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  1. Thank you for these responses. It helps me, and I hope the OP as well with all these personal experiences.
  2. We are in an aft on NA on deck 5 in May. We are directly in the center rather than a wrap around. This will be our first aft cabin experience. Really glad to hear your experience Tom was so positive. I was a little concerned that without the breeze it may be too warm to really enjoy. Thank you for your post
  3. When in wine centric locals, we will pay the $18 corkage fee on wines we select and buy - before boarding and/or in ports. Wines offered by the glass on HAL under $15 are not impressive, at least to our liking. We would look at wine packages if we are not sailing in areas conducive to purchasing. We have the signature package on our upcoming itinerary, but we will supplement with corkage fees for brought on board wines.
  4. We sail 5/7. Still cannot make specialty dining reservations. The shore excursions were available months ago - but they mostly do not interest us.
  5. Wouldn’t how much you use it likely depend on the season you are sailing? For instance, the non-winter Mediterranean weather Would that not provide you a good possibility of using the aft balcony as it would in the Caribbean?
  6. Maybe spirits, but my reading shows not so much with wine? Am I incorrect? It seems that it depends on your preference of drinks.
  7. Thank you molemaui for your wine descriptions and feedback. You confirmed what I was afraid was true. Obtaining the upgrade pricing at $17.25/pppd also confirms my thinking that corkage fees are the way to go for us. Good Information to have ahead of time.
  8. Maybe take a look over on the Viking forum on another social website. There have been a number of really informative posts With pictures from a person named Trich. She just completed her cruise of this itinerary.
  9. Thank you crystalspin! I appreciate your quick response.
  10. What are the laundry rules in Europe please? No bags, only individual? thank you
  11. Denice and RuthC, thank you for your feedback and experiences. It is very helpful. It sounds like corkage fees are the way to go!
  12. We have an upcoming trip that included the SBP. In looking at the wines available (we enjoy wine more than liquor) the selection is not impressive. I haven’t done a deep dive on the different wines between the two packages, but a quick overview did not show many additional options? Am I missing something? If what I see is accurate, on a port intensive itinerary in wine centric parts of the world, would it not make more sense to pay corkage fees rather than upgrade the package?
  13. Thank you ☺️. Have a fantastic trip. Love traveling Europe in April/May
  14. I wasn’t sure whether to post such a small thing. I think that it was all the effort for such a small thing that made it significant to me. Viking has always been so personally responsive to me on multiple occasions, (even before Tellus was launched) about questions on our itineraries that it is seriously impressive. Tellus is a fantastic resource. We cannot say enough about our Viking River and Ocean Cruises and never hesitate to recommend them. Time to book again soon!
  15. This was truly a really small issue, so when I received the response from Viking that I did, it quite honestly took me by complete surprise! We were at a holiday event on a rainy day. I took my favorite umbrella - my blue compact indestructible Viking Rivers. I honestly take it everywhere. It holds up to rain and wind, and fits in my purse or small bag. It has travelled far with me. Well, it was picked up by someone, by mistake I am sure, and I was pretty bummed. I called the venue a couple times to see if it had been returned No luck. I then thought that maybe I could buy one so I sent a note to tellus explaining and asking if I could do so. I received a call from Viking’s Mickey in Customer Service telling me he was having a tough time locating one and that they are only available on the ships. I responded with sincere gratitude at the efforts for such a small thing. He said he would keep trying, and I assured him it wasn’t a big enough deal for that much effort. Well, on 12/31, low and behold, I received a package sent from Basel Switzerland. I opened it and there was a blue Viking umbrella inside. Apparently a crew member from a river ship actually took the time to do this for an unknown passenger in California! I was speechless! Who does that now days? Viking. Mickey at Viking. And an unknown crew member on a long ship far from where we live. I sincerely thank you.
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