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  1. I usually bring a small battery-operated tealight. I find them at the dollar store...usually six in a package for $1. And that one should last the entire cruise.
  2. I guess the good news is I don't need to allow any extra space in my suitcase for Edge souvenirs that may come home with me.
  3. All the OBC in the world could not entice me to pay $90 for a t-shirt...……..
  4. Perhaps I don't look like I am in the market for add-ons; I have gotten many massages on many ships and have never been bothered with a hard sell.
  5. Thanks! I'm just waiting for the boss to leave so I can make the call 😉...the website took me to a site that didn't include treatments on Edge.
  6. Thanks...I'll be sure to leave time for that. Nothing like being pampered!
  7. I have been looking at the brochure that VTcruising sent...the treatment options look amazing! I've also been looking at some of the seaday options that Jim_Iain has posted. Ladies Pampering sounds great. But he's on a much longer sailing so not sure what will be available on our seven-day sailing.
  8. Thanks...I didn't spend this much time making the reservation!!!
  9. That's a name I recognize! Thanks again.
  10. Thanks....I'll try to track them down.
  11. Good morning... Can anyone who has sailed on Edge tell me which spa company they use? I booked two free consultations for my upcoming cruise on Edge only to find a schedule conflict. I spent last night and this morning trying to figure out how to cancel it. Celebrity told me to contact Canyon Ranch...providing me with two different phone numbers and an email address. Only a rep at the email address responded and that was to tell me that Edge is the only ship that Canyon Ranch doesn't work on. It's a little bizarre that Celebrity isn't aware that Canyon Ranch isn't on Edge! And that they can't give me current info. Even though it's a free service, I want to cancel so that the consultant can book another guest. Thanks in advance! Susan
  12. So many amazing photos, but my favorite so far is post #629...the little boy in blue with the giant smile on his face! That made my day! Susan
  13. My friend and I are also sailing on Edge 12/1. Check out our roll call...we are a fun group!!!
  14. Please fill us in on your SV experience when you return...I have seen some pictures but no reviews. We board 12/1....just 27 short days away!!! I am also reading Jim's review...he has great info and pictures.
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