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  1. Son and Daughter-in-law want to take a cruise, but will they be able to find insurance if one has Type 1 diabetes and is on dialysis? I told them they would need medical evacuation insurance as well as trip insurance. Do they need to tell the insurance company up front about the health issues upfront?
  2. We had been on 7 NCL cruises on the Breakaway class when we found a great deal for the RCL Anthem of the Seas. We both loved RCL! The drink package was great with specialty coffees, fresh juice and bottled water. We loved the Solarium for adults only. The ship never felt crowded and the choices of things to do made it so I know I need to go on the ship again so I can do the things I missed. Also there were two separate times that ship officers were walking around talking to passengers and we were able to talk to them about the differences between RCL and NCL. Both times we were thanked for our input. Never talked to a ship officer on any of our NCL cruises.
  3. Ship -Gem Deck -8 Stateroom # -8602 Stateroom Category –Obstructed Oceanview Starboard or Port Side -Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) –mostly the room was quiet. In the evening there was a beeping noise that I could not figure where it was coming from. I could hear the family next door talking if we did not have the TV on. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? -No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. –Only a window Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? -NA Was wind a problem? -NA If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? -NA Any specific problems with this cabin? -This was a handicapped room, but the door was not automatic and it was difficult to get the wheelchair into and out of the room. Any other comments? - It was an awesome location. Right by the aft elevator or a short walk down the hall way to O'Sheehan's. The hallway was never crowded and only once did I hear anyone in the hallway. Being so close to O'Sheehan's it was easy to get a drink to take back to the room. The window was blocked on the bottom half but I could still see the sunsets!
  4. I am cruising on the Gem in a few short weeks and realized after booking that there is no adult only area except for the spa. Can anyone tell me of a outside area that is better than others if I want to avoid tantruming children. I run a day care for a living so this is one week I want to avoid toddlers.
  5. Did three cruises in the Haven and could not imagine going in to a regular balcony, but after going to the balcony I found I do not need the Haven. In the Haven there was so much of the ship we never saw because we spent so much time in the Haven. Once we were out of the Haven we found places on the ship that we loved that we had never experienced before. The Haven is nice, but not worth the extra cost. The ships are huge and there is so much to see and do, but if you hang out mostly in the Haven you miss the rest of the ship.
  6. Ok how much more? The couple hundred I would lose if I canceled?
  7. I had been on 5 cruises with no one asking for my marriage certificate, but on the sixth cruise the woman told me I could not board without it. I always brought it just in case.
  8. So the price is the same for refundable as non refundable? I just assumed they would charge more.
  9. I feel like a newbie. How do you find refundable deposits? Every booking I try have non-refundable deposits.
  10. So if I book on the cruise and the price drops before final payment I can still call and get the price adjustment? That was another question I had. Having more rooms to chose from is another plus. So are you saying I can cancel and rebook at the Next Cruise office if the price is about the same? That would encourage me to book now.
  11. Sorry. I am sure this has been asked before, but I cannot figure out how to search these boards to find any information that I need. When sitting with a Next Cruise consultant and attempting to book your next cruise do they have the prices that we see online with the special deals or do they have their own prices? Also do you get to see more than just a few rooms or do you have more rooms to chose from? We already have a cruise for this November, but we have 2 more we would like to book in 2020. So I guess my real question is do they book you at a higher rate than what you can get the cruise for online your self, but throw in OBC so you think you are getting a deal?
  12. I hid 2 ducks a day on my cruise on the Anthem. It was fun looking for interesting places to hide them. It was awesome seeing the smiling faces of the children and adults who found them. It is about bringing smiles to people, so those of us who like to make other people happy will hide ducks.
  13. Yankee Trails now has an app for your phone that shows you where the bus is. It was great because my husband was all antsy about getting off the ship and waiting outside and I could show him the bus was still in NY. I did not see any place to wait inside, but they do have bathroom on the side of the building and that is where I would wait in January.
  14. My husband had trouble sleeping on the bed because it was too hard. I slept on the couch and it was hard. I would bring something next time for both of us to sleep on.
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