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  1. Our trip is in October. I just checked MVJ and it provides the date June 20 when excursions will be available to be viewed. Viking has sailed this itinerary previously, so I think it would be really helpful to a lot of the passengers if they were posted earlier. I can understand with new itineraries the possible buttoning up of offerings taking longer.
  2. I asked, and just received an explanation from our TA that the pricing categories for different OBC/rebates are based on nights, not days. So while we booked a 15 day itinerary, this is only 14 nights, so therefore does not qualify for the highest category of reimbursements which I am being told is 15+ nights. Our OBC is showing up in MVJ now and can be applied towards excursions we may book. I do not understand why there would be a difference between early posting of the credit on MVJ vs once on board availability. Might be due to how the TA applies it? AZJohn, Viking is controlling what the TA can do financially. Their flexibility, under the revised rules, is extremely limited.
  3. Well, from these responses, it seems that the OBC may be at the discretion of the TA up to the max that Viking caps it. We have used this agent before and always been happy. Have referred several couples to her as well. We also always know what cruise, what cabin category, what flights, etc when we make the bookings.
  4. It’s not all clear cut, that is for sure. It was much nicer before Viking stepped in and controlled the agents Reward system. It could be directly tied to spend dollars, and the agents didn’t seem to mind either. Wondering if anyone else is seeing a variance in OBC on 15+ days itineraries that is not the $500 amount.
  5. Thank you. I just looked again at the invoice from my TA. Our OBC for 15 days was quite a bit less than this, so I am curious whether it has a spend ratio tied to it as well....now to decide whether to go back to her on this or not as we do not sail until October
  6. SUPER HELPFUL Aesop081! This really answers my questions. Thank you very much!
  7. These pictures are really helpful Aesop081. It looks as if the ‘cabanas’ on the beach have more than two loungers each? Is that by individual choice? We will be a party of four - but it looks like any more than two will not be in the shade? Also, the pool looks like loungers are full sun? Are there umbrellas available? We should get plenty of sun being on this trip, but the days of laying out in the sun all day are in the rear view mirror!
  8. On a 15 day, is the $500/pp applied regardless of the cost of that 15 day Itinerary? Meaning you could be spending any range of money for that 15 days and still receive the same OBC from your TA, or is there a sliding scale, so to speak, based on the price of the itinerary?
  9. Really glad to hear this Mr Beans. I appreciate it. I heard this type of response several times on the boards so we are really looking forward to it.
  10. You are welcome. This may not be the style of hotel you are looking for - more old world than modern for sure - but it at least gives you an idea. You might want to jump over to the ports section on CC and ask specific questions on the East Cpast departures board - there were really helpful people to me during my search.
  11. We are sailing out of NYC this October. We booked independently at The Michaelangelo. (I asked on CC ports of call for hotel recommendations as there are just so many, and this one was mentioned several times). We did not want to stay directly in Times Square, but within walking distance. It is rated 5*, and in March they had a good promotion, so we booked it for two nights. We did find that hotel prices in October were pretty high, but we aren’t paying close to $900/night.
  12. Thank you for that additional information Nebr.....Particularly confirming the food piece as we have a diabetic in our group of four. And I am glad that the hurricane did not take out the gardens. I have read such mixed reviews on this island. The positive ‘loved it’ reviews seem to come from those who took independent tours. Maybe that is my prejudice for DIY travel speaking! I did ask Levi if he is able to keep us ahead or behind the tour busses on some of these spots, and he said he’s pretty good at that! Works for me.
  13. In my research it sounded like the botanical gardens were really wiped out with the hurricane. Not sure how the recovery is at this point. Morne Bruce I believe is basically an overlook? I also looked at Pepper. He gets great reviews. We emailed a few times. My impression, and I could be wrong, is that his tours are a bit less active than Levi. Ultimately we didn’t want to miss the Gorge and really wanted to experience it. I also was advised that we should plan on bringing some food with us from the ship. It does t sound like there is much opportunity for that while on tour for the day. We will be there in October and would be happy to give feedback afterwards.
  14. We have been looking to book a catamaran in our trip in October. I read a recent good review of Aristocat and I have reached out to them, however the person who is most responsive is Dee from Adventure Charters BVI. While there are not as many reviews, both here and on TA they are all excellent reviews. Anyone have any experience with Adventure? My only concern is that (as they all do) required minimum is 10 people, and since we are the only ship in port that day, I don’t want to miss out on sailing.
  15. Really glad to hear that they have it cracked open. The heat and humidity in there with the roof closed can be stifling so maybe they have found a simple way to address this. gretschwhtfalcon- do use that infinity pool on your next cruise of the opportunity presents - it’s pretty darned nice! We were lucky to have several opportunities to, and plan to do so again in October if the weather cooperates!
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