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  1. Does anyone have experience with Premier Inn in London? The accessible rooms look good and the prices are quite reasonable. There are several located in the city, but I was looking at the Waterloo one. But others looked attractive as well. Paula
  2. I found the pictures and am pleased that I have the mini suite. It seems a bit more comfortable.
  3. In case anyone is looking to book a Panama Canal cruise, Princess just release their 2023 schedule which include r/t and ocean to ocean.
  4. Good morning, I’m the Op and want to thank everyone for keeping this thread alive. I’m a first time Princess cruiser. Several on RCI. We were able to book a Panama Canal cruise in February with an accessible mini suite just this morning. Does Princess allow you to transfer your booking to a TA? I do this with Royal. Thanks, Paula
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I just went ahead and booked the mini suite. I felt a bit panicked and knew that it would be very comfortable. Paula
  6. I require an accessible cabin for several reasons. Now if I didn’t, I would definitely have a mini suite for the extra space and layout. However they are typically priced quite a bit higher than a balcony. My question: is an accessible mini suite much different than an accessible balcony? The space difference doesn’t seem to be that much different when you get to the accessible level. This is for Princess Ruby. Paula
  7. The vaccine passport system reminds me of the TSA no-fly list. Full of holes.
  8. Any idea when the Princess 2023 Panama Canal itineraries will be released?
  9. We’re considering a 14 night FLL r/t Viking cruise to the Panama Canal embarking on 2/21/23. It looks as though it goes through the canal but doesn’t actually exit out the Pacific end. We want to experience sailing through as much of the canal as possible but don’t want a cruise longer than 2 weeks. My question: How much of the canal does this cruise experience? thanks
  10. We’re considering booking the Bluff Cove Lagoon excursion in Ft. Stanley through Celebrity Cruise line. I use a folding manual wheelchair and am able to walk a few steps with the help of my husband. Is this tour doable for me, knowing that I won’t be able to interact with the penguins like the other guests can. Also, is there room in the vehicle for my wheelchair? Paula
  11. Thanks for responding. We have business class seats. I ended up calling Celebrity and they need to assign the seats. Also, it will continue showing “pending” until we pay for the tickets, which will probably be at final payment.
  12. We booked our RT air to Buenos Aires last night with Celebrity air service. This morning I logged in with American Airlines to select seats but it states that the status is “ticket pending”. Is this something that I need Celebrity to work on?
  13. We’re putting too much faith in the medical community to give precise information so that we can make solid plans for the near future. A hiccup in the chain can wreak havoc with estimates. Look at how a weather event in Texas disrupted vaccine distribution around the country. A new, aggressive variant can upend all predictions. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Paula
  14. I like to use a wristlet in the dining room. It can hold the basic items including a sea pass card, tissues, lip balm and a phone and can easily slip next to me on the chair. I received a new one for Christmas. It’s a Kate Spade black half moon shape. I think I’ll get a more casual one for other venues. Paula
  15. We decided to go with the Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria. It isn’t in our desired location, but I know that it will be a comfortable place to stay for two nights before we head out on our cruise. I’ll be able to rest and enjoy the view from our balcony on arrival day so that I will be well rested for our tour of Rome the next day. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Paula
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