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  1. Before we got off the Mariner in Fremantle in mid-March, the Staff was serving the food in Coffee Corner and doing the coffee for us as well.
  2. 5pm eastern - yes, I got an email
  3. Is it to start at 4pm(it is now 4:14) or 5pm?
  4. One more "positive note": the European and Caribbean cruises on the Splendor all have lecturers. I see that as a good sign. I don't think they were there before. Terry Bishop is on several of the earlier ones . . . Peggy
  5. FYI: Based on the "old " schedule, the Mariner was due to go into dry dock - in Europe - at the end of the WC - early May. I clearly have no clue what changes are being discussed in the Office - if any are at all. Peggy
  6. And I think the ships need to sail to keep all the machinery functioning properly . . Peggy
  7. There is a Naval Vessel on fire in San Diego Harbor so it is unlikely that the Mariner will go there. Probably a welding error. Also, when I look at the tracking program, the ship seems to be headed north. Toward LA? Time will tell Peggy
  8. Looks that way - she's pointed toward shore/San Diego. Peggy
  9. The Mariner has sailed past LA . . . now where? Peggy
  10. The Mariner has sailed past LA . . . so where is she going? Peggy
  11. My feeling is that Regent takes too much of a chance, doing this. If something happened - some one gets sick - , they would be tying up the two ships for some period of time. I care, personally, since I'm supposed to sail on the Splendor in November and have friends due to board in October. Time will tell . . . Peggy
  12. Marc, Any fact or simply a guess re: Jacksonville? It seems highly unlikely to me. I have no information . . . Peggy
  13. Sheila, My preference is Regent too. I've been in a PH, not a PS but I'm sure you'll be fine - room size-wise. Anyway . . .enjoy! Peggy
  14. Sheila and Herb, I'm glad you booked a PH on the Serenity. The standard cabins are very small. The PH is very similar to the cabins on Regent. Enjoy your cruise! And stay safe and stay well. Peggy
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