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  1. We got the old people’s flu shot this morning. Seems like we just got one. Last year we wanted to be sure we had the shot way before our December cruise. What a different world we live in now.😷
  2. Most of them are forgettable. There were a few good ones but they all seem to leave.
  3. New York and New Jersey are two surprisingly,different states😷
  4. It is sad. Now we have a long winter ahead. Keep the humor coming!
  5. When I start to miss cruising I think about coming home, unpacking, doing laundry etc. Don’t miss getting off the ship, finding the luggage and heading home to that.
  6. I was adding to How to tell you’re An Adult😳
  7. I would rather stay home than go through the trouble of masks etc. I guess that makes me old or just lazy😷
  8. This is the best review I have read! We were on Oasis and I felt like I was back. Although you guys seemed to fit in lots of activities plus naps!!!! Oasis is my favorite even though we have done Allure and Harmony, don’t know why but love it. You should Be a writer, you are that good or are you already an author?? Great couple, I am going back to read your other reviews, never been on Carnival. Thanks again
  9. A little lemon and seasoned salt, dip some Italian bread in the juice, so good. My mom used to make it for me all the time, miss her every day.
  10. We booked a junior suite last December so we would be D+ on our next cruise. Instead we got a Pandemic😷
  11. Thank you so much. I know it probably was a stupid question but I just wasn’t sure what to do!
  12. Thanks so much, I don’t want to screw it up🥴
  13. Diamond comes with some extras, lounge, 24hours internet, balcony discount. Diamond Plus has a few more like 48 hour internet, free bag laundry, free gift choice. Check the Crown and Anchor site for lists of level perks. Of course, we just turned D+ so who knows what it will be when we cruise again☹️
  14. Don’t think free wine comes with Platinum. Not now anyway
  15. We are just back from our second Atlantic City trip and all are still following the mask rule. Security was walking around checking. Hopefully, cruisers will wear the masks etc.
  16. We are renewing soon. I just looked at the application and have, I am sure, a stupid question. Page 2 asks for personal information and then has a section for your next trip. We have no nest trip and was wondering the correctway to answer page 2. Do they want eye and hair color etc.? Thanks for any help and keep in mind I am old now!
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