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  1. Thank you cruisemom42. I really appreciate this. I seem to remember a couple years back pre-Covid -you offered up some suggestions to me on a trip that was ultimately cancelled - so thanks once again. I will look at this recommendation!
  2. We have had the opportunity to go to both. We had a driver for Pompeii. We took the local ferry both times to Capri. Whatever you may decide, maybe take a look at DIY to Capri via one of the oh so many daily ferries, or private guide to Pompei.
  3. What about hotels near a water taxi from the airport? We are four traveling so will share the cost - not thinking 5* but maybe 4*. I am not sure what middle of the road is but maybe that’s upper middle? This is for next May, and in my initial search I have to think that many are still blocked due to Covid.
  4. I read today that the day trip fee will fluctuate based on time of year. Peak season will be higher - I think it said $12.50pp per day down to as low as $3.50. It also said it will be implemented in the Summer, but did not give specific dates. Also mentioned were turnstiles that will keep track of numbers of visitors that will be capped daily. And to offthehook’s remarks, people staying in hotels will not be charged as it is part of their nightly rate.
  5. Not sure how it is where you live, but we are able to purchase N95 masks at multiple places such as pharmacies, Costco, Amazon, Home Depot, drug stores. Hoping that might help you.
  6. I sincerely thought that maybe that first post was just tongue and cheek. Pretty damned sad that it was serious IMHO. Just WOW.
  7. Right there with you about sparkles and glitter. Sincerely thinking that extra packing might not occur for us. Mostly I want to add my thank you as well. This has been extremely helpful to me. Can’t wait to sail Azamara for the first time in May!
  8. Saw this link on another board this morning and it gave us more optimism for next year - but super surprised that it’s happening this quickly! I sincerely hope Laurieb that this is the case for you and fellow travelers next month and forward!
  9. They have started booster shots for the same category here in the States as well. I know we will not hesitate to receive one. So much is changing so quickly that predicting anything in the next however long seems nearly impossible.
  10. From what I have read, this applies to unvaccinated people. It also gives each country the leeway to set their parameters, so it could vary what entry requirements are. I may be wrong, but It sounds as if vaccinated passengers on cruise lines, which most are requiring, may be okay. I also think this is going to be a moving target with change being the constant. EU vaccination rates, while they started out slower, are currently much higher than the U.S. I read on another board that Ireland will hit 90% next week, and several countries are at 80%. That for me is a relief when I consider traveling.
  11. Really important Information Riocca. Thank you for posting this. We never travel without insurance for a number of reasons. And that was before Covid. Not sure how it works in the UK, or other countries, but in the States a lot of insurance doesn’t follow us internationally, particularly for seniors. Comprehensive coverage requires booking it within 14-21 days of deposit. Some employee or private insurance will travel, but may not have medical evac and other other important elements. That type of insurance add on can often be done closer to the cruise date. I think required travel insurance my become the norm for the foreseeable future. Sure hoping this first Quest sailing is going smoothly. Looking forward to this and others upcoming stories as the ships start sailing.
  12. I should have been more succinct. I completely agree with this portion - the added tax for day trippers, etc. the sad part I was referring to was the need to initiate armed guards. That portion in the article was what caught my attention for my comment.
  13. Thank you for sharing. Hard to know how to feel after reading this. pretty sad IMHO.
  14. Good Morning Azulann. Our most recent sailings were on Viking as well. Do love their ships as well. Do not love their prepayment policy. It also seems as if their itineraries are just basically on repeat year over year. We are excited to try Azamara next May. More interesting ports and itineraries in our opinion. Hoping you find an option that works well for you. On another note it is good a good reminder to read about guaranteed stateroom results. Lots of good info on this board
  15. We have had it happen as well. More than once - trains, busses, ATC at the airports. Once we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere Countryside on a train between Italy & Sweden and they just decided to stop! We weren’t connecting to a timetable so it worked out when they decided to start moving again. Since we will be in Venice for a few nights prior, I am thinking a private transfer may be the best route if Trieste remains our port next May.
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