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  1. The bus schedule says bus #6 goes to clearwater from St George. Would that be a good idea or a taxi from there to Clearwater? Thank you
  2. Great info thanks. Best way to get to Church bay? Leaving in 2 days.
  3. Thank you so much.
  4. Hi, This first time going to Bermuda and I've been reading here since we booked Escape this past Friday. Can someone tell me easiest way to and from Clearwater Beach? Confused as I read bus #6 does not drop off there anymore. Thank you.
  5. Looking for a beach not too far away to spend a few hrs before ship leaves. Doing Stingray City in the morning then being dropped back off at port around 1. So a beach not to far for swimming and relaxing. Thanks
  6. $24 round trip per person?
  7. We were there May 14th this year. No concessions. Yes chairs to rent, no umbrella rental. The woman renting chairs told us she was not allowed to sell bottled water either. We did not know this beforehand or would have brought our own. Amazing beach tho. Snorkeling was good its coming back from the storm damage.
  8. I always bring my own. Cruise towels are nice but way to heavy when wet to lug around after the beach.
  9. Hi there. I follow Pirates of SXM on facebook there is a post from Rob on March 26th with pictures of Pinel. As above poster mentioned it is doing well. Looks wonderful and cant wait to visit in 43 days.
  10. We always pre pay on any line we sail on. Like knowing most everything is paid before we leave. Hubby also always tips our steward cash on first day. Never had a problem not receiving anything we need. They work long hrs. so they deserve it.
  11. I cruised NCL last Jan and took a ziplock bag from each port no problem at all. Done it in the past on CCL.
  12. Beautiful pictures. Thank you. We are going middle of May. Am I correct to say no chair/umbrella rentals? Im going either way but want to plan what to bring with me. Thanks
  13. We ae in port from 7-3pm middle May, looking for a beach to relax. Narrowed it down to Dickenson or Long Bay. Just need a chair with a view. Prefer the chairs not on top of each other , but it really doesn't matter. Help me choose. Probably cant go wrong with either one. Thanks
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