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  1. So unfair. Wonder what people would think if they got a suite upgrade without the suite perks???
  2. Keep in mind that the "no upgrade" request is just that...a request. If they want your cabin for some reason they can (and will) move you.
  3. As chrysalis posted: If you decide to book an inside, you choose any inside for the same price. If you decide to book a balcony, you can choose any balcony on the ship for the same price. If you want a Club Class mini, you'll need to book a CC mini...not much room for choice.
  4. Reminds me of the time I was working in a lab in Memphis, TN. I was the only woman in the lab. The guys were arranging a potluck that would feature "Rocky Mountain Oysters". I asked what they were and the guys told me to "ask your husband". Guess they were too embarrassed to explain it to me. I skipped the lunch. And no, you're not weird. I love language, too.
  5. One of our first cruises was a guarantee mini. Ended up with one of the minis at the aft of the ship (Caribbean, Diamond, Golden, Grand, Sapphire, Star). Originally intended as handicap, but didn't pass the test. Great location, enormous balcony, handicap bathroom with huge shower, no bath tub. I was so disappointed...I wanted a bath tub. Ended up delighted. One of the best cabins we've been in (never had a suite...yet). OP: to answer your question. If you're willing to gamble you could end up with a great cabin or even an upgrade. Or you can just be happy that you're on a cruise.
  6. Pescado Amarillo takes a "sleep sack". No need for sheets. I would guess it's like a big pillow case that she climbs into. She had washes it in the sink. https://www.amazon.com/travel-sheet-sleep-sack/s?k=travel+sheet+sleep+sack
  7. OMG!! That's what I get for typing without thinking. Yes. PLED.
  8. It may be a non-issue for you in the UK. I've read stories about visitors who needed hospital care and didn't receive a bill. Wish we had universal health care.
  9. Thanks for that link!! Booked a cruise for 2022, first cruised 2013. Apparently, that's close enough to the 10 years. When I went to the link it requested me to resend my DD214. I wondered why my veteran benefits weren't added to the 2022 cruise.
  10. their, they're, there...OUCH pleaded instead of plead...do you say bleeded instead of bled? passed, past Makes wanna be editors gnash their teeth.
  11. Some typos are roll on the floor funny...most just irritate me.
  12. One medallion unless you change cabins or there's some other difference from one cruise to the next cruise.
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