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  1. Thanks for the info. I usually have a tough time with the $30/$40 they cost on board, but it’s what the wife wants. I would really have a tough time paying a couple hundred.
  2. We have been getting models of the ships we go on over the yrs. We are going on Holland for the first time in a couple weeks and we’re wondering if they have models of the ship in the gift shop and how decent do they look? I know they aren’t anything great in quality normally, but they are a nice souvenir.
  3. Our last cruise to Mexico, I don’t remember seeing ppl up there much. Port days there was no one when we walked around. If you get back to the ship early on the port days, you should be good.
  4. If it is just breakfast and you are eating in the Buffet, I say go in your PJ’s. I can’t imagine anyone caring except for the super uptight people.
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