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  1. That was something I was looking forward to. I guess better to be forewarned. Thank you for letting me know. So the kitchen where the classes were held is no longer and replaced by another venue?
  2. Are hands on cooking classes still offered? I enjoyed those on sea days.
  3. If a regular martini is $8.75, but you prefer a specific Vodka, does it make sense that the martini will be the additional $1.00 that is mentioned for a premium spirit upgrade on the cocktails? For instance, Grey Goose stand alone is listed at $8.50. Entry level pricing on vodka is $7.25. If I want a Grey Goose martini, is that price going to be $9.75? I am not sure you necessarily need to be a be a wine snob to be disappointed in the wine list for either beverage package. In looking at these lists, the wines added for the Elite are not much of a step up, and there really aren’t that many additional that are in the $11-$15 category. JMHO.
  4. Thank you for this great information. Decent pricing for cocktails and spirits and a nice selection. I looked at menus at four venues. And wow! What a pitiful selection of wines by the glass! I would say this goes for either the elite or regular package! I was thinking about upgrading to elite for nicer wines, but if this is what HAL is offering in May, It just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I thought Princess had a weak wine list by the glass, but HAL takes the prize for that. Maybe it’s just me, yes I enjoy nice wine, but many of these wines are fairly pitiful. A corkage fee may be okay from time to time on our longer voyage.
  5. Glad I could be helpful. It’s a fun itinerary. If you have any other questions feel free to ask - happy to discuss here or via email.
  6. You clear the day you disembark. We did not leave the ship until 9:00 because we were staying at a hotel. We have Global/TSA. I had checked with the couple we met on board how their experience went the morning of disembarking and catching the 7:15 flight so we could have an idea on how the airport was. She shared with me that it was easy, short lines at Global/TSA, and they had plenty of time using the Viking shuttle. I am pretty sure their group met at either 4:00 or 4:15 in the theatre. We also experienced a quick check in and security process two days later. We arrived at the airport at 5:45.
  7. We just did this itinerary. There was a note stating that the earliest departure from the ship was 4:30a as that was when customs would arrive. We met a couple with a 7:15 flight and I believe they had to meet at 4:00 or 4:15 for the shuttle. I did hear from them and their arrival was plenty early for the flight. We stayed over two nights in San Juan and took the 7:15 departure as well, but we didn’t have to leave that early as we had already cleared customs. Those who had later departures were allowed to hang out in a large room at the Sheraton across the street That Viking provided. Hope this helps
  8. The special wine tastings that were charging $30/pp we were told were wines from the SSBP. I do not believe they poured anything by the bottle only, but we did not participate in wine tastings because as Deec points out they were already included. None of these classes were advertised as included with SSBP on Viking Daily. We only knew because we were informed when we signed up. We called guest services to make sure before booking. The Martini tasting was fun! It was held in Torshavn during the afternoon. It did not include top shelf gin or vodka - we decided to check it out as something different to do. We tasted some fun martinis that were not common, and some not offered on the ship at the bars - more of a ‘experiment when you get home’ idea, so I wrote notes in my phone! 😂 We noticed there were a couple other spirits tastings. Not sure based on the Martini experience if these would be top shelf. We only noticed the classes on Sea Days (which we had four), but I am not certain of that. Yes, we also tasted at least one nice wine in Chefs Table that wasn’t on the by the glass list. We were able to procure at another venue a couple times when we asked. That was really nice. In any case, it is worth asking one of the head wine stewards when you get on board. Keep us posted how this rolls out on other itineraries!
  9. Interesting. I might not sign up prior to your cruise if you are on the fence and this is an important part of the decision. Ask when you board if they will be included. We did not sign up until the first day on board, and were told at that time that the tastings (except the one) would be part of the SSBP. We didn’t even think to ask, it was just shared in the explanation of the benefits of the package. That said, as I mentioned, other than the French tasting the wine tastings were of wines on the package, so why wouldn’t they be included? That only makes sense to me. The non-wine tastings may be the subject to the decision of ship staff piece mentioned above? It’s not really clear from this response. Thank you for asking and posting.
  10. Thank you for your service MadMarine🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 And to all military who have served, and are serving our country. Always grateful beyond words - with respect on Veterans Day and everyday. 🙏
  11. We booked Business Class a while ago via FlightEase RT SFO/VCE for May travel. We were assigned seats on all four legs which include UA first and then Lufthansa so I believe code share. I double checked with our TA that we are in fact assigned seats on all four legs and not just UA after i looked via our locater number. When i went this route, the Lufthansa flights did not show specific seats. She called both UA and Lufthansa and both airlines confirmed the specific seats. We are not scheduled to pay until February along with remainder of cruise. In reading this, do I need to have concern. Not trying to hijack this thread but it is a similar situation with UA flight initially and then Lufthansa code share - or is it as mentioned no set of rules here and different itineraries could have different outcomes?
  12. We have done both with and without. I am not sure how much itinerary impacts the included wines but I have to think that it very well could? I think sea days will also impact the thought process. I am not sure what will determine our choice on our next adventure, but it sure was enjoyable having it. 😁
  13. On our trip last month that ended in San Juan, Viking had reserved a large room for people to hang out at the Sheraton. We were staying over a couple nights and did not use this, however a couple we met and totally enjoyed spending time with on the cruise shared this information with me. She said it was nice to have that rather than hanging at the airport. I don’t have any other details nor do I know if this is now SOP.
  14. There were several different tastings - wine and liquor - that were included. If I remember correctly they were only on sea days. If they were on port days I did not see them. They were posted in the Viking Daily. The wine tastings were wines from the SSP, then there were bourbon, martini, and a couple others that you could attend. They were $30/pp without SSP. There was the one French Wines that were not part of the tastings.
  15. Is November 27th the 330 day mark for your return? If it is only for your departure, they will wait until your return hits that timeframe. We booked American AL using Viking. Not sure about UA.
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