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  1. When you board. The best plan (to be sure you get on the list) is to go immediately to the Passenger Services desk to sign up.
  2. Lucky you!! We asked for the cheese basket on one of our recent cruises and were told, "no longer available". Guess it's like everything else, some ships do and some ships don't. (Welcome back, Renee 😘)
  3. We bought "thermal" mugs from the International Cafe. They had a metal body with a plastic liner and a lid. IIRC they cost $10 each. Not worth the expense (although we used OBC, so not out much). They didn't really keep anything warm for very long and after maybe a dozen washes the inner liner came out (had to be careful not to tip it too far or it would fall out). Go to Amazon or Walmart and buy something that will last longer.
  4. Since your internet isn't working, if no one gives you the # to call, the suggestion above to go to the library (or a friend's house) and look up your Personalizer there. Be sure to print all the OBC listed for "just in case". If you have a TA...call them. EDIT: I just clicked send and realized...if your internet doesn't work, how did you get on Cruise Critic?
  5. Afraid someone will fall in while walking and trying to watch the movie at the same time??🤣
  6. No stats, but on one cruise we had an interior and got an upsell to a balcony. Grabbed an aft balcony. And yes "grabbed" is the right word. The rep offered a mid-ship balcony. I asked if I could have the aft balcony which was showing as available and the answer was "yes". It was selling at that point for almost $10K. We'd paid less than $3K for our inside (17 day cruise on the Pacific) and the upsell cost around $300 pp.
  7. Freudian slip?? International Cafe has alternatives.
  8. OP: take the Ultimate Ship Tour and they'll show you how it's done. As stated the clothes (with some exceptions) have a tag attached (usually stuck on in an inconspicuous place that's guaranteed to irritate your skin if you can't find it). I wouldn't choose "dry" cleaning for shorts/shirts (exception maybe dress shirts), but we don't pack newer clothes for the ship. If it gets ruined, it's no great loss. We've been Elite for at least our last 8 cruises and never had any thing get ruined or shrink. I know from postings here that it does happen.
  9. Some of the craft classes are free. Did anyone replace Elua? Or are you without the ambassadors for the rest of the trip?
  10. I'm dying to know...what cruise is it? It's really interesting that the taxes are more than the cost of the cruise.😵 We booked a 3 day RT from San Pedro to Ensenada once that cost $99 pp. Don't recall the taxes, but I'm pretty sure they were less than the fare.
  11. That's terrible and you're right...whoever took your father's word rather that yours should be reprimanded or retrained. Hopefully, you'll go on another cruise SOON. Hey!! A great excuse to book another cruise. Silver lining in a dark cloud👼
  12. Not really the "loyalty" programs, but Princess has these benefits that Royal doesn't: 1) If you're a veteran, send a copy of your DD-214(same for active with a different form) to Princess and you get OBC (from $25 to $250 depending on the length of the cruise) and you only need to apply once. 2) Future Cruise Deposits cost $100 and are you're deposit on a future cruise and receive OBC depending on the cabin category AND it's fully refundable if you don't use it within 2 years. Pretty sure Royal doesn't give it back (use it or lose it). 3) If you own stock in Carnival, you receive OBC (the same amounts as for the military/veteran benefit) Yes, I know Royal has a stock program BUT 4) all OBC can be stacked. Meaning you don't have to choose which one you want to use. So, veteran OBC, shareholder OBC, travel agent OBC, Loyalty OBC, Future Cruise Deposit OBC, Princess sale OBC (and probably others)...all combine. We've had as much as $1100 in OBC on some of our cruises.
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