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  1. Cruises cancelled by the cruise line? The only ones I have heard of are those cancelled by the guest. The letter for those cancelled by the cruise line for the first cancellation period said by 4/13.
  2. Thanks for the review. We were on the cruise and had a great time. Ate at chops and Giovanni’s twice, and Izumi’s three times. Have to agree that chops was not up to normal standards. Izumi’s was great. But we all know that food is very subjective.
  3. My travel agent just sent me royals update. Canceling through 5/12.
  4. I booked a cruise Through my TA to replace my March 7th canceled cruise. I have yet to receive my FCC email but I was not required to make a deposit until May 31st.
  5. Not until the travel ban is lifted but these are crew members that contracts are expiring so they would be off at least 30 days anyway. If the ships don’t sail for at least another month I doubt the new contract would start until the travel ban is lift d anyway.
  6. You all canceled your cruises. Did anyone receive a FCC for a cruise royal canceled? i know they said by 4/13 but just curious.
  7. Thanks for the article. I was looking for this information to provide to those friends that don’t understand all the reasons for foreign flagged cruise ships.
  8. My email about FCCs said all FCCs for cruises canceled starting 3/6 should be received in a email by 4/13. That is April 13 so everyone chill.
  9. What if you use the fcc for an existing cruise reservation that is in 2021 or are you not able to use the fcc that way?
  10. Went through the booking process online for each cabin category online and totaled the number of cabins I found. There may actually be more unsold.
  11. On right now and things are great. We are also dong B2B so will be on next week too. I checked to see how many cabins are available for next week and there were still 255 cabins. Passengers and crew all seem normal, friendly and happy. Next week may be even better with less passengers onboard.
  12. The temp screening was to start today so you wouldn’t have had any temp screening for your cruises. my wife and I both got emails and text messages on our cell phones yesterday.
  13. The child was denied boarding. None of the rest of the party was denied boarding. Unfortunately with a minor someone has to stay behind but that doesn’t mean they were denied boarding.
  14. you Weren’t denied boarding and the insurance should cover you for an immediate family member becoming sick. why should royal pay? That is what the insurance is for. Travel with a minor and this is what could and has happened now and in the past.
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