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  1. There is going to be another drydock in 2020? Does anyone know the details? We are considering an Alaska cruise in July 2020. Thanks!!!
  2. The AEDs you see in public places are designed for literally anyone to use. The machine itself will give you step by step instructions, including something along the lines of “about to administer shock, please stand back.”
  3. We were booked on Adventure of the Seas in late October 2017 out of San Juan. We’ve been on a handful of ABC cruises during hurricane season and this was the only one that was a bit concerning. It was just after Irmaria and everything was devastated. Royal was waiting until the week of each cruise to make the decision to cancel or not. We had trip insurance but they couldn’t help us until our trip was cancelled. We ended up being the first cruise out of San Juan post hurricane. We had to change our flight to the day of the cruise Bc there were no hotels. Delta was awesome with that especially considering the airport/flight situation too. When we landed at SJU the place was packed with people taking shelter there. It was sad and scary. I felt like as a tourist I shouldn’t be there. But everything turned out fine and royal gave everyone free transfer to the pier. There were lots of delays and no AC or electric. It was very surreal. BUT the actual cruise was awesome and we are booked to cruise again this October.
  4. Is the rum bus mostly a younger/trendy crowd? Can’t find a lot about it online. But the videos kind of give me that impression....I really like that they have the private little cabanas out of the sun.
  5. Mitsugirly did you decide where you’re going? We are stopping in Antigua in oct on a celebrity Cruise (our first time with them!) and I’ve spent most of my day off looking at ALL the different beach bars.....I can’t deicde! First world problems lol. I always enjoy your reviews and have enjoyed many of the same places you liked in your reviews.
  6. Thanks for the info! I hate not planning ahead but we will be ok lol.
  7. We’re doing on an 11 night Caribbean cruise next year. The first two days and last two days are at sea. Will that determine which nights are formal nights? And change the menu order? This is our first celebrity cruise.
  8. We cruise during October to avoid the crowds! This will be our 3rd trip out of San Juan during the “low” season. The first was several years ago on Carnival valor. Literally every day was a port day. So I can’t really compare that particular trip. However last year it was crazy. We were one of the 1st cruises post hurricane that wasn’t cancelled. There were a TON of kids and the ship was packed. It was still a great cruise (this was on the Adventure) but there was a “special offer” for PR residents post hurricane and we assumed that was why the ship was so full....we leave on freedom oct 20th. Here’s to hoping it’s not overcrowded [emoji849] all that being said we still had a great time last year Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. We went on our last cruise and really enjoyed it. I think the “party pics” are for night time events. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Curacao is more spread out and is an easy drive (a bit of traffic in town but otherwise scenic) plus round abouts. We spend a land vacay there and HAD to have a car. Taxis there are very expensive. Aruba has a good bus system and taxis aren’t quite as much Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. We leave soon and are doing a DIY week prior to the cruise. I’m already bringing too much stuff so I’m hoping to get by with one “church” dress for formal night and tunics/leggings for the rest....worn with Birkenstocks probably [emoji15] I’m already taking running shoes, hiking shoes, fuzzy boots and birkenstocks.....so I’m not bringing dress shoes. But I feel uneasy about it lol Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Jey01

    In Alaska now /report

    Thanks for the info we are flying out a week from Friday! Was the cookie jar crowded? It’s on my “list” lol Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Jey01

    Ketchikan City Buses

    http://www.experienceketchikan.com/support-files/ketchikan_maps_downtown_2016.pdf A download of the above walking map Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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