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  1. I've stayed away from posting on this thread since I have never been with Princess, but do have about 60 nights on the PG, which remains my favorite ship. So I read minabruuke's comments, of which I quote only one sentence, with interest. A great post. I will only add that if someone does an "all in" comparison of the PG with a mass-market line like Princess. more than one person has told me that the difference in cost is not nearly as great as you might think.
  2. Although I too have a fair number of days with Regent, with about 120 more booked, I've also tried Seabourn and Azamara and for the right itinerary would happily sail with them again. But my favorite remains the Paul Gauguin. Also tried Oceania, and never again. There are folks for whom the mega-ships and their huge variety of things to do (water slides, roller coasters, etc.) are a good match. I suspect that I'm not in that group, but have never actually sailed on one. The point is: what is important to you, and to what degree does a particular cruise check the boxes on your list? And everybody's list is different.
  3. If price is the main issue, I guess this makes sense. Personally I'm more in the camp with rl787 and value my continuing relationship with our TA. And, as I mentioned above, sometimes the relationship leads to lovely perks.
  4. Check-in time should be clear in your documents. A brief reminder: "turn around day" requires the ship staff to frog march the previous passengers off the ship, and then clean up the cabins etc. in preparation for the next guests. In addition, typically there is a lot of re-provisioning going on that day, which adds to the staff workload. So those wonderful folks are working really hard that day. So it is kind to not try to board earlier than the announced time.
  5. I don't have enough experience with Seabourn to comment. I have a lot of experience with Regent, and the rebate obviously depends on the price of the cruise. We're booked for a Regent World Cruise in 2021 with an amount from the TA far greater than for any other cruise we've done, but the cruise is also much more expensive than any other cruise we've done. And yes, after paying for this cruise we'll be far beyond bent, and much closer to broke. One other aside regarding my one 14-day Seabourn cruise, which I loved. We obviously have some history with our TA, and were traveling with good friends with a lot more experience with the same TA. The TA comped us a custom tour of Quebec City with a driver, knowledgeable guide, all in a lovely Mercedes mini-van for the four of us. As I and others have said, a good TA has many benefits and no downside for me. -- David
  6. Although this has been discussed repeatedly on this and other boards, it may be worth elaborating a bit for newcomers. A good TA will give back part of your fare as an on-board credit and/or a physical check. A TA who is knowledgeable about a particular line, Seabourn in this case, will know about any issues with specific cabins on particular ships. Such a TA will also have good contacts with the company, so will know about any special circumstances or deals before they are generally announced.
  7. A travel agent knowledgeable about Seabourn.
  8. We were lucky to spend a few days in Luxor as part of a Uniworld Nile river cruise: for me that whole trip was one of my peak experiences. We'll be in Safaga (Luxor) as part of a Mariner world cruise in April 2021 (unless something goes wrong) and are musing about spending the money on the Luxor excursion. So I will be especially looking forward to that part of your so-far excellent discussion of your cruise.
  9. Partially true, except that some TAs know the ship and can help advise you about cabin choices. And some TAs, often the same ones, have good connections with the company so can alert you about any special deals before they are generally announced.
  10. If she liked Seabourn, she will almost certainly like Regent. Seabourn does a few things a little better than Regent, and vice versa. But overall the experiences are comparable. I'm a Regent veteran (~160 nights and booked for a 4-month world cruise) and only two weeks on Seabourn, but would happily sail with Seabourn again.
  11. In Martinque there is a spectacular botanical garden: Jardin de Balata.
  12. Indeed, this topic has been discussed a lot. For perspective on what follows, I am a huge Regent fan with about 160 nights and a 120 night world cruise booked; I don't get along with Oceania at all. As always, your mileage may vary. In any case, when they can Regent prices some cruises way over the top compared to other luxury lines such as Seabourn. The last couple of Regent brochures I've gotten for Caribbean cruises show prices that are definitely in that category.
  13. For our non-Canadian friends, Canadian Thanksgiving this year is Monday October 14. I was in Ottawa last week, and the colours were coming along nicely, but not yet quite at their peak. In Toronto, there are still few signs of colour. I'm guessing Quebec City etc. will be just about at their best right about now.
  14. We did the Montreal round trip last year and it is a spectacular itinerary. The later date also increases the chances that the colours of the foliage will be particularly nice: that always depends on the year of course, but late August - early September is usually too early for that. Of course, the later date increases the chances that it will be cold.
  15. From Toronto, we usually stay overnight in Los Angeles on the way there. We also try to get to Papeete a couple of days before we embark, so we're mostly over the jet lag when we begin the cruise. Coming back, we usually just fly to LAX, change planes, and then on to Toronto: that way we get over the jet lag at home.
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