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  1. Not entirely true. We are sailing Viking, which disembarks at the Old Town port, then uses this same port for their seasonal cruises using SJ to embark and disembark. Hopefully there is some resolution here soon for a whole lot of reasons
  2. We have sailed on Viking, and have eaten at Chefs Table where something was substituted for my shellfish allergy. Since we have sailed there are new menus. In looking at the available options, only two are initially offered without shellfish. DH loves shellfish so I do not want to choose just those two for that reason. If you were to choose your favorite menu knowing you would be substituting this in your meal, which ones would be your choice? I do know food is subjective. We are fine with spices. Thank you
  3. Not sure if you have made a decision. I will tell you that Levi from Bumpling offered us two choices for touring. One sounds much like the one you posted from Pepper that included Emerald Pool. What was pointed out between the two was driving time, with Emerald Pool being quite a bit further away and resulting in more drive time. Whether that is important or not is neither right nor wrong, but for me knowing that difference was part of our decision n
  4. Interesting. We have never had the opportunity to eat at Tamarind on our previous cruise, but we did enjoy Pinnacle Grill very much. I will look at that. Thank you
  5. We wanted a specific itinerary on a specific date in a great cabin for a special anniversary - plus the promotion was the closer on the decision! Now I just have that much longer to look forward to it 🙂. We are 10 months out so this is great Information to have!
  6. We do! And I will! Thank you. Recommendation on Niew Amsterdam would be the Steak house?
  7. Awesome. Thank you very much. The cruise is May 2020 but not availability at this time so I was wondering.
  8. I am curious if we will be able to book specialty restaurants online prior to our cruise? We have a special occasion so would like to make that happen if possible? If this is an option, how far in advance are we able to do this? Thank you
  9. How far in advance can you make online reservations please?
  10. Also good reviews on TripAdvisor
  11. Thank you for the DL information paul58. Appreciate it
  12. Thanks to both of you. I did not think to separate the two with TSA being included with Global Entry. There is a difference and it is important. We have Global and know it will be TSA in SJU when we are there at o’dark’thirty for our flight! Good to know it is generally easy at the airport at sunrise! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  13. Thanks for the tip. We haven’t flown out of SJU in a long time. Does Global Entry have a presence there, and help expedite the process? We will be checking bags, so not sure if 6:00 might be pushing it?
  14. Thanks for the tips! This does look to be a fun day. I like that you can go to a beach and hang out after - was there only the one beach option?
  15. If you already have an international drivers license, wouldn’t that be acceptable rather than paying for another? It sounds like a really fun day. How many buggies go out on the tour?
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