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  1. LOL And so true. We haven't cruised as much as Pescado and we still have enough bags for everyone in our small neighborhood.
  2. Thank you. Great explanation and definitely answered my question. Many places that at least one passenger could have picked up the virus. From there...let the spread begin.
  3. @FoghornLeghorn: I'm confused. It's been 23(?) days since anyone got off and then back on the ship. Is this correct? Yet positive tests were only recently reported? Is it possible the incubation period for Covid19 is longer than we've been told? Please clarify...how many days since anyone got off in a port and then back on AND when were the first positive tests in relation to the above. TIA
  4. Hugs and kisses to your security guys...more companies should do this.
  5. @allegrocontadino : keep trying to contact your agency...fax, phone, email, smoke signals. You never know how long a price drop will last.
  6. Oops!! Senior moment...I keep forgetting what year it is.
  7. Are you saying you're TA would charge you all the $$ up front UNLESS you booked 2 cruises? If that's correct, find another TA.
  8. We had one booked THIS May. At least, there's a chance you'll be able to take your cruise.
  9. Same thing happened to us. Finished a B2B 12/22/19 to 1/16/20 with $293.94 refundable OBC (according to our final folio). Got a check for $250 that was noted to be for the first leg. No check for the second leg. Sent an email so I wouldn't have to grow older on hold. Got a call from Peggy @ Princess that the rest of the OBC was non-refundable. I told her that's not what my folio said. She asked me to email a copy (which I did). Now I'm waiting. It's not much, but they said they owe it to me, so I want it.
  10. Good for you!! A great buy right now (as long as the cruise industry survives). We bought at $43. We've gotten our $$ back in dividends and OBC. Wish I had a crystal ball and could have foreseen this drop. I'd have sold while it was still in the 50s and bought back NOW.
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