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  1. If you are quoting me I edited my post before your reply it was 52.50 and not 56.
  2. We are on board now. The D+ 30% off was $49/day plus 18%. They do use the $70/day this week to determine the 50% off the second package.
  3. There are regulations on the percentage of a wall that can have combustible paper for commercial buildings in the US but I don’t think there is one for cruise ships.
  4. Not sure but we will know when the Caribbean cruises come out which is hopefully within the next 2 weeks.
  5. I asked the question earlier but doesn’t Izumi still have hot rock cooking on exlplorer?
  6. The waiter never put the food on the hot rock for us on any of our cruises.
  7. South beach or at least a portion of it still exists and has some beach beds. It is adjacent to chill island. They were there for our September cruise.
  8. A little off subject but we had the package on a b2b2b2b on Mariner and ate at the Hibachi 6 times and were told 2 protein was included and weren’t charged. At the end of the night we also had sundaes at playmakers and were not charged. it seems that the interpretation is up to the hotel director.
  9. Does Izumi still have hot rock cooking on the Explorer of the Seas? -Tim-
  10. I have upgraded due to price drop after final payment where the upgrade price was less than I paid. No refund was made. Had this happen twice. this is the normal practice. I also asked about a refund. One with agent and one direct with rccl.
  11. They have invited a few cruisers on the 11/2 symphony cruise to attend as part of a focus group.
  12. If you are in a full suite you board with the suites. Expedited boarding pass doesn’t really help a full suite passenger at all. Expedited boarding is after suite boarding.
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