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  1. Already made it through a major huricane.
  2. You are already into the penalty phase and would lose 25% for cancellation and at 75 days out you will lose 50%. as others have stated you need to discuss this with the travel agent to see if it can be done and what the penalty and possible price changes may be.
  3. Most ships now have the key chops menu lunch in the dining room and chops is open for lunch for a fee or for UDP.
  4. Why would any company honor a zero price level (free). hopefully if they don’t cruisers will not light up their Facebook and emails stating how terrible RC is.
  5. Terminal G you drop off luggage in front of the terminal and go to the parking garage.
  6. Do they add the 18% gratuity to the wine bottle purchase?
  7. Not to be heartless but why should there be a different decision. Compassion would be nice but lack of insurance wis the reason for the loss.
  8. Some ports in Europe? You do pay taxes on drinks out of Florida until you are in international waters.
  9. Is the 12% tax correct and is the gratuity still 18%. So a $13 drink will be $16.90? Is there a VAT tax when the ship is in port at Nassau?
  10. They will add 18% for the tip. Never heard of an added tax for the Bahamas.
  11. Marci: In the eyes of an insurance company they don’t have a loss if they got an FCC except maybe for airfare.
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