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  1. We've never paid for anything from the various menus (room service, etc.) We're Elite, so can get canapes for free on formal nights...tried them once...they're awful. Fruit/cheese plate?: go up to the buffet (and/or down to the International Cafe) and make your own. That way, you'll get what you want.
  2. Call Princess or TA (if using one).
  3. I totally agree. We had 4 coffee cards (2 unused) and the deadline for using them was before our next cruise. We gave them away. If they'd let us know before hand that we would get some kind of credit after the deadline we would have kept them.
  4. Another thought...if the mini accommodates 4 passengers, there will be a drop down bed from the ceiling. Might be more comfortable.
  5. yes. We have a cruise friend who has a suite as a solo. We're booked on the same cruise in an inside. She invited us to move to her suite. The TA has assured us we get the same price and benefits that our friend received when she booked. We're all going to share the cost, which is a great deal for her and even though we'll pay a little more than our original booking...we'll be in our first suite. Thanks, Renee
  6. Never been on the Sun, but minis have a tub/shower combo. The handicap cabins have a really big shower with no tub.
  7. There was a story about this on LA tv last night, but they made it sound like Super Shuttle was pulling out of LAX rather than closing shop. Wonder which is correct? EDIT: found the answer. The LA Times says "going out of business due to competition from Uber & Lyft".
  8. Hmmm. Maybe the rum is "made in China". Seems like everything else is made there.
  9. Used OBC many times in the casino. The T&Cs say "no", but it's never turned down.
  10. Easy to do. Click on the picture, it will turn dark blue. Backspace. It will be gone.
  11. How can an upsell result in losing OBC? That makes no sense. We've done several upsells and the only thing that changed was the amount of $$ in our wallet and the cabin #.
  12. Get "LastPass". It saves all your log ins for you. All you have to remember is the password for LastPass.
  13. Keep in mind, that (most likely) any cruise line that you change to will have the same verbiage/ability in their contract.
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