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  1. G I am looking forward of meeting you,,Sept 1 2019 my next cruise on Allure,,then the excitement is building for our RCCL 50th Anniversary Bash, Keep well, and keep posting,,Fondly The Godmother. aka Tobyhilda
  2. Oh yes,,see my Best Cruise Director,,Ken Rush,,after 15 years absence...
  3. Horray. Paid in Full,,The Godmother rides again,,actually cruises again,,#55 ,,It is going to be a Blast,,,Actually,,a fabulous Extravaganza,,Do not be left out ,,,Say yes, and join The Party,Tobyhilda
  4. Thanks for photo,,I have cruised many times with Helen,,also with Helen’s daughter
  5. When I see my favorite Cruise Director,,,Ken Rush,,I am going to squeeze him,,take a photo with him,and keep it for eternity,,Please God,,let me live,for this 50th Extravaganza,, The Godmother. AKA Tobyhilda
  6. We did cruise together however I do not remember when,,Senior citizen, refresh my memory,Thanks
  7. Happy Mother’s Day to all,,my wish for all,,stay healthy,and keep sailing,,love
  8. Ken Rush was one and only the best Cruise Dir,,,Looking forward to see and meet him on 50th Anniversary cruise!,,I understand Ken Rush is now an executive and teaching new cruise directors The In And Outs of the business,,
  9. Could you believe The Godmother Tobyhilda is still cruising,,wow #52 coming up,and yes, I will be celebrating my 87 birthday on RCCL 50th Anniversary,,If you have Forgotten,,I was on RCCL first ship. Song of Norway,sorry my traveling and cruising partner,,my husband did not live for this celebration,,but I will have a toast in his honor and memory,,Loyal to Royal. Tobyhilda. AKA The Godmother
  10. Yes I remember Horse races,,also remember Talent Shows put on By passengers,,many many cruises ago,,also costumes passengers parades,,in the 1980’s,,Song of America,,also Song of America,
  11. Where is everyone,, Let’ share some interesting experiences,
  12. Biker19. I am impressed with your numbers of posts,,wow,,Let’s share some of your experiences, let’s try to stimulate some interest on this cruise,,AKA The Godmother
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