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  1. No to boarding with a Princess excursion. Appear at the MDR where tender tickets are given out. You'll either be told to go get in line with the tender that's currently loading OR given a priority tender ticket and go to a special waiting area until there's room It depends on how many Elites want to get off the ship when you do.
  2. DH thinks the coffee in the buffet tastes like Taster's Choice.
  3. OP: they're also capacity controlled, so even if your cruise had been included, once they hit capacity...that's all she wrote.
  4. 2 choices: wait until you get to the port and they'll give you a Medallion OR download what they want you to download, complete all the requirements, then leave you phone in the safe once you're on board.
  5. If you want a "big" balcony in that Mini...don't choose Royal. Almost all balconies are tiny compared to the other ships. On the Golden (never been on the Coral or Island): Caribe deck has the biggest balconies, but no Minis on that deck. There are some nice Minis aft on the Emerald deck. They're totally covered and they go FAST. The rest of the Minis are on Dolphin deck. Uncovered (if that's an issue for you) and the very last one has the largest balcony. It was designed for handicap but didn't pass muster for some reason. The bathroom is a HC bathroom (enormous shower), no tub.
  6. We didn't get a "can of coke". Our choice of drinks were served in a glass. And it didn't bother us that we weren't drinking. No one was looking at us and pointing. Bring on the FOOD.
  7. We didn't do the Connoisseur tour and the seats in our car were all forward facing, no table. BTW: the WC on the car was hold your breath disgusting. TMI?
  8. I love the robes (have 2). I don't know if they're the "waffle" robe, but they're very comfortable. I made them a lot more usable by buying 40" zippers, installed them and threw away the belt.😉
  9. Reduced price for no booze. I agree, a reduced price for no cookbook would be nice. We got the cookbook, I looked through it and gave it away. There was absolutely nothing that I wanted to spend time and $$ making. Way too off the chart. I'll eat it if someone else cooks it (like on a ship or in a restaurant) but I'm not gonna do it.
  10. I meant Platinum (silly me). Same with me...free works just fine.
  11. There's usually one Curtis Stone entree on the MDR menu...probably trying to drum up interest in Share. I've tried 2. The absolutely gross Pork Belly which is just a big chunk of FAT. One bite was all it took. The Chicken Pot Pie is pretty good, but it needs more veggies.
  12. THANK YOU!!! I use Chrome, too and it came up. It's now bookmarked. Hope it keeps working.🤞
  13. Haven't got the answer to that. I didn't use the internet on a ship until I got to Elite.
  14. I hope someone has a work around or that Princess will bring back the old page. The "new" one is horrible.
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