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  1. I was told by Jeff in the Casino Department (Arizona) to look for my FCC today. Yeah, not holding my breath. My 3/15 cruise was canceled by NCL, not me, so I'm expecting 150% on the full amount paid (myvegas offer).
  2. NO! And I’m super annoyed by it. I was sitting in a hotel in Miami 2 days out from my March 15 cruise on Pearl when the cruise was canceled. I emailed the casino dept specifically about my FCC. She told me I get 125%... wrong! Then went on to say the bonus cruise credit was $42?!?! I figured out she added my admin fee and cabin upgrade together and took 25% of that to come up with $42. Ugh... my bonus should be just over $350. Forgot to mention that I’ve been told I must rebook by April 3... looks at calendar...
  3. Ugh, I was booked on the same cruise, but have received NOTHING from NCL and I WANT a FCC.
  4. https://assistivesite.ncl.com Try this link from NCL's site. Then click explore and find a cruise
  5. I was hoping they would do the same thing.
  6. I put a note with a $5 bill on the bed asking that the beds be separated.
  7. When and where do I arrange cash or credit card for the friend? Is this done on ship or in advance online? I don't want to be responsible for the parent's credit card either.
  8. HI all, We are traveling with my son's friend this summer. We normally let our son have access to our credit card via the sea pass, and we monitor any charges. So, we do not wish for his friend to be able to charge to our card. Is there a way for him to charge to say his parent's credit card or just not at all? We are also hesitant to let our kid to have access to charging on the sea pass this time as we don't want our kid to tell his friend... "It's okay!" Teens! 😉
  9. Do you happen to know the time? Like noon to 1:30?
  10. I am looking through the long list of restaurants on Encore for our June cruise. I know American Diner is open for lunch. What other specialty dining restaurants are open for lunch... just Food Republic (maybe)?
  11. One of the reasons I suggested Yaya over the other restaurants/bars along the malecon is that Yaya does NOT place their chairs on top of one another. Everyone gets plenty of personal space. Yes, even with 3 ships in port. I couldn't say the same about Tropicante. Too close for comfort!
  12. It's always a gamble with the beaches in the western caribbean about how clean/clear the water is. Expect seaweed, be happy if there isn't any. I would suggest Yaya Beach over Maya Chan. Yaya Beach at least cleans up all the seaweed that lands on the beach.
  13. Waiting to board Meraviglia. Muster drill is at 5:00. Dinner at 5:15. So, how is that going to work?
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