (literally, it's very close to the North American "pole of inaccessibility")! I even looked into getting married AGAIN at sea (vs a vow renewal), but will probably just do the vow renewal since it it much less expensive. OP, keeping my fingers crossed that things work out for your friends!
  2. From my research, the easiest way to get married *at sea* (as opposed to in port, which is easier) is to be on a Princess ship with a Bermuda registry. The marriage license is easy to get via mail from Bermuda, but not cheap (somewhere around $500 USD, although I may be a couple hundred off). Princess does have wedding packages that I think start around $2500, but if you just need 15 minutes of the captain's time, they may be able to work out something less expensive. Getting married at sea was one of my first choices, and I had it all planned 🙂 MIL doesn't like water, not even to look at, so Badlands National Park won out. I'm planning to do a vow renewal in two years on Pacific Princess, assuming she is in Alaska at the end of May.
  3. I'm on the Königsdam next week and got the Quench package - I'll try to remember to take a pic of the Freestyle machine that shows the "base" choices. I've noticed some machines have fewer base choices than others.
  4. I suspect HAL's website was designed with a "mobile first" mindset based on the user experience being decent on a phone or tablet but not-so-great on a regular screen. I was shopping among HAL, Princess, Azamara, and Oceania over the weekend. I like how the Princess site works the best.
  5. My husband and I are in our 30s and prefer Azamara. We are early birds, though, usually among the first off the ship and walking around in port until late afternoon, then back on the ship for an unrushed dinner. We're usually ready for bed by 10pm, so we can so it all again the next day.
  6. Thanks for the additional info. We are just a short flight of stairs above the Dutch Cafe and have the Quench package, so I will try to get some answers when we're on board in a couple weeks. My mom's cabin is much closer to the Crow's Nest, so we'll get a chance to enjoy both (strawberry tarts included!).
  7. I am confused by the apparent Dutch Café exclusion, as it is not specified in the description. @JanMcD, were you given any explanation?
  8. We are looking at the May 18 2020 sailing of the Maasdam (my husband is in nursing school and this is as early as we can go), so we will just miss you, unfortunately!
  9. @Crew News thank for the time, energy, and thoroughness that went into your review! I am on the Königsdam at the end of January, and the information you have shared will help us enjoy our vacation, especially around dining (I have a sensitive stomach and don't like to make a ton of special requests - seeing the menus ahead of time really helps make the right venue choices!). Wish we could go on your upcoming Alaska cruise and meet you in person, but I think that will be a 2020 trip for us!
  10. I've got a 3pm boarding time for my upcoming cruise on the Königsdam. Would I like to be able to board earlier? Sure. Is this the end of the world? No. Is it more important to me to have a clean room than a few more hours on the ship? Yes, definitely. My husband and I will probably eat lunch for less than $20 total, and while we won't be fancy, we'll wear clothes that are MDR acceptable. We may walk our bags on, though. I don't see much point in checking them if we can go straight to the room, anyway. What *would* be nice is if boarding times were communicated at time of booking. I may have chosen a room on a higher deck if I had known we could board the ship sooner.
  11. We will be picking up a car at FLL and dropping it off at the cruise port. With a scheduled boarding time of 3pm and luggage in tow, this made the most sense for us.
  12. Thank you for the advice and tips! For those have done the tour, were you able to see the brig and the morgue?
  13. Excellent, thank you! Sounds like it's not a standard tour that could be arranged beforehand, so it will be one of my first "to-do" items once I'm onboard.
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