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  1. Strong pain medication did help me when I needed a root canal. Has to be stronger than aspirin or Aleve.
  2. I always bring pain medication just in case. I always remember boarding a coast to coast flight in the US when my tooth started hurting and continued to hurt for the 5 hours of the flight.
  3. Thank you so much everyone. I really know how to pack now!
  4. We are leaving on Mariner on Thursday, traveling to warm/hot temperatures. How cold is it aboard Mariner?
  5. How cold was it around the ship? We are leaving on the Mariner Thursday.
  6. Well said! I couldn't greet more!
  7. Any suggestion how much to tip tour guides and drivers?
  8. I found the app in the Apple store.
  9. I just received an e-mail from Regent about their new app. The app is supposed to allow guests to bring their smart phone and use earphones to be able to hear the tour guide while on an excursion. Anyone know about this? Does it work?
  10. I recently read an article that Regent was upgrading internet in all their ships by January 2020. We are leaving on a Mariner cruise on January 24, 2020. Has anyone witnessed improved internet?
  11. At what point do you select a Sky suite? I'm doing a pretend booking on Harmony, Grand Suite and I haven't seen the words Sky suite at all before being asked for names, etc.
  12. Are you saying you would only purchase one soda, one alcoholic drink, and one milkshake for the entire cruise? If so, it would not be worthwhile for you to pay the gratuities on a free beverage package.
  13. I am interested in suite perks for the Grand Suite. Thanks.
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