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  1. We already have a roll call...plans already being made!
  2. We also booked the November, 2021 TA...for the same reason. We are hooked on aft-facing cabins. Unfortunately, turns out they are all guarantee rooms so not sure exactly where we will be. See you on board!!! Susan
  3. At the risk of hijacking this thread, I have a couple of related EZAir questions..... I am booked on the Enchanted Princess TA from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale in November, 2021. If use EZAir, am I able to select seats to make sure I have an aisle? Or do I get what they give me? Do I have my choice of days to fly (we will definitely want to arrive in Rome at least a couple of days pre-cruise)? Do they do non-stop flights? We just did the Med earlier this summer; and the best fare from ORD to Rome was through Dublin. I am all for saving some $$$, but I am a very bad flyer (aka "white knuckle") and the aisle saves my sanity! Thanks, Susan
  4. We have used Viator many times...most recently on our Italy/Greece cruise earlier this summer. They are reliable and offer a great product. You just have to be aware that if there is any type of delay and you are late getting back to the ship, it is your responsibility to get to the next port. Excursions booked through Princess are guaranteed to get you back in time...the ship will wait for passengers on their sponsored excursions. That said, we are very careful to book tours that will get us back with a minimum of 90 minutes before the time we're due back (which is usually 30 minutes before the ship sails.)
  5. Wow...now I'm hungry and have to wait 78 more days to get to Primante Brothers. I go for the sausage pizza! P.S. For $12 you can get the souvenir t-shirt 😋
  6. Hi Randi, My geography is poor on several levels...not sure where Hollywood is in relation to Ft. Lauderdale or how easy it is to get there. Our first stop every time we cruise out of FLL is Primante Brothers...right on A1A directly across from the beach and just a little south of Sunrise. They originated in Philadelphia so not sure if that's something you're familiar with. The pizza is delicious (remember you're talking to a girl from Chicago who loves her deep dish pizza.....)...it's a huge slice of thin crust pizza for about $3. We also usually stop there on embarkation day to have breakfast before we head to the port. Enjoy! Susan
  7. I work across the street from Woodfield...I am there WAY TOO MUCH!!!
  8. Hey Pier290 in Chicago (I'm in Schaumburg). Please let me know how you like Shooters. I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale after Thanksgiving and staying near the beach before boarding the Edge. I was at Shooters about 7-8 years ago...I believe it's more upscale now than it was then. Just curious how you'll like it. Randi...sorry to momentarily hijack the thread!
  9. I did read your creature comforts thread...was pretty sure people would laugh if I said I took my little stuffed parrot with me...he keeps me company in the cabin...he has a place of honor on my nightstand! Naples has changed so much...I used to spend two weeks with my parents each March. I always brought a list of my favorite restaurants with me...each year, the list got smaller & smaller & smaller as places closed. One of my favorites was The Dock down by Tin City. I'm obviously not a foodie...give me a great burger anyday! Now I have relatives on the east coast near Ft. Lauderdale.
  10. Your kids are adorable. I feel the same sadness when I leave my parrot behind!!! I am excited to read your review. I am booked on Equinox 9/4/2020 with the same itinerary that you are doing. I've sailed on Equinox twice before but next year will be as a solo, which I think will be a challenge. On a side note, my parents used to have a place in Naples...very close to the bridge that leads to Marco Island. That is just a little slice of Heaven!!! Enjoy, Susan
  11. WOO HOO...Bimmer and Carol's Excellent Adventure has begun. I had my calendar marked so I could join in. Now I have you guys on Silhouette along with another Chicagoan, Paul, currently doing a transpacific on Millennium. Guess where you'll find me for the next two weeks..... Susan
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