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  1. Your concierge should be able to get you in even if booked up
  2. Thank you so much for your review! My husband and I are going on a week long cruise on the Dawn out of Tampa in November. I was especially interested because we have a suite also! Dee Dee
  3. We just booked a cruise for next month. We are on a waitlist for early dining which doesn't seem likely since we are so close to cruising. Any chance of getting changed to early dining or mytime dining if we go to dining room after boarding?
  4. WhatsApp is used with WIFI - e-mail and text messages. Receivers need to have WhatsApp downloaded also.
  5. Enjoying your review. We're booked on a 7 day Caribbean cruise out of Tampa (where we live).
  6. Will we be able to text friends we are traveling with on Symphony without a charge? We couldn't on Navigator.
  7. It used to be simple to search for certain information. If I am in Royal Caribbeans's thread and I want to search for certain information (in this case postings about the Port of Miami) I used to just click on "search" and I had the option of selecting where I wanted to search (i.e. the forum I am reading posts in or???) Now when I select search, I am searching in the entire "community". How do I search in certain areas?
  8. Following your review. We're scheduled in a couple of weeks on Navigator. Anyone winning on the slots in the casino?
  9. I could not find a copy of the list of amenities on NCI's website.
  10. We were on the Breakaway in a Haven and were not provided sodas. We don't drink alcohol and in the past were able to trade in our wine for sodas. Not any more. We were told that it is not allowed anymore. We were also told that sodas were not provided. We had the lowest level Haven (no others were available when we booked). We had the fridge emptied immediately because everything in there has a charge connected to it.
  11. My husband and I just cruised on the Breakaway in a Haven. Remember that you will have a concierge and butler. We weren't thrilled with our butler but our concierge was wonderful. You can ask for what kind of afternoon canapes you want. We requested to not have any because we always eat early. Do your research to find out what you are entitled to in a Haven. We always ask that the frig be emptied. We know we are not going to buy anything from there. The tall bottle of water sitting on top is not free! We loved eating in the Haven but also the specialty restaurants. You probably have the dining package (?). The concierge can help with reservations. We booked very late and all restaurants were sold out but he got us in. We did not care for Rock of Ages but loved Burn the Floor. There was also an excellent comedian/magician one night in the theater that did not require reservations. Have a great time!
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