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  1. It's up to you and your wallet. If you have a lot of OBC...wait till you're on the ship. No OBC, book before or after depending on your comfort level and budget. The only thing I book ahead of time is excursions, since I can pay for them with OBC before we board. We usually have a LOT of OBC...our next 2 cruises $1000+ each. Never done a suite, but AFAIK the thermal spa is one of the benefits.
  2. If you own Carnival Corp stock...nice OBC. If you live in a country where active military/veterans qualify for OBC...same OBC as the stock. Just send in proof of the required information (Cunard is one of the few Carnival Corp lines that offer this...Princess is the other one). Otherwise, what you're getting is a look at a completely different cruise product.
  3. Be quick to sign up. Capacity is limited to 12 (?). The fastest way to sign up is to go to Passenger Services as soon as you board. You can also call the DINE line or ask the head waiter at dinner. If the cruise is long enough AND there are enough passengers on the wait list for another dinner AND if the head chef and Maitre D' want to do it...they might offer a second seating. Also, be sure to bring a pair of closed toe shoes, no sandals allowed in the galley.
  4. Love those aft insides. Just be careful, only the last 3 are 2 person cabins, the rest in that section have the "headbanger" bunk beds. OUCH!!
  5. AFAIK...the only thing you can't use OBC for is to buy Future Cruise Deposits and cash tips.
  6. I've done it...sort of. We were moving to HI and had a cruise booked that went there. Took 3 suitcases stuffed full of household goods to take off the ship and leave at our "new" home. Turns out, you need permission from the Port Authority, not necessarily from Princess. Passenger Services contacted the PA, the PA met us at the gangplank and walked us off the ship. It would likely be a little more difficult when doing it in a foreign country (customs will surely be involved). OP: Start with Passenger Services and be ready with a fall back position if all the answers are "NO".
  7. Thank goodness!! My first thought was that they fixed something else that isn't broken.
  8. Yes, you can change to a different day/time. The suggestion to buy OBC and wait to book when on board is a good one for several reasons: 1) even if you know what the menus are NOW, there's no guarantee they'll be the same THEN. 2) booking pre-cruise limits you to the times you can book. If you wait 'til you're on the ship, you can choose exactly the day/time you want. 3) on the first night, ask the head waiter to see all the menus for that leg, then you can pick the day you want to do the Specialty restaurant.
  9. I know where mine is...it stayed on the ship.
  10. No idea what wine costs...they may not even have your preferred brand. Easy to get the wine you want, bring it with you. Each adult passenger can carry on ONE bottle of wine (750ml ?) each. That's 2 bottles, if you're a couple. You can also bring as many as you want past those 2 at $15 corkage each. PS: if you take your "free" bottle to the dining room, you'll be charged the corkage, so carry it in a glass. Bringing lots of your own wine can be problematic if you're flying, but there are workarounds, especially if your leaving from FLL. All this should be "carry on". If packed in a suitcase, the suitcase will be held for inspection and you'll be summoned to come and pick it up in what CC members call the "naughty room". Most alcoholic drinks (likely including your G&T) are 8-10 dollars plus 18% gratuity. You can also carry on or send with luggage as much water or soda as you want.
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