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  1. Please stop comparing the NCL Breakaway Nor'Eastern to the Anthem of the Seas debacles. The Anthem of the Seas ship began breaking apart twice. The NCL Breakaway experienced flooding, which usually doesn't happen during a Nor'Eastern. However, I have sailed in 40 foot swells twice during Nor'Easterns, so what the Breakaway experienced is not out of the ordinary for winters out of NYC. Also, the Breakaway would have been diverted to Canada if it had been in the Anthem of the Seas situation.
  2. The food on the newer ships (Breakaway, Escape, etc) is the best quality food. Overall, the food has been changing to be more in line with Frank Del Rio's tastes. In some ways it's better... much more variety in the main dining room. I don't like how the specialty restaurant food is changing. I think NCL is just catching it's swing from the way it used to do things.
  3. We have an uncle that travels with us often and is dairy free. Do have the dietary restriction added to your reservation. However, you'll have to tell your waiter at the first restaurant that you have a restriction. They will direct you to the waiter that deals with dietary restrictions. Depending on the ship, you may have to order meals ahead of time with this person each day. Or, they may meet you at the restaurants you attend. Never eat at the buffet unless you are 100% sure something is gluten/ dairy free. There is no particular way of knowing what is in buffet food. The ingredients change from day to day. You should be able to look at menus the day before and ask questions too. Gluten free and dairy free items often are one in the same at NCL. Or, they may have special items for you if the dietary restriction rep orders them. Don't assume that your waiter is aware of your allergy, let them know when you sit down. Remember, some waiters are very knowledgeable about food restrictions and some aren't. This is why using the dietary restriction rep is essential. Happy cruising.
  4. That's a no brainer. Do NCL's Haven on one of the newest ships. Enjoy. :D
  5. I usually plan my cruises a year to 18 months in advance. Let me know about your next cruise in 2018 or later (when that happens). You can email me at archlab2001@yahoo.com .
  6. There are cruise websites that allow you to fish through the history of cruise prices. :)
  7. Check out this thread: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2167025
  8. I think I remember you. My aunt was in last place and got the bottle of wine that you didn't drink. We finally opened it about a year ago.
  9. Pricing is cheaper if you buy ahead of time. Personally, I would go on a cruise where UBP is complimentary. https://www.ncl.com/terms/ultimate-beverage-package
  10. Yeah, that was a fun cruise. Met a lot of great people. I was still a newbie at cruising back then. I've been cruising a bit more since finishing grad school... platinum with NCL after my next cruise. :) Remind me of who you were, may'be in the photo.
  11. Kyle's a great guy... this post kinda worried me at first, glad to hear that he's ok. :)
  12. I would just call NCL and have them apply the certificate after booking. In the past NCL has had no issue with this. I'd be very surprised if this policy has changed.
  13. Surprised this thread exists. I'm Steve from Lake Forest CA congregation. If you're going on a cruise that my signature corresponds to let me know. I cruise NCL about twice a year and the signature updates on old posts. :)
  14. You guys are both technically right. The last I heard (and observed myself) NCL uses credits and debits. So, if you purchased 4 CruiseNext certificates and just that... you would have a balance of $500 (debit) on your account. You have no obligation to spend the $500 credit that was given to you, it instantly takes effect and cuts your bill from $1000 down to $500. NCL even allows you to cash out at the casino without actually playing. Exceptions to this are some onboard credits awarded before the cruise... it must be used or forfeit. Also, you cannot use onboard credit to pay for gratuities... which is why I pre-pay them. Happy Cruising Everyone :)
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