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  1. We don't/can't know if it's a cutback. The liquid stuff might actually cost more.
  2. Amazing. That's not the usual response.
  3. Yes, it is a pay area and yes, there are shady places to sit all over the ship...including the pools. Some ships even have a covered pool. The Sanctuary is adults only. Very peaceful. Choose a lounger when you book. Cost is: $20 for half day (AM or PM), $40 for all day and $30/day for the full cruise. Those prices are per person. The AM session includes breakfast type snacks with coffee, tea, etc. The PM session includes afternoon tea. There's also a lunch menu that's extra charge (I think, never done it). Some love it, some don't. I'm in the "don't" camp.
  4. Did you try Google. Someone posted pictures of the menu a couple of days ago, but I don't remember which thread it was on.
  5. How do you schedule your "evening activities" before you get on the ship and see what/when they occur?
  6. Yeah but...they say they're going to attend. Sharing info on the roll call is different from saying "I'll be there" and then not going. And I'd call it something else rather than "ignorance".
  7. Suite bkfst just renamed to Mimosa. Concierge lounge is for suite passengers only and it's only on the Royal class ships.
  8. Very good review. Sorry to hear that your grandparents had flight difficulties with EZAir. For next time...when you use EZAir you don't have to take the "assigned" flight date for the day of the cruise. Example: we're using EZAir in December LAX to FLL and since it's December (ice, snow, airport closures, etc.), we changed the date to 2 days before the cruise.
  9. We went to Wally World today and I noticed a medium size cardboardish carton of Lactaid with a screw on lid in the area with coffee, tea, creamer IIRC.
  10. Even better than breakfast...you can ask your steward for the MDR menus and order breakfast, lunch (when MDRs are open) or dinner from the MDR menus.
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