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  1. As an update to my previous post of today, we have now been fully refunded for our cruise and the money is safely in our account! For those who are still waiting, please don't give up hope! As far as we are concerned, although the communication from the customer service department of our TA has been poor, our cruise concierge was as helpful as she could be. It was 109 days after our cruise was cancelled before we were refunded; 101 days before Oceania refunded the TA and 8 days (6 working days) before the TA repaid us. So who do we blame for the delay- Oceania! For those who can't find any rea
  2. Hi We have had some news to update in that we have been contacted by our Chorley TA to check financial details with a view to payment! Needless to say, we haven't received payment yet but it is promised for this week. I have not posted until we have some news because I have been upset by the unsympathetic attitude of some on this thread who presumably have been paid but think it's a good idea to lecture to other people who haven't about the error of their ways. Sharing the information we have been given, when Oceania say they've 'refunded' it just means that the paperwork has been passed
  3. P & O is part of the Carnival Corporation & is a British-American cruise operator based in Miami, Florida. It is not local to anyone in the UK if that was your point. They also own the Princess Line.
  4. I can only speak for our situation which is the opposite to the one you describe; the refund arrived at the TA last Monday over 100 days after Oceania cancelled the cruise, so the TA has had the money 6 days. They were supposed to be actioning payments on Friday which could take 3 days to hit our bank accounts. They have been slow and unhelpful and they may be delaying things OR it may just be too difficult to allocate all the payments in less than a week with minimum staff; either way we will find out on Monday. Oceania, on the other hand, didn't send us any details of the cruise being cancel
  5. We used a travel agent in the UK which is common practice here.
  6. Hi Janet and Piscean. We still haven't received our refund for our April 14th cruise cancelled by Oceania in March. It does seem unfair that the European customers are being treated very badly, I am wondering if they have taken a decision to protect their American customer base. We have been told that the money had reached our Chorley TA on Monday and it would be paid on Friday but no sign of it yet. Back on the phone to the accounts department on Monday I guess! We have held off with our credit card as we have another unrelated claim ongoing which is taking ages too and were hoping that we co
  7. Hi Piscean. We rang the TA on Monday and were told that the money from Oceania had just reached them that morning! We have been told that we are on the list for processing this week and that the payment should be authorised on this Friday's payment schedule. We are keeping our fingers crossed🤞. We are at 103 days since the cruise was cancelled although we were told that Oceania were taking the date as from 31st March and not 13th which was the actual date. It seems strange that cruises recently cancelled are getting paid back so quickly; a big difference in people's experiences.
  8. Also, I think that we are not always told the whole story. After emailing Oceania directly and waiting for 10 days for a response, we were told that the refund had been 'processed to your travel agent on the 8th of June'. This morning, exactly two weeks later we were told that the money had only been received by the travel agent today and that 'processed' was a misleading term. We are now 101 days since our cruise was cancelled by Oceania and they have been holding nearly $20,000 dollars of our money since October 2019.
  9. Two points; we have been 'bugging' our TA from day 1. Oceania SAY they have refunded our money but we haven't seen it yet. In our contract with them they state that if they cancel the cruise they will refund within 14 days but they haven't refunded within 90 days- they didn't even inform us that the cruise was cancelled. I don't consider they have done 'their part'. Reading these posts those people who are satisfied with the refund process are those who have now got their money back, mostly much more quickly than we have, but thanks for the empathy.
  10. Yes Oceania say they have refunded it but they apparently have just refunded it in a chunk and it is now up to the TA to decide who gets what. Having said that I don't think either Oceania or the TA come out of this well as neither of them have kept us up to date with what is happening; we weren't notified by either of them that the cruise was cancelled, let alone letting us know when they were processing our claim. Both of them are making the maximum use out of our money. I know that Covid has made it difficult for companies, but it has made it difficult for those of use who are self employed
  11. Whilst we are pleased that people are getting their money back, we would have expected that cruises cancelled by Oceania would be paid back before those cancelled by passengers and that cruises with an earlier leaving date would be refunded first. We are 98 days from a cruise which was cancelled by Oceania and should've left on April 14th. We are in the UK though and that seems to make a big difference. Our TA keeps promising us the money should be here soon but we are losing patience, we paid in full in October 2019 which means that they have had our money for 8 months +, earning interest fro
  12. Hi I have been told by Oceania that they refunded Six Star Cruises on 8th June. Our TA has confirmed that they have the money but apparently it comes in a lump sum with a spreadsheet and they have to work out who is owed what. I am not sure how long this will take but we haven't received anything yet!
  13. It is on Oceania's own terms and conditions for the UK which is not the same as ABTA which is an organisation which guarantees the money if the TA goes bust. We have contacted our TA, they contacted Oceania directly who told them that they would not consider paying their UK clients until 90 days from 31st March although the cruise was cancelled on 13th March. They said that after this time it could take more than 14 days to process claims leading to a refund period of 120 days +. Of course, our TA could have paid us and waited for a refund from Oceania as one UK TA has done; I presume our TA d
  14. No that wasn't my point. According to their own terms and conditions those who had their cruises cancelled by Oceania should have had their money returned within 14 days, whereas Oceania seem to be prioritising the return of deposits to customers who cancel the cruise themselves which ( according to the terms and conditions) might be expected to take longer. On our cruise, the cruisers from the US have all got their money back in stage payments whereas most passengers from other places such as UK and Australia have received nothing and are being told that they have to wait 120 days. I was wond
  15. So glad to hear that you've got your money back! It's good to hear of people being refunded but interesting to see Oceania's priorities; they seem to be making sure people's deposits are returned if they cancel, before attending to those of us who paid in full more than 8 months ago and who had our cruise cancelled by Oceania. We have been waiting 88 days and have been told it will be another month. We haven't even had our deposit back. Also all the folks who live in the USA seem to have been refunded first, possibly this may be a legal issue though it was my understanding that if Oceania canc
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