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  1. Many negative reports came from people who have not yet sailed on Edge...basing their comments on what they have read on Cruise Critic. We did Edge the first week of December and LOVED it. Granted, we did a traditional balcony (aka Sunset Verandah). Up until the last few reviews before we sailed, I was also skeptical...but positive reviews started pouring in and I was good to go. It is a beautiful ship...enjoy!
  2. lola2013


    We didn't make any reservations in any of the 4 MDRs...either before sailing or once we were on the ship. We had no wait time any night. Not sure if it matters, but we usually like to eat dinner about 7:30pm. We did make a reservation for Rooftop Garden Grill pre-cruise.
  3. My friend and I stayed in a SV so I am not able to answer any questions regarding the suites (maybe someday!!!). We did book the Rooftop Garden Grill, which was most likely the best dinner we had all week. The weather, however, is unpredictable...it was beautiful and sunny on the day we went; but as we approached the restaurant for dinner about 7:30pm, the skies opened up for a ten-minute downpour. The guests that were already seated made a mad dash for the small covered space. We asked and were allowed to return 30 minutes later. By the time we got back, the tables and chairs were dry and we were able to enjoy our meal. Like Jim mentioned, the shields were inserted to help with wind, but nothing can be done about the rain. Enjoy!
  4. Good morning, So glad you're enjoying the SV. My friend and I also were in that cabin category on 12/1...and loved it! We were hooked on SVs after our Hawaii to Vancouver cruise on Solstice a few years ago. We don't mind the extra steps (justifies the gelato) and didn't notice any motion. I was a little skeptical about Edge...so much had been written about her...but it was a great trip from start to finish. Enjoy.
  5. Not sure if it matters, but we have done the Mediterranean at the beginning of June and also mid to end of October...both times were beautiful weather and smooth sailing. And yes, the SVs tend to fill up quickly. We usually book early so we get one of those cabins.
  6. We have sailed multiple times in a SV and have never had a problem with motion.
  7. We went to our cabin as soon as we boarded and our steward was servicing the cabin...that was a little after 11am, I believe. That's the new procedure...you can go to your cabin immediately to drop off your carry-on before going back out to explore the ship. Your seapass card is waiting for you in the "mailbox" outside the cabin. Introductions were made and we made our requests at that time. Yes, he was our steward throughout the cruise. Very accommodating...always smiling...even when he had to be called to our cabin when we locked ourselves out at 11pm (oops). He was off duty at that time, but still came to help us out. More questions? Ask away!!!
  8. Good morning, We were on Edge last month...no problem requesting two loungers from our cabin steward on embarkation day. They were delivered by the time we returned from our first tour around the ship! We also requested that he remove all the "extra" bedding from under the bed so we could store our luggage. We also had the minibar emptied, robes removed and the coral piece removed. He was very accommodating. Enjoy! Susan
  9. You're right...it does look deeper than the rest. Good catch. You will love Solstice.
  10. Looking at the deck plan, that's also in the middle...it's above Tuscan Grille, which is better than being under any public space. Not sure about bed placement if that's a concern. I'm just picky I guess! Winner!!!
  11. I was also solo on that trip...well worth it to have additional space!!! Not sure if it matters, but I prefer the bed by the balcony (rather than next to the closet), and that's what 8344 had...if that is not available, it will be every other with the same configuration.
  12. The middle SV balconies on Solstice are widest...I was in 8344 (decks 9 & above are concierge so stick with 8 if possible), which is wider than most. It has a steward closet between that and the room next to it so the balcony is wider than most. It was wonderful... I am booked in that same cabin on Equinox this summer. SVs are the best!!! There were two chairs and a table; my cabin steward was able to get me a footstool...didn't request a lounger. Enjoy.
  13. Agree with WestLakeGirl. On our first cruise on Equinox, we booked standard verandah and were upgraded to Concierge...woo hoo...or so we thought...same size cabin. At that time the only benefit was the appetizers that were (sometimes) delivered to our cabin late afternoon. This was before the embarkation lunch for concierge guests was initiated. I believe that some people think that one of the benefits are the additional Captain's Club points for Concierge, but we prefer the standard verandah (actually, we are big fans of the SVs) to save $$$.
  14. You will LOVE the Sunset Verandah. My friend and I had one on deck 9 on Edge last month. The view of the wake is outstanding; no problem with the extra steps to the back of the ship...helps work off the delicious meals. If you have half as good a time on Apex as we had on Edge, it will be fantastic! Enjoy.
  15. I vow each and every cruise not to pay the onboard price for a massage...…...but on last month's Edge cruise, I cancelled an already paid for shore excursion and found myself with enough OBC to treat myself. I paid $119 for 75 minutes, which was about $50 less than the price I saw pre-cruise. The attendant did an outstanding job and there was no attempt to sell any products. I did that on the last sea day, which was a great way to end a fabulous cruise.
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