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  1. Hello, One of the highlights of a cruise ship for us is access to a steam room - a well maintained steam room. I am looking forward to hearing about your experience with the steam room(s) on the Insignia - pictures would be a bonus! Thank you
  2. Thank you everyone! Much appreciated for replying so quickly.
  3. Hi, Hoping to hear some advice on the selection of an Aquaclass stateroom on the Eclipse...I would like to have the bed near the verandah and access to the stairs to the spa. Does anyone have any pictures of the stateroom area near the spa stairs? I have the option of selecting stateroom 1527, 1523, 1519 or 1517 and would welcome any information or pictures. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you
  4. Hi, Has anyone taken this shore excursion with Celebrity? I am interested in reading about your experiences to help me decide if I will book this excursion. Thank you 🙂
  5. Hello, Does anyone know when Celebrity will release the itineraries for 2021 Transatlantic? I have searched and found other cruise line information but nothing for Celebrity. We are very interested in the Edge and Apex and wondering if they will be cruising east in April/May 2021. Thank you
  6. Hi, We are planning on taking this excursion and hoping to hear from those who have taken this excursion. We were wondering if there are any overnights away from the ship? The description of the excursion does not mention that an overnight stay is required but it does include it in the overnight experience category. We welcome any feedback about your experience. Thank you
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